Wireless Solutions: Field Service Automation


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Keep your business moving in the right direction by reducing
costs and increasing effi ciencies as a result of automating
processes and eliminating paper forms with a Field Service
Automation solution, delivered by Rogers Machine-to-
Machine (M2M) solutions and Data Alliance Partners.

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Wireless Solutions: Field Service Automation

  1. 1. WIRELESS SOLUTIONSFOR TRANSPORTATIONFIELD SERVICE AUTOMATIONKeep your business moving in the right direction by reducingcosts and increasing efficiencies as a result of automatingprocesses and eliminating paper forms with a Field ServiceAutomation solution, delivered by Rogers Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions and Data Alliance Partners. FIELD SERVICE AUTOMATION Reduce operating expenses and improve operations efficiency by automating and streamlining workflow to and from the office.  Eliminate paper forms and the downtime associated with delivering paperwork TASKS back to the office. Pickup Delivery  Capture data, digital signatures and scan barcodes while on the road. Y Delivery ELIVER IRM D CONF  Enable more jobs per day and improve service performance by keeping mobile X workers connected with the office.  Simplify reporting and perform same-day invoicing by receiving data as services are performed or deliveries completed.  Avoid the costly errors that can result from staff rekeying vital order and billing information.FIELD SERVICE AUTOMATION SOLUTIONSEnable your mobile workers to concentrate on what they do best instead of spending time and energy on manualadministrative tasks. The result? A more satisfied and productive workforce and increased revenues for your organization Workflow Automation: automates information between  Billing: easily enables same-day invoicing to keep cash the office and drivers. Paperless solutions such as electronic flowing. Since data is automatically captured and delivered from manifests can automatically record job activities, trips, calls the driver or field worker to the back-office system, administrative and pick-ups ensuring tasks are completed accurately and on- work is eliminated thus speeding up billing services, increasing time. Office staff can quickly change manifests, deliveries and billing accuracy and eliminating discrepancies. work orders without the need to contact the driver.  Reporting: makes information immediately available Managing Data: automatically collects data from the to company managers and customers.Collecting data field throughout the day. Automatic data collection from throughout the day enables the ongoing generation of the field back to the office occurs as deliveries are completed customized and comprehensive reports allowing managers and services performed resulting in increased data accuracy, to gain insight into operations, as well as quickly respond to time saved from manual data entry. customer inquiries or needs.  Data Integration: manages data throughout your organization’s back office systems. The solution enables the integration of your maintenance, database and scheduling systems including major software programs into your back-office systems.Rogers is committed to offering best in class, innovative, machine-to-machine (M2M) data solutions to address the needs of ourbusiness customers across various industries. Our Rogers Data Alliance members develop, integrate, or otherwise enable thesepowerful wireless technologies, including point of sale, remote surveillance, digital signage and field automation solutions.For more information on Field Automation Solutions and for anassessment of your company’s needs, contact your Rogers representative.™Trademarks of or used under license from Rogers Communications Inc. or an affiliate. © 2011 Rogers Communications. 08/11