Taobao / Tmall Launch Guide for International Merchants


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This guide is for companies who want to set up an online store on Tmall without having a registered business in China.

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Taobao / Tmall Launch Guide for International Merchants

  1. 1. Taobao/Tmall Guide for International Brands Dec 2013 CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved
  2. 2. CONTENT LEVEL: Introductory China Internet Watch This  guide  is  for  companies  who  want  to  set  up  an  online  store  on   Tmall  without  having  a  registered  business  in  China.   CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION •  Tmall, formerly Taobao Mall, the largest B2C platform for online retailers in China •  Two ways to start a Tmall store 1.  License your brand to an e-commerce/ Tmall operation team like Incitez China 2.  Open directly on Tmall getting help on store design, marketing and customer service CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved
  4. 4. Content •  •  •  •  •  Qualifications and requirement Costing Taobao/Tmall Set-up Q&A Contact CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved
  5. 5. Are you qualified? What requirement should you know? QUALIFICATIONS CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved
  6. 6. Qualifications for International Brands 1.  You are a registered company outside China 2.  You are a certified retail / trading company 3.  The product(s) is your own brand or licensed, with purchase invoice CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved
  7. 7. Preferred Tmall Retailers •  Retailers who are in operation for over 2 years with over USD 20 million annual return •  Large and well known B2C websites •  Brand owners or agents with licensed brands •  Preferred categories: babies and kids, healthcare products, apparels and clothing, shoes and bags •  International well known brands CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved
  8. 8. Requirements for Products •  All products must join Tmall’s genuine product protection agreement; products produced or being sold overseas should be delivered by international logistics company via proper custom channels •  Product pages on Tmall should be in Chinese, with international metric measurements •  Aliwangwang should be used for online customer service •  Products should be shipped within 72 hours once buyers complete the transaction via individual package or China free trade zone providing package tracking information •  Products return location must be arranged within mainland China CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved
  9. 9. Costs you should be aware of setting up Tmall store COSTING CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved
  10. 10. Set-up Cost Store   design  USD   1K-­‐3K Deposit USD  25K CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved Annual  fee   of USD  5K/10K
  11. 11. Ongoing Cost Tmall Technical service charge 5% or 6% of online sales Tmall marketing cost CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved Agency services Other Marketing service fee Analytics software Conversion optimization CRM cost Outsourced online customer service External marketing costs such as PPC New product update Packaging and delivery cost
  12. 12. Contact Incitez China for a detailed cost estimation: Scan the QR Code or access the URL above. CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved
  13. 13. TMALL SET-UP CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved
  14. 14. Tmall Online Store Setup Submit  required  info  (10  days) Register  Alipay  account  (7-­‐10  days) Sign  agreement  and  pay  deposit  and  annual   fee  (7-­‐10  days) Register  Tmall  account  and  upload  company   and  product  info Launch  online  store CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved
  15. 15. Tmall Online Store Setup 1.  Submit company and products information form and wait for about 10 working days for verification 2.  Register Alipay oversea account (Taiwan, Hongkong, Macau, Janpan, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia could apply online) –  Offline application takes about 7-10 working days 3.  Sign the agreement with Tmall and pay security deposit and service fee. (7-10 working days) 4.  Register Tmall platform international account, fill in company information and upload products info 5.  Launch online store CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved
  16. 16. Q&A CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved
  17. 17. Q&A •  Q: How does international companies receive the payment from China internet customers? •  A: When the buyer has completed the payment, the amount will be allocated to a partner settlement bank for currency exchange, and then the payment amount will be remitted into the seller's international bank account once the agreed settlement amount or settlement time is met. CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved
  18. 18. Q&A •  Q: What are the marketing options •  A: It depends on the products, business/brand strategy and online marketing strategy. Generally, keywords marketing (similar to Google Pay-Per-Click inside Taobao/Tmall) and display advertising, affiliate programs are available. CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved
  19. 19. Need more info? Contact Incitez China for a detailed cost estimation: Scan the QR Code or access the URL above. CIW Copyright  ©  2007-­‐2014     All  rights  reserved