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Book day Saint George´s day


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A PPT for primary students about World Book Day and St. George´s Day

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Book day Saint George´s day

  1. 1. 23rd April 2017 WORL D BOOK DAY
  2. 2. World Book Day is a celebration! It’s a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading.
  3. 3. William Shakespeare Miguel de Cervantes It is celebrated on the 23rd of April because it´s the anniversary of the death of two very famous writers.
  4. 4. It is organized by the UNESCO, and celebrated in many countries around the world. It´s traditional to buy a book and a rose.
  5. 5. However, in Ireland and in the UK, Book Day is celebrated on the first Thursday in March, because it coincides with Saint George´s Day.
  6. 6. St George´s DaySt George´s Day Patron saint of … ENGLAND
  7. 7. Which one is the English flag?
  8. 8. But who was Saint George?
  9. 9. There is a legend that tells his story
  10. 10. A long time ago there was a terrible dragon with sharp claws and fierce breath. This dragon scared all the people from the village. The villagers decided to give the dragon two lambs each day to stop his hunger.
  11. 11. When they finished all the lambs they gave him cows and bulls and horses and many other animals, until they didn’t have any more. Then, the king held a meeting. They would give the dragon a person each day to eat. That person would be decided by lot.
  12. 12. But the person chosen was the Princess. The king crying said " Let my daughter free and I will give you all my gold, my silver and half of my kingdom. I ask you please to spare my daughter."
  13. 13. However, the people didn´t accept and they left the princess in front of the dragon’s cave.
  14. 14. Suddenly, the dragon came out of the cave and just when it was opening its big mouth to eat the princess …
  15. 15. Saint George appeared on his white horse and with his golden sword.
  16. 16. Saint George arrived to save the princess from that horrible dragon. The knight raised his long sword and…
  17. 17. The dragon fell on the floor with Saint George’s sword right in the middle of its heart. From the dragon’s blood appeared a stem, with beautiful red roses. Then Saint George picked one, the nicest of them all, and gave it to the princess.
  18. 18. The king, as a reward asked Saint George to marry his daughter. He said he would give him all his gold and half of his kingdom. However, the knight left the village without saying anything. Since that day, people from the village live in peace.
  19. 19. And for this reason, on Saint George’s day, men give a flower to their lover and women give them a book.
  20. 20. Saint GeorGe in art
  21. 21. … a moon ? … a cloud ? What is this ?
  22. 22. George and the Dragon by Paolo Ucello National Gallery London
  23. 23. What if we change the story a little bit?
  24. 24. The Saint Andrew Cross The Scottish Flag
  25. 25. The Saint Patrick Cross The Irish Flag
  26. 26. The Union Jack The United Kingdom Flag
  27. 27. The Saint George Cross The English Flag