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Brand Refresh by The Unit

Example of a brand refresh that we are very proud of. This is a brand refresh delivered by Darren covering all channels Digital, Print and OOH.

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Brand Refresh by The Unit

  1. 1. Our Brand
  2. 2. Page 45REV Brand Book Visual Examples
  3. 3. Page 43REV Brand Book Imagery Focused on ‘you & us together’ the REV imagery style revolves around people. People who are enjoying life. People enjoying time with their family. People spending time with technology. Or simply people loving some alone time. Imagery should be ethnically diverse and have a white or light colored background. This page and the following give some examples of appropriate REV imagery.
  4. 4. Page 44REV Brand Book Imagery Further examples of appropriate REV imagery
  5. 5. Page 46REV Brand Book REV Stationary - Business Card
  6. 6. Page 47REV Brand Book REV Stationary - Envelope
  7. 7. Page 48REV Brand Book REV Promotional - Bag
  8. 8. Page 49REV Brand Book REV Promotional - Cup
  9. 9. Page 50REV Brand Book REV Promotional - Pillow
  10. 10. Page 51REV Brand Book Advertising Print & Digital
  11. 11. Page 52REV Brand Book REV Product advertising (Print)
  12. 12. Page 54REV Brand Book REV Product advertising (Print)
  13. 13. Page 55REV Brand Book REV Product advertising (Digital)
  14. 14. Page 56REV Brand Book REV Brand advertising (Print)
  15. 15. Page 57REV Brand Book REV Brand advertising (Digital)