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Let´s learn about russia


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Let´s learn about russia

  2. 2. Map of Russia
  3. 3. FACTS ABOUT RUSSIA• The capital of Russia is Moscow.
  4. 4. This is the Russian flag.
  5. 5. • The population ofRussia is 150 millionand it´s veryconcetrated.• It´s the biggestcountry in thenorth hemisphere.• It spans 11 timezones.
  6. 6. Siberia: “the sleeping land”• Siberia is the 77% of Russian territory, butit´s home to only 23% of its population.
  7. 7. The money used is the ruble.
  8. 8. The language spoken is Russian.People write in cyrillic.
  9. 9. Russia is famous for…• Nesting dolls (matryoshkas)
  10. 10. Samovar and tea
  11. 11. Russian teacakes (snowballs)
  12. 12. Brown bears
  13. 13. Ballet
  14. 14. Peter and the wolf
  15. 15. The balalaika
  16. 16. Vodka
  17. 17. Baba Yaga
  18. 18. Ukrainian Easter eggs(PYSANKY)
  19. 19. A KID´S LIFE IN RUSSIAZdravstvuite (hello)! Menia zovut(my name is) Larisa.I am a 10 year old girl.I live in Moscow, Russia.I speak Russian and English andwrite in Russian Cyrillic.Russia is a very big country, thebiggest country in the world.Part of Russia is in Asia and part inEurope.In the summer it is warm but in thewinter its cold and it snows.
  20. 20. I live in an apartment like most people in Moscow.The cities in Russia are very crowded.The apartment buildings are very tall but our apartment isvery small.I fold up my bed during the day and store my bed sheets.At night, I make my whole bed. Its work!We also share a kitchen and a toilet with two other families.
  21. 21. My favorite foods are blinies (thin pancakes served withsalmon and other fillings) with sour cream and piroshkises(pastries filled with meat). They are so good!I also like to eat borscht, which is soup made from beets.Shchi (cabbage soup) and tea are also yummy.Like most Russians, we eat our main meal at midday andhave a lighter meal in the evening.
  22. 22. The metro trains are a good way to get around Moscowand theyre also fun. Boats and cars are used too.There are many bridges because of all the canals.Some important places are St. Basils Cathedral (it hasmany onion-shaped domes), the Kremlin, which is agovernment building, and the museum of the Fine Arts.
  23. 23. Fun places I like to visit in Moscow are the zoo, theplanetarium, the Gum department store, the museum, theswimming pool, and the stadium. I wish that I could gothere every day.Did you know that there are over 660 museums in Russia?We love to visit them. My favorite place is the planetarium. Ilike to see the stars.
  24. 24. I like to go sledding and skiing in the winter and swimmingand playing soccer in the summer.Soccer is the most popular sport in Russia.
  25. 25. I use rubles and kopeks to buy things.I hope you will come and visit Russia someday.Bye!
  26. 26. To finish, enjoy the Cossack dance