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OSFair2017 Workshop | EGI


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Tiziana Ferrari presents EGI | OSFair2017 Workshop

Workshop title: National and European e-infrastructure cooparation for Open Science

Workshop overview:
This collaborative workshop comes in the context of coordinating EOSC related activities across large European infrastructures at European and national level. The workshop will offer an opportunity for cross-pollination on issues ranging from open scholarship to technical service provision, training, community engagement and support. OpenAIRE NOADs, EGI NGIs, GEANT NRENs and other national e-Infrastructure representatives will discuss gaps, synergies, coordination and service integration opportunities.


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OSFair2017 Workshop | EGI

  1. 1. EGI-Engage is co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union under grant number 654142 Technical Director, EGI Foundation OPEN SCIENCE FAIR, Athens, 08 Sep 2017 EGI Tiziana Ferrari
  2. 2. 29/27/2017 External service catalogue for researchers
  3. 3. 39/27/2017 The EGI Federation Total countries 47 EGI members 23 22 NGIs, 1 EIROs Integrated resource infrastructures 6 Peer infrastructure 1
  4. 4. 49/27/2017 Why a federation? • Leverage national e-Infrastructure investments • Open access to national infrastructures and services, support international user gorups • Integrated community, private and/or public infrastructures into a scalable data/computing platform for research. • Ease of access via federated identity provisioning and single authentication and authorization framework • Interoperability of scientific applications and data across multiple providers bringing distributed computing to data.
  5. 5. 59/27/2017 EGI national pillars: NGIs • Major national e-Infrastructures: 22 NGIs • EIROs: CERN • EGI Foundation • (ERICs)
  6. 6. 69/27/2017 Technical support, engagement, and incident management • 50,000 users world wide • Engagement, technical support, incident management are provided nationally by the NGIs with central coordination – Central helpdesk connected with national ones. More than 130,000 tickets managed, thousands per year
  7. 7. 79/27/2017 Engagement stages Outreach, training Technical support and requiremen t collection Co-develop, Test, Evaluate Arrangements for long-term operation with providers of the EGI Federation Long-term operation
  8. 8. 89/27/2017 Distributed Competence Centre BBMRI DARIAH EISCAT-3D ELIXIR EPOSLifeWatch MoBrain Disaster mitigation EMSO (with MoU) NEW! ESFRI Landmark ESFRI Project ESFRI Landmark ESFRI ProjectESFRI Landmark ESFRI Landmark ESFRI Landmark ESFRI Landmark Competence Centres for Support to large research communities
  9. 9. 99/27/2017 Engaging with the private sector Established collaborations Business Development Platform Integration IaaS Consumers/Pilots Public/Private Partnerships FitSM Training EGI FedCloud Provider
  10. 10. 109/27/2017 Engaging with the private sector Success stories • Earth Observation sector – exploitation of large EO data resources in the cloud – RHEA, SixSq, AWS, IPTPoland, EGI FedCloud, AdviceGEO – An open platform delivering a multi-cloud EO data processing service, with the objective to prevent cloud vendor lock-in situations while addressing end-to-end processing of EO data in multiple cloud environments. – Two use cases • Sentinel-1 data retrieved and processed to produce change detection maps of a glacier in Greenland and of shipping activity in the Panama canal. • Sentinel-2 data processor to generate true colour 10m resolution images.