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Baidu Advertising Guide


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This guide briefly introduces different types of advertising formats available with Baidu search, Baidu content network and its own online properties. To advertise on Baidu, you can contact incitez:

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Baidu Advertising Guide

  2. 2. BAIDU MARKETING GUIDE v3.0 July 2011 Made by Rocky Fu Director, Digital Strategies incitez
  3. 3. incitezviral digital campaigns
  4. 4. Gold Digging Shortcut Baidu PPC Ads Advertisingsearch Brand Zone Baidu Products Relevancy Ads incitez Content Community Targetisement Network Marketing Display advertising with behavior targeting on Baidu owned web properties incitez
  5. 5. BAIDU PPC incitez
  6. 6. incitez
  7. 7. incitez
  8. 8. sponsored links (PPC) on Baidu incitez
  9. 9. Baidu PPC SitelinksOn average, adding sitelinks to Baidu PPC campaign improves CTR by 10% incitez
  10. 10. Baidu PPC Management ConsoleCampaigns for Baidu content network can be accessed from Homepage PPC Toolbar incitez
  11. 11. BASIC BAIDU PPC PROCESS• Develop search strategy for your business • Depending on your budget and target audience, you need to determine which search engines to execute the campaign and the budget split if there are more than one • Plan ahead how you integrate PPC campaign with SEO and other channels (e.g. online display and social media) including off-line mass media • Set campaign KPI and do track conversions• Sign the contract, make pre-payment and provide business license• Set up landing page(s)• Web Analytics Set-up Tip: Use Baidu Editor • Use both Google Analytics and Baidu Stats • Generate and tag destination URLs on keyword level • Test and make sure it’s working• Prepare campaign material in a bulk sheet and submit for approval• Launch, track and keep optimizing the campaign incitez
  12. 12. Get this if you are an agency or in- house PPC specialistBAIDU PPC CERTIFICATION incitez
  13. 13. BAIDU BRAND ZONE incitez
  14. 14. Triggered by brand searches Image, Flash or Video Brand logo, title, description Custom sitelinks incitez CTR: 60-75% incitez
  15. 15. BAIDU CONTENT NETWORK incitez
  16. 16. BAIDU CONTENT NETWORK• Targeting • Contextual targeting • Placement targeting • Behavior targeting• Formats: text, images, flash • Baidu also offers an online display ads creator tool incitez
  17. 17. DISPLAY ADSJPG/GIF/SWF, 55K, 468x60, 728x90, 960x90, 960x60, 640x60, 460x60, 580x90, 760x90, 250x250, 200x200, 336x280, 300x250, 360x300, 120x600, 160x600 incitez
  18. 18. For all floating ads: JPG/GIF/SWF, 55K FLOATING ADS sidebar, 120x270 incitez
  19. 19. FLOATING ADSwindows, 300x250, 250x200 incitez
  20. 20. FLOATING ADS sidebar, 120x270 incitez
  21. 21. Displayed in videos and online games while loading EMBEDDED ADS 400x300, 55KB, SWF/JPG (flash: 3-4 seconds) incitez
  22. 22. COMMUNITY MARKETING Marketing and advertising on community sites owned by Baidu incitez
  23. 23. Lighthouse ads Ads on Baidu Post Bar Users can follow and interact with brands Baidu Post Bar Community Baidu Sites Bookmarks incitez Baidu Zhidao Baidu Baike Baidu HiSimilar to Yahoo Answers Wikipedia-like site Social Networking Site incitez
  24. 24. BAIDU TARGETISEMENT Display advertising with behavior targeting on Baidu web properties incitez
  25. 25. incitez
  26. 26. BAIDU RELEVANCY ADS incitez
  27. 27. Nike: video ad for related keywords during 2010 world cupBaidu SERPs Baidu Post Bar incitez
  28. 28. Baidu Answers Baidu News incitez
  29. 29. Baidu Image Search incitez
  30. 30. “SHORTCUT” ADVERTISING incitez
  31. 31. Another display advertising product from Baidu based on behavior targeting which support interactive form format incitez
  32. 32. “Shortcut” Adsincitez
  33. 33. GOLD DIGGING ADSDisplay ads on Baidu web properties for e-commerce advertisers incitez
  34. 34. incitez
  35. 35. Gold Digging Advertising provides tools and API for e-commerce websites to automate the display advertising process. incitez
  36. 36. FOR MORE ON BAIDU, VISIT: incitez
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  38. 38. Contact UsIf you need help launching a campaign in China Yes, we work with agencies as well incitez