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Kentucky Beef Network


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Kentucky Beef Network Powerpoint

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Kentucky Beef Network

  1. 1. Kentucky Beef Network Ag Development funds at work: Enhancing producer profitability through education, management, and marketing.
  2. 2.  Help Kentucky beef cattle farmers improve animal health, genetics, forages, and marketing opportunities by enhancing producer profitability. Goal of Kentucky Beef Network
  3. 3.  Kentucky Beef Network  Manage a state grant from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund  Provide to Kentucky Farmers  On-Farm Support  Education  Resources  Manage daily operations for the Eden Shale Farm and Learning Center  Partnership with University of Kentucky Extension- to increase learning opportunities impact
  4. 4.  Continue Regional Efforts Eastern Kentucky/SOAR Initiative Young and Beginning Farmers KBN VIII Key Areas of Focus
  5. 5.  Emphasis on small farmers to help improve management practices  Shorten Calving Window  Increase Pregnancy Rates  Increase Record Keeping  Enhance Efficiency of Production  Improve Profitability  Some classroom learning – main focus will be hands-on learning at the farm  Concentrated in SOAR Counties  To date 55 farms participating- “boots on the farm” Eastern Kentucky IRM Integrated Reproductive Management
  6. 6. 3 locations- Princeton, Eden Shale, Morgan Co. Finishing 10 head at each location/year Education Sessions:  Receiving Phase  Finishing Phase  Carcass Evaluation  Producer End Product Sensory Panels  Session Focus: Nutrition, Health, Live Animal Evaluation, Marketing, Environmental, Consumer Preference, Taste test Pasture to Plate
  7. 7. THANK YOU! Becky Thompson Kentucky Beef Network 859-278-0899