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Can virtual reality help 9/11 survivors?


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this is a beautiful shild show see it slowly and full of excitment!!!!!

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Can virtual reality help 9/11 survivors?

  1. 1. By: Shreya Shethia Virtual Reality
  2. 2. <ul><li>Can virtual reality help the 9/11 survivors? </li></ul>Question
  3. 3. O nce there was a girl, Amber, a 26-year-old woman executive who worked in New York near ground zero.
  4. 4. I’ m Fine. What About You? Hey!! How are You? Amber Loved her family and was a friendly girl.
  5. 5. O ne Day she had a call, that she is going to have a important meeting. And that she had to go to Boston for the meeting as soon as possible . Hello! Who’s This!
  6. 6. Hello! I will miss you all !!!!! S he went to airport. And called her family and all her friends before catching the flight to Boston.
  7. 7. T he flight took off to Boston.
  8. 8. S he attained the meeting and it was pretty successful. Amber was really happy and couldn’t wait to reach home . Yes I have done it. Can’t wait to go home.
  9. 9. T he flight took off and Amber was thinking what is she going to do when she gets back to New York. Should I give them a surprise ? Should I give them a present OR should I not?? Should I OR shouldn't I
  10. 10. Suddenly a man stands up shouting. Every body gets scared and a girl starts crying. Don’t move or else you will be killed
  11. 11. She was trying To call at home but Suddenly as she looked out of the window she could see they were coming down and she saw she was near the trade center and it was about to crash. She closed her eyes and she couldn’t remember any thing.
  12. 12. S he opened her eyes in the hospital and she didn’t remember anything before but she was really scared about the incident. The doctor said if she didn’t cry within a week she would die.
  13. 13. Amber was really quite in her all day doing nothing. The doctor said that the incident has depressed her way too much that she couldn’t say anything until she cries. Her parents tried all possible ways to make her cry buy they failed. Why isn’t she speaking? What’s wrong?
  14. 14. T he parents had a talk with, some other doctors and one of the doctors suggested virtual reality machine, which could make her cry and save her life. She had a operation of virtual reality. I suggest virtual reality. Virtual reality will help her.
  15. 15. She finally cried her parents were really happy and they thanked the doctor . This was so depressing !!!!!!!!
  16. 16. Their family then lived happily ever after…
  17. 17. The End I hope u enjoyed it