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Phönix Home introduction


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Watch the presentation of our exclusive showroom and visit our shop in Budapest, Hungary.

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Phönix Home introduction

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. About us  An old dream came true when two business partners, Márta Somogyi interior designer, and Heimo Trümmel Austrian business man, decided to establish an exclusive interior design shop both in Vienna and Budapest.  The showroom of Phönix Home Budapest was opened in autumn 2013, in a 300 sqm atrium building, in the 3rd district of Budapest, Bécsi út 77-79.  Our mother company is Phönix Objekta Vienna, one of Austria’s biggest wholesale companies in floor coverings.
  3. 3. Our showroom
  4. 4. Our mission Our mission is to give vent to what is beautiful and exclusive. To give vent to what is custom-designed and special; to colors, new solutions and mind-moving models. To give vent to people improve the quality of their lives and thus be happier and contented. Phönix Home – You are inspiring us! Who is inspiring you?
  5. 5. Services I.  In our showroom, our customers can choose from products of leading home decoration brands, whether it be curtains, textiles, carpets, wall coverings, floor coverings, and decoration items.  Our colleagues are all experts with great experience and knowledge, who not only serve the customers but also help them find the most suitable products by giving them useful advices and suggestions. We design your entire home helping you choose the most suitable colors,  choosing the best style for your home,  designing your furniture,  refashioning your old furniture, even planning your whole kitchen.
  6. 6. Services II.  We not just sell but also provide installation work upon request:  we make site surveys,  we sew your curtains,  we can put up your wallpapers,  we lay your floor coverings and carpets,  we can even upholster your old couch.  Our leading interior designer, Márta Somogyi has been designing interiors and furniture for more than 20 years. She has been the designer of our showroom as well, which has been shaped up in a way that it should inspire our customers and help them with new ideas.  If you visit our showroom, have a cup of cappuccino with us! :)
  7. 7. Dôme Deco representation  Our company is the sole representative of Dôme Deco interior design company in Hungary.  The Belgian company providing a wide range of furniture, decoration items and home textiles is internationally acknowledged in the interior design industry.  Their slogan is, that by using different contrasts, unique interiors can be built. The atmosphere of their collections is based on impressions for all senses. The wide-ranging shapes of their products address people of all ages.
  8. 8. Products – curtains  Curtains are the main ornaments of windows. It’s also important that they harmonize with the style of our furniture and emphasize their character. You can find a wide range of transparent and decoration curtains in our shop.  Our leading brands are ROMO Group, Designers Guild, Englisch Dekor, Carlucci, JAB, Etamin, Mark Alexander, Manuel Canovas, etc.
  9. 9. Products – upholstery  Upholstery dresses up the furniture just like cloths dress up people. Don’t throw away your grandma’s old armchair! Choose one of our classical, single-colored or patterned upholstery that suits your conceptions the most.  Our leading brands are ROMO Group, Designers Guild, Englisch Dekor, Carlucci, JAB, Etamin, Mark Alexander, Manuel Canovas, etc.
  10. 10. Products – carpets, floor coverings  Carpets determine the atmosphere of our rooms unnoticed thus influence our general feeling. It can radiate warmth, playfulness, seriousness or objective neutrality. Carpets are important coverings of our bedrooms since they inhance comfort and reduce noise. The common feature of our carpets is easy cleaning.  Our leading brands are Miroo, Vorwerk, Dura, Belakos, Landegger, Object Carpet, RUGX, Hans, Dinarsu, Balsan, Arte Spina, Designers Guild, Ligne Pure, Oliver Treutline, Expona, Landegger, Concept Line, SimpLay, etc.
  11. 11. Products – wall coverings  Our mood is greatly influenced by wall coverings. By choosing an appropriate pattern we can create different atmospheres in our home and can even change it’s character.  Our leading brands are Élitis, Zoffany, Eijffinger, Prestigeous Textiles, Larsen, Osborne & Little (Nina Campbell, Matthew Williams), Pierre Frey, Sanderson, Designers Guild, Andrew Martin, etc.
  12. 12. Products – furniture, decoration  Drawers, tables and bookshelves get a different meaning in our shop. Apart from their functionality, these products were designed with wittiness and playfulness in their designers’ mind. A special decoration item can become the gem of our home.  Our leading brands are Dôme Deco, Ibride, Designers Guild, Haans & Lifestyle, Greenleaf, Sia, etc.
  13. 13. We hope to meet you in our showroom! Opening hours Mo – Fr: 10 am to 6 pm Sat: 10 am to 3 pm PHÖNIX Home Budapest H-1037 Budapest, Bécsi út 77-79. Phone: +36 1 240-0638 Mobile: +36 30 718-5005