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Chikere's journal

  1. 1. (Chikere’s Journal, first starting at June 24, 2012 while I am 12 yearsold)Hi I am making a Journal just for me, and I am going to tellwhat I have been doing for the day and what I am going todo or what I wanna do, and stuff like that. So, today rightnow it is 10:28 pm, earlier I went to my brothers and hisgirlfriend house Tasha and it was so fun! I met to girls namedKala, Her little brother phat, and T-T, the girl named T-T is thesame age as me, but Kala is only 8 years old and she is stillbad though. I had so much fun at their house. First, we wentto the river walk and we took the baby Kaden with us in astroller and he fell asleep. When we got to a stopping pointwe saw three cities at one, the cities were: Bib city, Phoenixcity, and Columbus, which is the city I live in! Then we wentback and played some gold fish in the house while mybrother was out and the baby (my nephew) was sleeping.After that game was over we had a picnic and we at a bigbowl of popcorn and we ate some corndogs and the babywas awoke by then, so he tried to eat the popcorn but heonly can get alittle bread from my corndog and I gave himsome and he really liked it, but he tried to eat way to muchat once so he kindaaa……… spit up it was ok since he is alittle baby. So we finished and we went to the park climbedone monkey bars, and other stuff like that then we just left.So after that they went home and I got on virtual website for kids my age) and the internet wentout. So Courtney (my brother) cooked dinner some porkchops with macaroni and cheese, and YES it was good! Oh
  2. 2. yea and he had a friend over there his name was Ray andhe fixed the baby toy for Kaden too………………well,hedidn’t fix it but he figured out how to work it, while Kadenwas sleep still sleep. I also forgot to say that I got to give hima bath and I took pictures of his naked butt it was so cute,but that was that morning before I did all that stuff. Sooooo,pretty much after all that good activities happen mymommy came and picked me up. ***Hey, I am back it is 1:36 am, I have to go to bed at 2:00 andso I just decided to type alittle intull then. I only have onebar of internet and I tried to listen to KeKe Palmer (myfavorite singer)on YouTube, but it was running slow so I juststarted typing. Today my brother is home and I wish he wasback where he came from because he is so annoying.This is what he was doing to be annoying:Making stupid noisesOver humming my musicGo back in forth in my roomSaying I am not anything I am just a peace of lint (He says it over and over like a broken recordit don’t hurt me though)
  3. 3. He trips me up; well he tries to trip me upWhen I write it kinda sounds like a 5 year old is messing withme well guess again………… he is 15 going on 16. Well,enough about let’s talk about one of my vacations I wenton ………Oh wait I am so sorry I have to go o bad it is likewayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy past my bed time I guess I got caughtup it is 2:44 I have supposed to been in the bed at 2:00 gotto hurry and go bye I’ll probably get on tomorrow eveningI’m not really sure, Oh no it just turn 2:46 now I really have togo bye bye!!!!! ***Hey it is 8:22 am in the morning and I am used to being hereby myself on the computer but, nope not now, and I hate it!So my mom was yelling about head phones when shecouldn’t find them. When, she started yelling that is whatwoke me up, but whoop-dey-doo……she found them. Sheapologized about it but she still woke me out my goodsleep, and she blamed us soon as she couldn’t find them.That is just the irritating part. But, as many times I woke mymom out her sleep I guess that was payback……… I guessyou can call it that? So, I really don’t have much to talkabout but it just make me fill beater when I type and morehappy, I don’t know why I am going to start doing this moreoften. Oh yea! I forgot to say more about myself, Ok I’ll typeall that need to be typed and I am on summer break.
  4. 4. Gender: GirlGrade/Grade I am going to: I’m in 6th going to 7thColor: BlackPretty or Ugly: BEAUTIFULL!!!!!!!Well that is pretty much all I didn’t tell you I’m in 6 th gradegoing to the next (7th grade). On top of the screen it alreadysays my name (Chikere) in red. It also says my age (12) inthe other paragraph and in red. So, now I have to goSooooo bye!***Hey I am back and it is 9:34 pm and, I just came from mygrandmother’s house. Right know my mom and my brotherare playing arm russell and my mommy won and my sisterand brother played and my sister won the right hand andmy brother had the left hand……… Ok, I am back sorry I gotdistracted first I had to pee, and then my sister left so mymom went to go drop her off. Oh, yea and I started overthat movie I was watching earlier the A-teamI love thismovie I watched this movie once already and this is a showmy mom used to watch when she was younger she says shenever messed one show, she must really love it, just like I love
  5. 5. SpongeBob SquarePants TV show and I never missed one.Right now my mom went out to the stop to get something Ihave no idea really. My favorite character in the movie I amwatching is that black man that has one fist that says “pity”and, the other fist says “fool” they are tattooed on hishand. He is the funniest because he is big and black but heacts like a baby and always calls everyone fools, but hebeat people up, only when necessary though. Oh yea! Iforgot to tell you about my day! Today, I was with my sisterat her boyfriend house, and her boyfriend has a daughterand the daughter has cousin. The cousin name was Lay andshe was my age and his daughter name was Mariah and soshe has some friends over. We all got wet with buckets,bowels, cups, and, Kool-Aid containers. Also, I had an entirebucket of water dumped on my head, and a bowl of water,and a Kool-Aid container, sometimes I’ll even dump wateron myself. Mariah had 2 more friends, Journey she was thefat one and this other girl with long hair both of them wasabout the same age as Mariah. Mariah and Lay laughedway too much Mariah was ok because she is only 7yearsold, but Lay is my age (12) and she acted like she is 7 I haveno idea what is her problem but at the end of the day I stillhad fun. But, there was this one part that was Sooooo funny,that girl journey is weird and kinda stoker. I think thatbecause, we were eating and she came to see if we couldcome outside and we said that we will be out in a minute,and then she knocked on the door again just like 2 minuteslater exactly. Man (My sister’s boyfriend) said that she
  6. 6. sometimes she is inside the house while everyone is outsideplaying, and she goes in there refrigerator and freezer timeto time because I saw it with my own eyes. She was alsositting on the kitchen floor. But like I said at the end of theday it was all fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, sorry but I have to goI’ll come back soon love ya all!TTYL XOXO MeaningTalk to you later &Hugs and KissesHey, I’m back and it’s July 5, 2012 Thursday day andyesterday it was Independence Day. I have been sick sinceFriday and todays Thursday, first I had the fever for like threedays and I had a slight fever yesterday. So, basically what Iwas sick on Fourth of July, well sorry I have to go so earlybye, I will explain tomorrow. ***I am back and it’s the next day July 6, 2012 Friday so what Iwas saying yesterday was that I was sick last Saturday butnow I feel much better now. I had the fever last Fridaythrough Sunday. When I had the fever I also had anextremely sore throat, I was weak, and I couldn’t eatbecause my throat would hurt badly. So, after my feverwent away everything else stayed with me and I still wasn’teating so that was one of the reasons I wouldn’t eat. Thennot too much later Fourth of July (IndependenceDay)
  7. 7. came, every one eat good tender and yummy food, while Iwas sick. So, later on when everyone when outside to playspades or whatever adults do I went out for a second then Icame back in when my sister was eating. So I got one riband I ate the whole thing quick, I was so surprised my throatdidn’t hurt at all it was just so good. So, after that I wentoutside and I took pictures with my Nintendo3DSI of mywhole family. But enough about me and my sickness let’stalk about my Fourth of July! So first it stated of badly. Flash back time: First me and my mom woke up and my throat only hurt just a small pinch so we both use the restroom, then my sister knocked on the door. She knocked on the door because I washed my hair the night before and I didn’t clean it so I got dressed and we went over to my grand ma house because my mommy let Jasmine use her car to take us ( where I washed my hair at and were my sister, Jasmine lives). So, my grandma yelled at Jasmine because she thinks I am too sickly to wash the bathroom tube out, Jasmine ended up cleaning it out but she didn’t really want to because she cleans the tube out every day every week when it is my untie Charlene’s job (another person who also lives there) to clean the bathroom. So after that we came back and chilled. Then Courtney (my oldest brother that 24, with a baby named Kaden that’s 8 months years old) went over my grandmother house and called and said he is going walk over to our house with the baby. So Jasmine hopped in my mom car and went to go get Courtney while he was walking. While Courtney was over there we played with the baby for a little bit, and my mom started on my hair.Then, we went over to my grandmother house. My mom left, then everyone started coming and they ate after all that, my mom came back and they all played spades and I fell asleep for a little. After I woke up I finally ate one rib in like three days, then everyone started laughing playing and having a good time like any family holiday. The end
  8. 8. *** Hey, it is me and it is Saturday July 7,2012 11:41 pm at nighttomorrow I am going to church with my grandma so I amgoing to get my hair done all pretty and curly for church inthe morning. So all I did today was go with my mom to dosome little girl hair and me and my mom wore the samedress today but my dress is pinker, they’re still both prettythough. I also have a loose silver tooth I used to have five ofthem all, now I only have two left and one is coming outand it won’t take long. So now I am just sitting here with mymom watching this lame movie I don’t know what thename of it is though. Only thing I know that it is a Japanesemovie but I can only hear it I am not really watching it I ammostly just on the computer messing with stuff and typing.Now I am back I went to go drink some Kool-Aid now meand my mom are going to split a pop tart it is chocolatekind, we go it from the little girl house mom was doing hairon, I put it on the toaster so it can get warmer and toasty-err. She didn’t really eat hers she let me have most of it.Right now I am playing a game called I-dress up and it is sofun because I can dress up dolls and choose their skin colorand their hair and their clothes they wear on their body andit is just so fun and exciting to me! It is slow so while it slowlyloads I just decided to type for fun, I call it a side kick, and
  9. 9. oh wow I crack myself up! “HA-HA-HA”Ok, now I havenothing to type about that is why I made that laughingsound, but I don’t want to stop typing, but I have to havesome to type about then it just gets stupid and boring and Idon’t want to write anything stupid and boring. That’s iswhen……………. well I don’t know what happens, what I amwriting now is what is going on in my head so the first thing Ithink I type it so I have to be very care full of what I think.Now my mind is going blank because I am getting sleepy,well that’s not good “Ummm let me think what I can typeabout?” Ahh someone please help me I am in a world of afarty mom she is really letting it loose I think she is having funwith it and when she fart she says “excuse you” I thoughtyou were supposed to say “excuse me”, well the world haschanged. LOL: D Well, byezzz people love you!***Hey what’s up people it’s me and it is not the next day it isactually like a week later it is July 14, 2012 I was over mydaddy house but my mom came to pick me up becausethere was alittle bit of drama going on between them andhe made my mother mad so she came to get me and mybrother Xavier. It started like this: On Fourth of July my otherbrother Courtney wanted to use Xavier’s Xbox so my mothersaid “ yes, but she will get it back when she is ready”, that’sbecause Xavier was not acting right with my mom so shedidn’t let Xavier use it for a while because of his attitude. So,Xavier (claimed) that Courtney called him and was
  10. 10. bragging about how he has his Xbox. So, Xavier got madand tolled my daddy and then weeks later I guess Xavierstarted talking about how he want him Xbox and all thatmess. So my dad decided to go over Courtney house andtake the Xbox and my dad was going to hit Courtney butCourtney begged him not to hit him so he didn’t so thenafter he left he took the Xbox with him. So then my motherfigured it out and she got really mad and came to get us.So, that is what happened…………… Right now I amwatching Snow white and the Huntsman. At first my brotherwas watching it and I thought it was boring but, now that Iam watching it by myself it is kinda interesting I am startingto like it. Well, it is 1:46 at night bye I am going to finishwatching my movie then I am going to bed Good Night!Love ya. ***Hey Hey! It’s me and it is Monday July 17, 20124 in theafternoon 12: yesterday was Sunday and I had to wake upearly to go to church. So, I got ready for church at homeflat ironed my hair, took a shower, then I put lotion on andgot dressed. Then after I got finish getting dress I went overto grandma house and I brought me some potatoes to eatand put ketchup on it. Then, me, my grandma and, mysister Jasmine went to church, but we got there late. Oh yeaand it was like last-last Sunday only me and my Grandmawent to church and then after we went to our church wewent to her niece church to see her for the second time
  11. 11. only. Because, my grandmother had a brother but hisgirlfriend shot him. So, that lady my grandmother niece