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PPC Magic: Google Ads Single Ad Group Accounts

Single Ad Group accounts may well be the best structure for 90% of accounts. Find out how to set up this structure to deliver better CTR, Conversion and QS.

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PPC Magic: Google Ads Single Ad Group Accounts

  1. 1. this is the PPC Magic: Just One Ad Group for Your Entire Account
  2. 2. this is the Imagine using just one Ad Group in One Campaign for your entire PPC account?
  3. 3. this is the Less time grinding and more time on strategy
  4. 4. this is the Oh, and it’s also a short-cut to great quality scores
  5. 5. this is the So, here is how you can create PPC magic...
  6. 6. this is the Step 1: Use Ad Customizers
  7. 7. this is the Step 2: Set URLs at the keyword level
  8. 8. this is the Or...
  9. 9. this is the Step 2a: If you are really brave dynamically insert the keyword into your site search to create the URL
  10. 10. this is the Here is an example of an Ad Customizer sheet
  11. 11. this is the Title1 Title2 Title3 Des4 Des5 Target campaign Target ad group Target Location Target keyword Example Title 1 Example Title 2 Example Title 3 Description 1 Description 2 Global_Campaign Global_Ad_Group Your Location,State,Country [your keyword]
  12. 12. this is the You manage all ad copy from this sheet and not the UI.
  13. 13. this is the You can have specific copy for each keyword and location
  14. 14. this is the CTR Conversion Quality Score All will soar
  15. 15. this is the Your Ads will look like this on the UI.
  16. 16. this is the {KeyWord:Default} {=example.Title1:Default} {=example.Title2:Default} {=example.Des4:Default} {=example.Des5:Default} *Make sure you have default text in at least one ads in the ad group.
  17. 17. this is the You will save thousands of hours eliminating mundane tasks
  18. 18. this is the You will deliver the most relevant ad copy to your customers
  19. 19. this is the Hey, ramp up your PPC - chat to us about implementing the single ad group approach
  20. 20. this is the “Drop me an email to have a chat about advanced PPC processes that will improve your performance” Paddy Casey, Co-Founder, The Unit.
  21. 21. About The Unit The Unit is an advertising agency with a “client-side” mindset. We focus on online gambling and all our staff has worked in the sector. We get where you are coming from because we have all been there. Have a conversation with us about your plans and objectives. Drop us an email.