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Sshoc kick off meeting - 1.2.1 How to Connect to EOSC? - Tiziana Ferrari - EGI



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Sshoc kick off meeting - 1.2.1 How to Connect to EOSC? - Tiziana Ferrari - EGI

  1. 1. EOSC-hub receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 777536. @EOSC_eu How to connect to EOSC? SSHOC Kickoff Meeting, Utrecht 2019-03-11 Dissemination level: Public
  2. 2. 20 digital research infrastructures, EGI, EUDAT CDI and INDIGO-DataCloud jointly offering services, software and data for advanced, data-driven research & innovation 100 partner s 36 months 33 million Euro Mission: The EOSC-hub project mobilises providers of pan- European relevance offering services, software and data for advanced data-driven research and innovation
  3. 3. 3 The federated infrastructure and supporting initiative providing all researchers, innovators, companies and citizens with seamless access to an open-by-default, efficient and cross- disciplinary environment for storing, accessing, reusing data, tools, publications and other scientific outputs for research, innovation and educational purposes About the European Open Science Cloud Credits: EOSCpilot ( Overview and Key Exploitable Results11/03/19
  4. 4. 4 RI Contributions e-Infra EGI Federation EUDAT CDI INDIGO- DataCloud Humanities Language and literature (CLARIN) Arts (DARIAH) Engineering Environmen tal engineering (sea vessels, LNEC) Civil Engineering (Disaster Mitigation) Medical and Health Sciences Biological Sciences (ELIXIR) Structural biology (WeNMR) Natural sciences PHYSICAL SCIENCES Astronomy (LOFAR) Fusion (ITER) High Energy Physics (CMS and VIRGO) Space Science (EISCAT-3D) EARTH SCIENCE EO Pillar GEO Climate Research (ENES) Seismology (ORFEUS, EPOS) BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Marine and freshwater biology (IFREMER) Biodiversity conservation (LifeWatch) Ecology (ICOS) 11/03/19
  5. 5. 11/03/19 5 Collaboration paths Connect human networks - exchange expertise Co-design and technical integration of services & data Federated Access (discovery, AAI, order mgm, helpdesk, accounting) Strategic alignment
  6. 6. Service/Product providers • Contribute to the portfolio & Integrate • Promote, Train, Exploit • Participate in the Hub Early adopters and co-developers • Pilot • Use • Co-develop Consumers • Credit allocation & exploit • Support • Improve with feedback • Use 6 SSHOC contribution to EOSC-hub 11/03/19
  7. 7. • Research communities - Discover services through a secure online catalogue with a central access point. - Access services via harmonised access policies and Service Level Agreements. Depending on the customer’s needs, access will be provided through a centrally managed credit-based allocation system and/or through long-term resource allocation. - Leverage a large portfolio of generic and thematic services via standard interfaces - Provide requirements, co-design, testing • Research Infrastructures - Providers - Contribute to EOSC with services based on a harmonised corpus of access, security and provisioning policies. - Integrate and Federate services by relying on harmonised processes and tools for service integration and management. - Scale-up in-house capacity by procuring services via a centrally run procurement and purchase framework. - Reach out to user communities and support - Collaborate with other providers 11/03/19 7 The Hub – A Collaboration Platform for ESFRIs
  8. 8. • Objective: Widen the access to services to all user groups including researchers, high-education, business organizations and expand the user base • Objective: Increase innovation capacity of Research e-Infrastructures Solutions successfully adopted by user communities will be supported for broader exploitation by external stakeholders. In addition to the DIH, the project stimulates engagement via large research collaborations and infrastructures via 8 Competence Centres Digital Innovation Hub • A platform that allows facilitates engagement between private industry and public institutions participating in the EOSC Competence Centres • Research communities, service providers and experts contributing to - Co-design: Requirements, gap analysis and technical development - Piloting and pre-production 11/03/19 8 Collaboration Platforms Co-design Requirements and Gap Analysis Technical development and service deployment Piloting and pre- production service provisioning
  9. 9. • Objective: Provide a knowledge hub - Access will be opened to all to overcome the current funding and policy barriers - The project engages adjacent, but fragmented, scientific communities in Humanities, Physical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Medical and Health Sciences Service integration, training, documentation and best practices • Best practices, use cases and EOSC success stories • Training resources - Innovation Management - Service Management - IT Security - Data management - EOSC services 11/03/19 9 Knowledge hub
  10. 10. EOSC-hub Week 2019 10-12 April, Prague Launch of Call for Research Projects for integrated service provisioning In EOSC Come and become a provider!
  11. 11. @EOSC_eu Thank you for your attention! Questions?