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Appalachia Health-Related Research


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Shaunna L. Scott

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Appalachia Health-Related Research

  1. 1. Appalachian Health- Related Research College of Arts & Sciences, University of Kentucky Shaunna L. Scott Director of Appalachian Studies
  2. 2. Mary Anglin, Anthropology Breast cancer Addiction Health care systems Gender
  3. 3. Chris Barton, Forestry Beekeeping projects with Appalachian Kentucky youth Youth involvement in planting trees on surface mine sites
  4. 4. Robin L. Cooper, Biology Lewis Co. middle and high schools Online learning modules and mentoring Chronic Health issues in the community Students research local health issues
  5. 5. Peggy Keller, Psychology Impact of marital discord, parental alcohol abuse on… Children’s sleep, stress and cognitive functioning Impact of family stress on child development in Appalachia
  6. 6. Analia Loria, Pharmacology & Nutrition Sciences Impacts early stress and high-calorie diet on Cardio-metabolic disease
  7. 7. Carrie Oser, Sociology Substance abuse and treatment in Rural Kentucky Among women and marginalized populations
  8. 8. Claire Renzetti, Sociology Impact of economic factors on intimate partner violence Theorizing domestic violence Designing and evaluating domestic violence intervention programs
  9. 9. Leslie-Marie Buer State Interventions, Gendered Inequalities, and Health: An Ethnography of Women’s Encounters with Substance Abuse Treatment in Central Appalachia
  10. 10. Applied Statistics & Biostatistics Lab College of Arts & Sciences University of Kentucky