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  1. 1. Gone For Good By: Alpha-Adventurer #25
  2. 2. The smell of fish sauce and Pho, filled the air, and you could hear gigglingfrom the neighborhood of Ly-tu tang, Vietnam . Two boys, Bao and Tien wereplaying hide in seek in front of Tien’s house. Tien and Bao were both 9. Theyhad no brothers or sisters. They were like brothers themselves. Tien usuallywore baggy clothes. Everyday he would greet Bao with a white tank-top, brownshorts and no shoes. Bao would greet Tien in a pair of Brown pants, whitetank-top and a pair of slippers. It was already night time when they stoppedplaying. Tien and Bao were called inside their homes for dinner. Bao and Tienwere eating Bon-u-blak (as usual). Surprisingly They never got tired of thatdish! After dinner Tien took a shower and headed upstairs, into his room. Hismother came in an hour later, running up with tears in her eyes. He knewsomething was wrong, very wrong. His mother spoke in a cracked voice“Honey, I have bad news.” “... A few minutes ago Bao and his family went outto buy something in the market, General Binh (a communist general) sawthem and ordered some soldiers to shoot... .” Instantly Tien broke into tears,his nose went bright red, as countless tears dripped from his eyes. Soonenough Tien’s father came in the room and hugged them both and said “Iknow... its hard Tien, but he will live in your heart, just stay strong, the war isstarting and this won’t be the biggest problem we have.” 20 minutes laterTien’s parents left after Tien cried himself to sleep. His mother was still cryingbut Tien’s dad held her hand as they left. The next day Tien heard a sweet call from his mother to eat lunch. Tiencould not believe that he had slept until noon! He walked downstairs, and wasshocked when he saw his Grandfather. He hadnt seen his Grandfather in 4years. He was very excited and immediately hugged his Grandfather. At last,he could smile after all that crying. He said “Grandpa, I missed you!.” HisGrandfather smiled and replied “Yes, I came with hope that I could cheer youup, so far its working.” Tien’s smile went into a frown. “Oh so you hear-ed, I’mtrying to forget about Bao”. Tien’s Grandpa nodded and went to help Tien’smother carry lunch. They were eating Pho today, it’s a very traditional noodledish in Vietnam. Tien was eating like mad, until he finished half of his Pho.Tears started to appear and nobody noticed execpt for his Grandfather. Tien’sGrandfather patted his back and whispered “Hey, you know General Binh isterrible. He has a power that is obviously... very powerful. A bullet shot bysome soldiers is nothing to him, even if it might take someone’s life away,because of his power many people are scared of him, honestly everyone hereis. We are very fortunate we are not killed. Aren’t we?.” Tien nodded andfinished his Pho, he delivered his dirty plates into the sink then went up stairsto his room. He was exhausted from all the crying so he went to bed. It wasactually hard for him. See, his room had no ceiling. And it was about 1:00 pmwhen the sun shines brightly. After an hour you could finally see Tien’s eyesshut completely. Tien woke up again at 7:00 pm. He went down to the kitchen and turned onhis radio. His radio was orange and red. It had the channel knob on the leftand the speaker on the right. He turned the knob to channel 8, the newschannel. He heard General Binh’s voice... “Communism should be all overvietnam. Everyone should eat ,live and breath the same. Why shouldn’t peoplebe the same?, we are right and will stay right!”. This made Tien furious, his
  3. 3. face became red and his hands turned into fists. He immediately grabbed apiece of paper and a pen, and wrote “ General Binh you are wrong!” He ran outinto his neighbour hood and yelled “ GENERAL BINH YOU ARE WRONG,GENERAL BINH YOU ARE WRONG!.” One by one the doors of the neighboursflew open and people started coming out. Then Tien’s mum came running outscreaming saying” TIEN MY BOY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING! DO YOU WANT TODIE? STOP THIS PROTEST IMMEDIATELY!” Tien asked “Why mother? I shall goagainst General Binh and stop his silly commands.” Tien’s mother replied “Noson, you see you are a boy, the world to me, but just another body for GeneralBinh and his army. You shall never do this again, you are risking your life.” Tiennodded and ran. Ran straight for his room. His room is like a place he can dowhatever. He smothered his face in his pillow and screamed his anger out. After, he looked around his room, and then something caught his eye. Itwas Bao’s hat. He was supposed to return it to him today. He picked it up andremembered all the good times they had together. He went back in his bed,looking at the stars with his eyes almost about to let a tear drop down hischeek, but he just kept on remembering the good times over and over again.There was a smile slowly appearing on his face again, until he heardscreaming and heavy footsteps. He saw this plane, not a regular one though.Suddenly the plane left and all that was remaining was a speck. A small speck.He watched it. Every second it grew bigger. When it was big enough for Tien tosee what it was, Tien tried to run he made it to the door and down the stairs tohis family. But they were to late. The speck was a bomb. It blew their house upand turned them into ashes. That was the bomb that ended their lives. Theywere gone...gone for good.