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SSHOC at EOSC-hub Week - Managing Training Materials Beyond Individual Projects - Vasso Kalaitzi, Ellen Leenarts


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Presentation from Vasso Kalaitzi and Ellen Leenarts on Managing Training Materials Beyond Individual Projects at the EOSC-hub Week, 10 May 2019.
EOSC for Social Sciences and Humanities panel

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SSHOC at EOSC-hub Week - Managing Training Materials Beyond Individual Projects - Vasso Kalaitzi, Ellen Leenarts

  1. 1. Managing training materials beyond individual projects Vasso Kalaitzi, LIBER Ellen Leenarts, DANS - KNAW Prague, April 10th 2019
  2. 2. CC BY Training information produced by EU funded projects and organisations - Learning materials (e.g. on Open Science, RDM, FAIR data, etc) - Info related to training events - Training networks - Procedures • Generic and interdisciplinary materials • Re-used and re-branded materials
  3. 3. “ CC BY How is training material currently managed by projects? * Most frequently: on their websites, in project-specific MOOC, or solutions such as:
  4. 4. CC BY What are the wishes of the researchers/targets of training? The starting point is/should be the communities’ and end users’ needs - Better equipped discipline-specific and across disciplines RDM support - OS support - Openly available and reusable material - Where to find the material - Repositories and where to find them - Curricula for researchers/data supporters/data stewards/librarians, etc - Cataloguing of training with rich metadata for sustainable access and OS in practice
  5. 5. CC BY What are the wishes of the projects? - Uptake of project solutions - Sharing of project results with branding - Measurable results/Impact - Provide sustainable information But also *Build on existing materials with other and/or improved generic content and/or domain and/or discipline specific content *Create project-specific material, if needed (for example, on how to use project tools, or targeted to developers
  6. 6. CC BY What are the issues identified? 1 How can training material be organized across projects? What needs to be taken into account? (e.g. Avoid duplication) 2 How can it be more visible/findable by other projects and researchers? (FAIR training) 3 What about long-term sustainability after the end of a project? (storage, keeping material up to date, managing networks, etc) How and who? EOSC Portal as a catalogue of catalogues? 4 What about options like the Elixir Training eSupport System ( ? *To be taken into account at the stage of the proposal!
  7. 7. CC BY Join us for the SSHOC SSH Training Network Broaden your network. Share knowledge. Be empowered with skills and expertise Everyone in the SSH community is welcome! @SSHOpenCloud
  8. 8. Who do/will we link with? Community of Practice: informal network to share training experiences
  9. 9. Thanks! Questions? ; Credits: These slides are CC BY. Photographs by LIBER, LILLIAD Learning Centre Innovation, Cantonal and University Library of Lausanne. Template by SlidesCarnival.