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This deck describes all the HP CloudSystems AppSystems VirtualSystems

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  • Today IT is struggling to deliver the service they need to their line of business. From an IT standpoint only 32% of service delivery projects are considered successful. Many are late over budget or lack the functionality their originally planned. This is due to many issuesFirst: complexity of the IT environment, then the increasing complexity of the applications and services, as well the increased number of applications that IT needs providing to power the business.The underlying hardware and infrastructure doesn’t really help either as it is continuously built on fragmented IT silos taking many people, many steps, many weeks and months to roll out a new application that will satisfy the business need it was originally planned for in a risk free environment.MORE InformationBusiness value is driven by the applications that deliver the service. For IT, the need to stand up or upgrade, tune and manage applications is core to its ability to deliver on service-level agreements to its users. Yet bringing an application or application update online is complex and hugely time-consuming, often requiring months for start-up and many more cycles to tune the app for optimal performance. Adding to complexity:Increase of users that need application services (IT serves the user)Increase in the number of apps IT must support to power the businessIncrease in the complexity of the apps themselvesUnifying hardware does not deliver the required business service. infrastructure and app deployment complex: Many people, many steps, many weeks/months, many risks for errors
  • As we introduce this section, we should refer to a recent industry survey conducted by Forrester of over 200 IT professionals, titled "Converged Application Appliances - May 2011". Some highlights to note:1) Converged Appliances deliver simplicity, performance and robust application functionality2) 76% of IT professionals are considering appliances based solutions for new application deplyments3)BI (40%) is among the top 3 applications that are in priority for appliance-based deploymentHere is HP’s approach: to take convergence to a new level.HP’s focus is on cloud & virtualization. We are leading with our integrated systems in each of these areas. Customers are seeing real value from these integrated solutions. An integrated solution is like a chain, only as strong as it’s weakest link.This approach enables us to address customers at different levels of maturity. For customers who are eager to start building cloud solutions, they can start with the integrated solutions. For customers who want to move at a slower pace, they can get started with Converged Infrastructure building blocks that put them on the path towards integrated solutions at a later date.
  • The HP Converged System portfolio includes the HP VirtualSystem, HP CloudSystem, and HP AppSystems optimized for application delivery in virtualized, cloud and dedicated environments Unlike other approaches that attempt to solve integration and optimization demands of one type of application environment only HP addressing the complete continuum of application. Each system is built on the same common architecture – tuned and optimized for the workload demand. Because of the unique engineering, HP helps clients eliminate weeks and months of planning, deploying, tuning and optimizing their IT and applications Each is designed for rapid deployment, maximum performance, and advanced management of application environments Integrate hardware, software and services into turnkey systems to help businesses harness the full potential of virtualization, cloud and next generation applications and can be delivered as turnkey appliances, built to order or hosted by HP. VirtualSystemCloudSystem –AppSystem – TRANSITION: Let’s go deeper into VirtualSystem.
  • We understand customers have unique environments, different application workloads; have standardized on certain software, size. HP AppSystems is a portfolio of solutions—because one size can’t fit all.
  • Open stds for NO LOCK in like other vendors; licensing
  • Data Volume, Variety and VelocityMonths/years to deployIslands of ITInteroperability with Business Apps
  • 4 points – deliver Customer Choice
  • As corporations look for competitive differentiation in the marketplace, they are evaluating tools that would accelerate their decision making capabilties and provide these tools in the hands of CXO's vs. traditional BI analytics teams. The complexity and the overhead of deploying and implementing these specialized tools is driving IT professionals to strongly consider Appliance based solutions and increase their success ratio of new IT projects. According to a Standish Group report only 32% of the IT projects are typically successful.
  • Manoj to introduce the slideSteve to cover the Microsoft solutions at a high levelManoj to cover the SAP through Vertica lines
  • Scale easily - from (10TB) 350k to (20TB) 700k sustained IOPSPerformance that meets the most stringent Tier 1 OLTP requirements150 million transactions per hour, from 500,000 up to 1,000,000 IOPSFaster time to productionMaintenance time windows decreased by xx%Re-indexing goes from 2 hours to 20 minutes Better Price:PerformanceSQL OLTP RA $xxx,xxxvs comparable Exadata $x,xxx,xxxScale easily - from (10TB) 350k to (20TB) 700k sustained IOPSEnterprise class - high-availability, disaster recovery and back-upFuture proof – Tested with SQL 2008 R2 and a upgradability path to SQL 2012
  • Weeks vs Months for implementation of a database consolidation solution 1 Because it is a complete, pre-integrate appliance, and additionally due to the optimization in the appliance design that HP and Microsoft have performed (all detailed on the prior slides), customers can expect to see implementation times in weeks vs months. Our delivery partner Pragmatic Works shares that view and has provided us an endorsement to that effect.Minutes vs Weeks for real-time SQL Server provisioning 2- Delivered by the pre-integrated Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) and VMM Self Service Portal, system resources are able to be requested and delivered on-demand75% operational expense savings including up to 85% lower energy costs 3These savings accrue due to the space, power, and administration benefits of server consolidation, applied specifically to a Database Consolidation Appliance scenario for SQL ServerTypical Annual Cost Reduction = Energy: 90%Cooling: 95%Floor space: 89%Administration: 75% We have taken the low end of the saving range to be conservative. Figures are based on a single-rack implementation of the DBC at $800,000 depreciated over 5 years compared to a typical unconsolidated server environment. For details, see the HP Enterprise Database Consolidation Appliance Value whitepaper. Scalability to consolidate 1000’s of database instances 4- Based on the target mix of database size to be consolidated (determined as HP and Microsoft were optimizing the appliance design), HP and Microsoft estimate that approximately 200 database instances can be consolidated on one full rack of the Database Consolidation Appliance and further, that 10 full racks of appliances can be daisy chained together and managed via a single pane of glass (via MS Systems Center Operations Manager integrated with HP Insight Control (true?)). This would therefore enable a fully built out appliance of 10 racks to support consolidation of approximately 2,000, or “thousands” or databases. Of course, if the actual mix of database sizes were different than the assumptions, the actual scale of the appliance would vary. NOTE: We need to document the assumptions that went into our design on the mix of S, M, and L as well as the characteristics of each of those. 1 Quote: Pragmatic Works (DBC Appliance consulting and delivery partner)http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/f/8/6f8a7125-041a-46f9-a9ec-362b13fe0445/VMM2008_White_Paper_Draft3.6_FINAL.pdf -- page 10Based on a single-rack implementation of the Database Consolidation Appliance compared to a typical unconsolidated server environment. Details found at HP & Microsoft Database Consolidation Appliance Value Whitepaper. Based on reductions in energy, cooling, floor space, HW and Software. 4 Based on a typical mixture of small, medium, and large database workloads as identified by Microsoft and HP engineering teams
  • Most of the data being captured today by businesses is transactional through OLTP systems such as ERP, CRM, SRM etc. and this data growth cannot be contained…growing from Petabytes to Zetabytes to Yottabytes. However, a global survey of IT leaders shows that most organizations are unable to react and respond “quickly” to the high volumes of fresh transactional data with business insight. In fact a study conducted by the CIO magazine earlier this year illustrates that although two-thirds of the respondent’s claim that it’s important for their businesses to have real-time access to customer data, only less than 20% of the population can do it effectively today. Take an example of a large financial and insurance company that can react to the recent market fluctuations by turning raw transactions into analytics and updating their portfolio in real-time. What’s driving the need for real time analytics?Summarizing the need for in-memory database and computational applications. The cost of delivering BI services through IT resources has risen so high that the expenses are starting to outweigh the benefits. Further, transactional information is changing at an accelerating rate with ballooning data base sizes. In-memory technology is needed to accelerate the analytic process to provide timely information.Examples provided can be a distributed supply chain, retail shelf inventory levels, real-time promotional effects on sales rates, etc.Overwhelming data volumesImmediate answers for critical business decisionsFaster reaction for events impacting operationsReal-time access to Operational Enterprise SystemsHigh operational cost of multiple warehouses and transaction systems
  • SAP HANA technology allows the processing of massive quantities of real-time data in the main memory of the server to provide immediate results from analyses and transactions With HP Solutionfor SAP HANAReact faster to business change Make informed decisions in real time with actual dataDiscover trends and patterns before competitors doEnable better operational planning, simulation and forecastingMonitor marketing mix changes or promotional effectivenessOutstanding performance:Blades are balanced from I/O memory and compute perspective – HP enables HANA to leverage all these capabilities and delivers better value for every $ spentReal-time Response Time - up to 1500x* improvement in response time , reducing from hours/minutes to secondsUnlimited scalabilityNo known limit to the number of hardware nodes that can be addedHP’s blade design ensures greater scalability and capacity than rack based solutions from competitorsStorage capacity from 2TB-10’s TB’s due to adding incremental racks based on converged storageMission critical availability and disaster recoveryHP Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) P6500, with the highest availability for mission critical SAP workloads Comprehensive integration and support services built in to the price of the applianceDeploy Faster- Ease of purchase - and proven SAP expertiseSimplicity & Automation -, optimized for high Performance and ready for deployment1500 x analytic response time compared to traditional SAP database environments30 days or less to-implementation - Integrated hardware and software from HP factory bundled with global service and support offerings30% Easier to manage – refers to EVA storageFuture ready with archiving and WORM capabilitiesEmphasize the fact that we have expertise in delivering these solutions e.g. SAP Business Suite, BWA, 1.7M joint customers, 77K installations in over 50 countries, 20 year partnership with SAP
  • For Vertica  I think we need to be simpler and Bolder at Discover and rolling forward.   Also, I was thinking can we stop using the Appliance term and call our Stuff Vertica AppSystem… Analysts  and customers looking for three key messages and pull out the ONLY statements    Designed form the grounds up,  Fastest TTM and Proven.   Thoughts – I plan to work with Colin and Scott on this tomorrow.   Only DB designed from the grounds up for Real time and Big Data AnalyticsNext Generation  Columnar Store + MMP with real time data linking enable up to 1000 time faster the ExadataExadata is a 20 year old sequel write architecture design for  batch – retrofit Columnar storeLimitless scalability – Shared nothing MMP means  No bottle necks  scale 100 hundreds of Nodes and PetaBytesComputed density vs  Exadata factoidOnly Dynamic Scale-out DB -  add nodes on the fly – and zero admin downtime  I want to pull out that today business does not take time out   - Real Time all the time.   True shared nothing architecture Only  Compression designed for Big Data w/o performance penalty.   Query and work on compressed (encoded) data Fastest Time to Value  - From quarters to Hours¼, ½, and Full rack Appsytems from preconfig factory express.Data Base Designer – integrated tool automates and optimizes DB  - Exadata / RAC takes  months of DBA time in tuningMinimal DBA training ….  Data point (Fast Certification).  No Rip and replace Required – for faster RIO  .  Complement to any EDW, OLPT to provide Insight to LOB’s in days not months.  And works with your existing toolsProven >300 customers in every key vertical  HP extends with CI and 1300 expertsWhy Vertica: The market for database technologies is evolving.  Today information is generated continuously around the world,  creating massive amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.  Looking to the future, the amount of these data types to be leveraged will continue to explode.  Companies who can derive rapid business insight from this data will  be best positioned to deliver better  business performance.The combination of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data requires more flexible, more dynamic architectures to deliver on the time-value of information.  Vertica has built their technology from the grounds up to provide real‐time business analytics for Big Data—large amounts (terabyte to petabytes) of complex data that customers need to analyze quickly, in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. As a result, customers can quickly gain insight into the key performance drivers of their business and make quicker and more effective business decisions.With Vertica, customers will be able to analyze massive amounts of data simply, quickly, and reliably, resulting in “just-in-time” business intelligence. Customers can also develop flexible business performance solutions that improve decision making and streamline business processes.Vertica delivers:Big Data Analytics Limitless Scaling: Simply add nodes for capacity and performanceExtreme compression: Up to 90% space reductionHP Real Time Analytics powered by Vertica delivers :*Industry Leading Storage Density*Industry Leading Compute Density*Industry Leading Capacity Optimization*Industry Leading Load Performance*All of the aforementioned while still requiring less HVAC and Power!!!
  • The fact is, traditional data warehouses were not designed for the Real-Time or Big Data analytics needs of today.Vertica (our strategic acquisition) delivers with the most modern architecture built specifically nfor real time analytics and big data.Here’s what makes this solution unique Fastest time to valueDeploy in minutesLimitless scaling 100s of nodes, up to 1 PB DB in a single rackZero admin downtime, add nodes on the fly Extreme compression rates 50% – 90% Complementary to any EDW, OLTPProven with over 300 customersCompare that to an old-fashioned DW solution, like Oracle Exadata<<STATS>>Without the complexity of the highly customized Exadata architecture – we do it with the same building blocks of blades, HP storage and network. TRANSITION: To make it real for you, I’d now like to invite Colin Mahoney (TITLE) for a demonstration of what Real-Time Analytics is all about and why Vertica is the best technology on the planet to deliver it
  • VirtualSystemisourflagshipofferingforclientsdesiringvirtualizationsolutionsbuttheyarepart of a broaderset of solutions.As youmove up thecontinuumfromReferenceArchitectures to thepartner-based Smart Bundles to thenewVirtualSystemsolutions, you’ll find greater levels of integration, solution sophistication, number of VMs supported, solution testing, and cloudextensibility. It’s the VirtualSystem solution stack offers that introduce racks or power products, networking, pre-integration, Factory Express, and services from HP.There is a new RA for mission critical needs based on integrity servers and HP-UX. Let’s look at what’s new for SmartBundles.Smart bundles are, as their name suggest, pieces of bundled hardware to which channel partners add their value-add.
  • HP VirtualSystem delivers the fastest time to value for virtualization – it saves clients months of integration work with hardware, software, management and services pre-integrated in one solution delivered turnkey by HP.  The solutions are designed to support workloads for medium to large enterprise organizations. They can be customized to clients’ requirements  and extended with modular components to add performance and capacity. HP VirtualSystem is built on proven reference architectures to help clients maximize performance, uptime and scalability. HP has combined the leading virtualization architectureswith HP Converged Infrastructure, including HP Flex Fabric, converged storage and servers. Integrated HP management software gives IT administrators better control over virtual machine and infrastructure tasks. HP VirtualSystem  is built on the same physical architecture as HP CloudSystem, so clients can easily transition to open, hybrid cloud computing.As the largest OEM for the leading virtualization ISV’s, HP has the global virtualization expertise to align IT to Business.
  • Simple, reliable VM mobility with 1- / 2-tier networkThe HP VirtualSystem incorporates the FlexFabric architecture, a network fabric optimized for server-to-server/server-to-storage traffic that delivers secure, high-performance virtual machine (VM) migration across the data center with unified orchestration. Unlike legacy 3-Tier architectures, FlexFabric provides wire-once, direct connections to thousands of virtual machines, eliminating unnecessary network hops, reducing latency and optimizing network utilization and performanceFlexible, efficient VM storage with converged, scale-out approachHP Converged Storage is a foundational element of the HP VirtualSystem portfolio for VMware. Unlike expensive legacy monolithic and unified storage architectures which lack multi-tenancy and are complex and inefficient at scale, only HP Converged Storage builds on industry standard HP Server DNA, utilizes modern scale-out storage software, and is orchestrated with tools that span the full IT stackUnified Virtual & Physical security & managementHP Insight Control enables holistic management of virtual and physical resources, with an integrated view from VM to the core of the network, providing deep insight across the complete network topology and simplified troubleshooting and tuning. Faster VM performance with balanced server architectureThe industry’s leading ProLiant rack and blade servers deliver 27x more performance per watt and 20:1 consolidation rates over previous generations, and up to 3x better VM server density than competing solutionsIntegrated services to align virtualization to business goalsHP offers a full life-cycle of virtualization and cloud roadmap, planning, design and implementation services helping with integration of your HP VirtualSystem into your existing data center.
  • We’ve eliminated bottlenecks to increase efficiency, VirtualSystem architectures are balanced with the best combination of networking, servers, and storage.General blades: “#1 in server virtualization and HP again leads the market in virtualized server, with 43% market share for the quarter, 41% for the year.” Source: FRAMINGHAM, Mass., April 12, 2011 – According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Server Virtualization Tracker http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=IDC_P1537920:1 server consolidation. Comparing Intel Xeon Series 5600–based ProLiant G6 servers to G4 3X blades density compared to comparable Cisco UCS B200 M2 blade. Calculated based on the following resource requirements per Virtual Machine (VM): 3GB memory and 100 Mb/s Ethernet + 200 Mb/s FC (doubled for redundancy)2.4M blades shipped based on HP internal counts3X I/O throughput , 2X memory, 3X VMs per server: based on comparison of BL460 G7 vs. Cisco UCS B200 M2 (see also, customer viewable: http://storage.corp.hp.com/Document_Storage/Competitive_library/Why_HP_BladeSystem_v_Cisco.pptx )
  • Slide purpose: This slide highlights the architectural frameworkof HP Converged Storage and how HP’s approach is different to storage only vendorsLooking at the gap between 20 year old architectures and new datacenter requirements it’s clear that the era of the storage silo is over… There are several basic issues with legacy architectures but they all point to the fact that storage developed in a vacuum simply cannot be optimized for a world where the IT stack is collapsing. Converged Storage is a modern design and portfolio built from the ground up for the needs of virtualization, cloud, and the issues related to massive scale. Over 24 months ago we took a hard look at the trajectory the storage industry was on and recognized the systemic flaws in the predominant line of thinking. After talking with hundreds of IT and Business leaders and collaborating with HP Labs and Storage technologists we oriented on a different path… establishing a framework by which we would make strategic investments moving forward. Achieving the efficiency, agility, and simplicity required in the Instant-on Enterprise required a break from the path that our storage-only competitors were on.Converged Storage builds on the world’s leading x86 hardware platform to boost efficiency and reduce expense, for large utility deployments we are able to add multi-tenant specialization to get the best of volume economics and secure, high performance consolidation.Next, we layer on scale-out storage software for more agile and efficient use of capacity. With our scale-out approach we are able to non-disruptively dial-up and down all of the knobs required to respond to unpredictable workloads… we can independently adjust performance and capacity across NAS, SAN, or Deduplication requirements. Scale-out also provides customers the benefit of incrementally node-based scale so that they can pay-as-you-grow vs. the fork lift upgrades of the past. We are also able to deploy storage as either a physical appliance or a virtual machine… both of which can be co-located alongside applications.Lastly, we are bridging the gap to rapid IT service delivery withconverged management. HP Converged Storage solutions have autonomic capabilities so they are self-managed, they are vertically integrated into solutions like CloudSystem Matrix to automate provisioning, and they are open to support management by partner tools like vCenter or System Center.If we look at 3PAR, LeftHand, StoreOnce, and IBRIX all of these technologies share these 3 underlying architectural constants. HP also has the intellectual property across servers, storage, and networking to deliver on this design. We are not just talking about having a broad portfolio as a systems vendor… instead we are leveraging that systems expertise and modern storage architecture to deliver more value to customers and a better storage solution than the competition.Transition: With this context, let’s talk about the new storage federation innovations we’re announcing in August as well as the next generation of the 3PAR Storage Family
  • The lead HP Storage array platforms for Server Virtualization environments and thus HP VirtualSystem are the 3PAR and LeftHand Arrays.  A key business driver for server virtualization is to make significant savings by reducing physical server count, and hence reduce CapEx and OpEx. This puts storage under a new stress given the multitude of workloads on a physical server. Server Virtualization environment has a critical dependency on both storage performance and storage high availability for successful deployment. In addition, the traditional provisioning model for storage is unable to keep up with the demands of this new environment and spiraling storage capacity costs end up consuming all the savings that customers get from virtualizing Servers. The 3PAR and Lefthand arrays were built specifically to address the challenges of optimizing performance, high availability, provisioning and capacity efficiency In short, customers need to Optimize, Simplify and Save with Storage for their Virtual Server Environments Both HP LeftHand and 3PAR storage systems have many features desgined to address the needs of virtual server environments.3PAR array customers can double virtual machine density and reduce server count by 50%.HP 3PAR optimizes VM density due to unique performance enhancements such as Wide Striping, mixed workload support and by offloading work from the server to the storage array  3PAR customers like Terremark and Intercept IT have reported doubling VM Density when moving from traditional storage to 3PAR Storage. 3PAR arrays save customer administration costs by as much as 90%Capabilities such as Autonomic Groups, being able to manage 3PAR through VMware vCenter, and 3PAR Recovery Manager for VMware for snapshot integration allow customers to spend 90% less time on management. Last and certainly not least, 3PAR arrays reduce storage capacity by up to 50% - Storage capacity requirements can be cut by 50% with 3PAR industry leading Thin Technologies and Adaptive Optimization for the most effective use of capacity and performance.  Lefthand P4000 arrays Improve data availability by 50%. LeftHand, through its unique capability, Network RAID, Multi-site SAN, and Peer Motion for non-disruptive data movement, reduces planned and unplanned downtime, typically improving data availability by 50%. The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) – Business and Operational Benefits Achieved with HP P4000 SANs White Paper - “Generally, data availability was clearly better for the interviewees’ organizations and many reported significant improvements - 20% to 50% was typical”Hobart Brothers – “Being able to migrate our data on the fly without disrupting business, or even my own personal time was a huge benefit.”Reduce storage management time by up to 90%Customers can reduce management time up to 90% through capabilities such as the easy-to-use, P4000 Centralized Management Console and being able to manage P4000 solutions through VMware vCenter, plus application integrated and managed snapshots for VMware and Microsoft.  Reduce capacity and cost by up to 50%Thin Provisioning, expanding the capacity and performance only when the customer needs it with LeftHand’s clustered storage nodes approach and all the SAN software included at no extra cost helps customers reduce storage costs by Outer Edge Technology LLC - “The reason we chose HP P4000 SANs was scalability. It gives us almost limitless potential to grow our virtual environment. “  
  • HP VirtualSystem incorporates the HP FlexNetwork architecture – a blueprint for virtualized and cloud-optimized networking. Unlike traditional, hierarchical networks, the HP FlexNetwork is designed to meet the security, agility, and performance needs of virtualized and cloud environments where up to 80% of the network traffic is server to server. Legacy networks were built for client server apps and traffic in and out of the data center, not high volume server to server traffic. By simplifying networks, reducing tiers, and virtualizing connections between virtual machines and networks HP VirtualSystem helps clients to accelerate VM performance and recovery with faster mobility and failover. VM connections are simplified with wire once, change ready connections. Costs and complexity are reduced – up to 95% of NICs, cables, and switches for reduced acquisition costs and simplified management. Security and network configurations stay with VMs even as they move. Mgmt is simplified with deep integration throughout the stack and with the partner software.The HP FlexFabric architecture has been updated with new Virtual Connect v3.30 firmware and enhances A-Series switching, management and security. Combined, these technologies enable clients to consolidate to 2-tier and 1-tier architectures to improve performance, flexibility and lower cost with VirtualSystem5x faster vMotion – awaiting report confirmation from Amy 95% Substantiation - A traditional server blade configuration would typically require a dual port LAN on Motherboard (LOM), an extra quad port NIC mezzanine, and a dual port host bus adapter (HBA) along with switch modules (6 Ethernet and 2 Fibre Channel). The total traditional configuration components come up to 40 vs. the VC FlexFabric solution. The VC FlexFabric solution requires only embedded dual port FlexFabric adapters on servers (no mezzanine cards) and two VC FlexFabric modules. This simple calculation will help you understand it better, (40-2)/40=95%.66% lower TCO - Source IDC - ROI Of A Complete Networking Portfolio: Delivering Value From The Network Edge To The Core Sept 2010
  • The result of close collaboration between HP and both VMware and Microsoft, HP Insight Control brings together the best of HP and partner management environments, providing virtualization administrators with deep insight and complete control of their virtualizated infrastructure. HP Insight Control with plug ins for VMware vCenter of Microsoft System Center augments the capabilities of the partner tools with the physical server management capabilities of Insight Control providing virtualization administrators with unparalleled visibility and control of the servers that power their virtualized environment.By combining HP Insight Control with VMware vCenter server or Microsoft System Center virtualization administrators gain the ability to…·         Monitor heath, power and performance status of virtual machines and the underlying host systems that support them at the cluster, server or resource level from a single pane of glass resulting in deeper insight of your environment for troubleshooting and planning purposes. ·         View hardware events from within the vCenter or System Centerconsole and set up alarms to respond to events automatically without having to learn a new user interface.·         Access firmware inventory data and version form inside the partner console allowing you to properly manage firmware lifecycle resulting in better stability and reliability of your virtualized environment. ·         Visually trace and monitor your network from end-to-end from the host, all the way to the individual network modules connected within your domain delivering comprehensive management of the network making it easy for you to review and change any HP-specific information.·         Remotely manage and troubleshoot HP ProLiant and BladeSystem servers by launching in context the HP Integrated Lights Out Advanced, HP Onboard Administrator or Systems Insight Manager from the partner console to access powerful control capabilities. ·        
  • Maximum supported VMs are very dependent on the customer’s workload.  Each server has 12 cores, and via Intel Hyper-threading can thus run 24 threads, with no over-commitment – i.e. to provide maximum performance in highly-compute situations, each VM gets a thread – thus 24 VMs best case.However, it’s unlikely that every VM is 100% busy all the time.  Assume 50% busy.  Therefore 48 VMs per each 12-core server, assuming 50% loaded.VS1 Base has 2 host servers; therefore 96 max VMs as configured VS1 Extended has 8 host servers; therefore 384 max VMs as configuredVS2 Base has 6 host servers; therefore 288 max VMs as configuredVS2 Extended has 12 host servers; therefore 576 max VMs as configured You will see higher numbers of maximum VMs in some of our materials.  Those higher numbers are theoretical maximums, computed with similar assumptions as many of our competitors.  For any specific customer it will depend upon their workload.HP VirtualSystem VS3Enterprise business solution for large, demanding data centersOptimized for storage density, scalability, and performance. Blade System / A-Series networking / 3PAR SANUp to 6,000VM’sVMware onlyApproximate starting price of $1M US listHP VirtualSystem VS2Enterprise business single rack solution for server or client virtualizationOptimized for compute density Blade System / A-Series networking / P4800 <BladeSystem> SANUp to 2,500 VMsVMware and MicrosoftApproximate starting price of $500K US listHP VirtualSystem VS1Mid-sized business all-in-one solutionOptimized for compute / storage balance HP ProLiant <rack servers> / A-Series networking / P4500 SANUp to 750 VMsVMware and MicrosoftApproximate starting price of $200K US list
  • Make sure to hit on the same point on the New slideNotes: VS1 provides a lower cost entry solution for mid range business requirements Rack server form factor provides this option for companies that select this data center model P4500 storage provides scale-out SAN to 8 controllers providing for ease of upgrade, growth, and VMware VAAI integration VS1 configuration provides 14.4TB minimum and 57.6TB maximum disk space HP A-series switching provides 1GbE and 10GbE network paths for multiple network and management domains (LAN, iSCSI, iLO) and supports server 10Gb NICs for production network IOConfigsHP A5820X-24XG / HP A5800-24G switchesHP ProLiant DL380 G7 virtualization servers (2 to 8)HP ProLiant DL360 G7 management server (optional redundant)HP P4500 Virtualization SAN (2 to 8 controllers)Config detailsVS1 Base:2 servers24 processor cores total at 3.46Ghz96GB memory per server192 GB memory total2 x 146GB internal drives per server20Gbit per second shared network/storage IO per server (48) 1Gb/10Gb per second IO portsP4500 SAN solution with total of 14.4TB storageVS1 Extended,8 servers96 processor cores total at 3.46Ghz192GB memory per server1.536 TB memory total2 x 146GB internal drives per server (2,336MB total)20Gbit per second shared network/storage IO per server(96) 1Gb per second IO ports(48) 10Gb per second IO ports(4) P4500 SAN solution with total of 57.6TB storage
  • Deanna comment:Hyper-v Cloud Fast Track is now Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track (I think this shows up as a sub head to the configuration slides)Notes: VS2 provides an enterprise class solution for enterprise business requirements Blade server form factor provides converged infrastructure management and virtualization capabilities, and ready for HP CloudSystem architecture P4800 storage supports converged infrastructure and c7000 enclosure with blade-based controller nodes. VS2 configuration provides 42TB minimum and 84TB maximum disk space in a single integrated server and storage rack Virtual Connect Flex-10 provides network connectivity and fast, low latency server-storage interconnect within the enclosure HP A-series switching provides 1GbE and 10GbE network paths for multiple network and management domains (LAN, iSCSI, iLO) and supports integrated BL460c G7 blade 10Gb NICs for production network IOConfigsHP A5820X-24XG / HP A5800-24G switchesHP BladeSystem with ProLiant BL460c G7 Virtual Connect Flex-10 virtualization servers (6 to 12 standard, up to 28 total optional)HP ProLiant DL360 G7 management server (optional redundant)HP P4800 SAN (1-2 disk modules,2-4 controllers integrated into BladeSystem enclosure)Config detailsVS2 Base, ~~ $506,000 list price:6 servers1 c7000 enclosure72 processor cores total at 3.06Ghz with Intel Xeon Hyper-Threading technology48 GB minimum memory per server2 146Gb internal drives per server2 Virtual Connect Flex-10 Modules per c7000 enclosure2 SAS switchesper c7000 enclosure for P4800 SAN20 Gbit per second shared network/storage IO per server, Connected to Virtual ConnectFlex-10 for 120Gb per second aggregate IO48 1 Gbit per second IO ports4810 Gbit per second IO ports1 P4800 SAN solution with total of 42TB storage VS2 Extended, ~~ $941,000 list price:12 servers (expandable up to 28 total optional for light workloads)2 c7000 enclosures144 processor cores total at 3.06Ghz with Intel Xeon Hyper-Threading technology (up to 336 cores max)192 GB memory per server (custom configurableup to 384 GB per server)2 146 GB internal drives per server2 Virtual Connect Flex-10 Modules per c7000 enclosure2 SAS switchesper c7000 enclosure for P4800 SAN20 Gbit per second shared network/storage IO per server, Connected to Flex-10 for 240 Gb per second aggregate IO48 1 Gbit per second network ports48 10 Gbit per second network ports2 P4800 SAN solution with total of 84 TB storage VC Quants:95% Substantiation - A traditional server blade configuration would typically require a dual port LAN on Motherboard (LOM), an extra quad port NIC mezzanine, and a dual port host bus adapter (HBA) along with switch modules (6 Ethernet and 2 Fibre Channel). The total traditional configuration components come up to 40 vs. the VC FlexFabric solution. The VC FlexFabric solution requires only embedded dual port FlexFabric adapters on servers (no mezzanine cards) and two VC FlexFabric modules. This simple calculation will help you understand it better, (40-2)/40=95%.65% Substantiation – Based on the difference (ILP as of May 2010) of traditional interconnect and adapter cost compared to Virtual Connect FlexFabric solution. Compare cost of 6 Ethernet switches, 16 quad-port NICs, 2 Multi-layer fabric switches and 16 HBAs to 2 HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric.40% Substantiation - Based on the difference of traditional interconnect and adapter power costs compared to Virtual Connect FlexFabric solution. Compare cost of power for 6 Ethernet switches, 16 Dual-port NICs, 16 quad-port NICs, 2 8Gb storage switches and 16 HBAs to 2 HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules connected to 16 embedded FlexFabric adapters.
  • Notes: VS3 provides a large enterprise class solution for demanding enterprise business requirements Blade server form factor provides converged infrastructure management and virtualization capabilities, and ready for HP CloudSystem architecture 3PAR F-series storage supports demanding workloads, and delivers thin provisioning, autonomic tiering, and virtualization capabilities demanded in this class of solution. Reduces acquisition and operational costs by 50%, 10X increase in management efficiency. Orderable VS3 configurations provide 38.4TB minimum and 163TB maximum disk space; larger configurations can be defined as a custom order Virtual Connect FlexFabric provides consolidated server and storage connectivity HP A-series switching provides 1GbE and 10GbE network paths for multiple network and management domains (LAN, iLO), and B-series provides 8 Gb Fibre Channel to support integrated BL460c G7 blade FlexFabric converged network adaptersConfigs:HP A5820X-24XG / HP A5800-24G switchesHP B-series SAN switchesHP BladeSystem with ProLiant BL460c G7 Virtual Connect FlexFabricvirtualization servers (16 to 64)HP ProLiant DL360 G7 management server (optional redundant)HP 3PAR F-Series SAN configurations balanced to server complement for typical workloadsConfig details:VS3 Base:16 servers1 c7000 enclosure192 processor cores total at 3.06Ghz with Intel Xeon Hyper-Threading technology96GB minimummemory per server2 146Gb internal drives per server2 Virtual Connect FlexFabric Modules per c7000 enclosure20 Gb per second shared network/storage IO per server, Connected to Virtual Connect FlexFabric for 120Gb per second aggregate IO48 1 Gb per second network ports16 10 Gb per second network ports48 8 Gb per second SAN ports (32 Enabled)3PAR F-series SAN solution with total of 38.4 TB storage VS3 Midline:32 servers2 c7000 enclosures384 processor cores total at 3.06Ghz with Intel Xeon Hyper-Threading technology96GB minimummemory per server2 146Gb internal drives per server2 Virtual Connect FlexFabric Modules per c7000 enclosure20 Gbit per second shared network/storage IO per server, Connected to Virtual Connect FlexFabric for 240Gb per second aggregate IO56 1 Gb per second network ports64 10 Gbit per second network ports48 8 Gbit per second SAN ports3PAR F-series SAN solution with total of 92.8TB storage VS3 Extended:64 servers4 c7000 enclosures768 processor cores total at 3.06Ghz with Intel Xeon Hyper-Threading technology96GB minimummemory per server2 146Gb internal drives per server2 Virtual Connect FlexFabric Modules per c7000 enclosure20 Gbit per second shared network/storage IO per server, Connected to Virtual Connect FlexFabric for 480Gb per second aggregate IO56 1 Gb per second network ports64 10 Gbit per second network ports80 8 Gbit per second SAN ports3PAR F-series SAN solution with total of 163.2 TB storageSubstantiationIntelligent non-disruptive storage reduces capacity requirements by 50% SOURCE: 50% Capacity reduction based on survey’s of customer results using HP 3PAR Thin Conversion when moving from legacy fully provisioned arrays.
  • Notes: This new VirtualSystem solution for Superdome 2 with HP-UX and 3PAR storage is built for customers’ most demanding, mission-critical environments enabling customers to consolidate and reduce costs while meeting SLAs. The Integrity Superdome 2 server hardware is known for its: always-on resiliency, that keeps mission-critical applications up and running. Clients can use hard partitions to provide the ultimate, electrical isolation between sensitive workloads. At the same time, Superdome 2 is a converged, modular,bladed platform that simplifies and unifies IT. Mission-critical HP-UX 11i v3 supplements the Superdome 2 hardware, with additional: resiliency, scalability and security. The HP-UX 11i V3 Virtual Server Environment includes comprehensive, integrated virtualization options. These options allow instant adjustment to meet dynamic business requirements per pre-defined service level agreements, while enabling consolidating which reduce costs.For the most efficient thin technology based storage, - use 3PAR SAN (F400),. 3PAR SAN (F400) offers multi-tenancy, autonomic tiering AND thin provisioning support for demanding workloads enabling organizations to react quickly and non-disruptively to changing application and infrastructure requirements. Intelligent non-disruptive storage reduces capacity requirements by 50%. IN addition, 3PAR offers clients simplicity of management.Lastly, included are: Integrated mission-critical services, including: HP 3 year, 24x7 Critical Care service -for peace of mind, as well as factory integration and field installation Services ,for fastest deployment. Together, this is a comprehensive, integrated solution, that accelerates deployment of virtualized, mission-critical environments.ConfigurationHP Integrity Superdome 2 with 8 16 socket cell bladesHP-UX 11i v3 Virtual Server Operating Environment (VSE-OE) 4 nPARs: DATABASE nPAR with 4 cell blades, APPLICATION SERVER nPAR with 2 cell blades, TEST nPAR with 1 cell blade, DEVELOPMENT nPAR with 1 cellblade,4 vPARs created on Application Server nPar     8 VMSHP 3PAR F400 Storage System including 3PAR Inform SoftwareIntegrated mission-critical services, including: HP 3 year Critical Care service (for peace of mind), as well as factory integration and field installation Services for fastest deployment)-          Provide a choice of 4 different Virtualization technologies-          Host up to 8 individually electrical isolated Partitions-          Carve up each hard partitions in upto 4 Virtual Partitions-          Able to run hundreds of Virtual Machines Can host a multi-tiered application (data base, application server, development and test) in separate, electrically-isolated hard partitions (nPartitions) on the same server (for complete isolation and separate, online hardware serviceability)A 24 core data basethat can expand with 8 cores of reserve instant capacity8 cores of applications servers running in 4 different virtual partitions that can expand with 8 cores of reserve instant capacity8 cores of development applications running in 4 different virtual machines8 cores of development applications running in 4 different virtual machinesWith extensions specified to include:High availability (with HP-UX 11i v3 DC OE)HP-UX Containers for stacked applications within 1 hard partitionHigher-end storage with the 3PAR SAN p10000
  • Notes:CV2 provides an enterprise class solution for enterprise business requirements. Based on years of experience, we created the 5th generation of a customer accepted client virtualization solution. We have put hundreds of hours of testing and refining to ensure that the VirtualSystem we created was the best for our customers. Over the years we have revised the testing scripts so that the 84 scripts we use to test the VirtualSystem represent the widest variety of customer use cases. To date, the current generation has been used in at least 20 customer deployments with success. The Reference architecture provides step-by-step instruction on configuring the whole solution include hardware set up including creating storage volumes and other details. We also help the customer on software configuration in persistent and non-persistent, SAN and DAS environments. We then take that knowledge and train our post-sales support on how the configurations are constructed and how to identify problems should customer’s experience them. Blade server form factor provides converged infrastructure management and virtualization capabilities P4800 storage supports converged infrastructure and c7000 enclosure with blade-based controller nodes. P4800 provides scale-out capability by adding more arrays in additional racks, and providing for ease of upgrade, growth. Has been shown to reduce storage costs by 1 FTE/year And reduce costs 30% compared to EMC. Small footprint, low power and cooling needs.Virtual Connect Flex-10 provides network connectivity and fast, low latency server-storage interconnect within the enclosureManagement: Close collaboration between HP and VMware, and HP and Microsoft resulted in HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter and HP Insight Control for Microsoft System Center. These management products provide virtualization administrators with deep insight and complete control of their virtualized infrastructure while at the same time monitoring the physical hardware from the same console.
  • At HP, we understand that customers will evolve to cloud at different speeds. And some may, for one reason or another, not be planning to go there at all. Generally, customers who have already virtualized significant parts of their infrastructure are the most ready for private cloud—the next logical step in IT evolution.  However, customers who are just starting to virtualize – or are still somewhere in the first two phases that you see on this slide are probably not ready for private clouds. They need to first focus on standardization, consolidation, and virtualization. Gains in these areas lay the groundwork for cloud-based approaches.  Our flexible approach to the cloud is in step with the needs of different organizations. We build our cloud solutions on modular building blocks that create a common IT foundation to support a range of needs—from virtualized environments to fully automated private clouds. And we have a range of solutions that simplify cloud adoption. We offer a full line of integrated virtualization and cloud solutions. These solutions range from pre-packaged, turnkey virtualization and cloud environments to comprehensive, extensible, global-scale solutions. We also offer comprehensive virtualization and cloud consulting services.Whatever route you take to the cloud, you end up with the same overarching benefits: Provision infrastructure in minutes with one touch automated provisioning of servers, storage and networking. Optimize infrastructure confidently with built-in capacity planning and rebalancing tools. Protect continuity of services with automated, cost-effective failover.Ultimately, our cloud solutions position organizations to meet dynamic business demands. And it all starts with modular building blocks that form a common IT foundation for your evolution to cloud.
  • So now that you understand what’s included, where do you and your customers start?Whether customers know it or not, they are on are the path to cloudHP’s Converged Infrastructure portfolio is unique. From individual components to complete cloud solutions, no matter where your customer is or what they are looking for, HP can get them started.Because of the common architecture, clients can enter at any point – tackle their top priorities immediately and know they have a clear path to expand and integrate with future application demands. They can solve their virtualization issues today and know they are 100% cloud ready tomorrow without changing their physical architecture.Customers can start with components of HP Converged Infrastructure – many are already there. Customers who are ready for cloud can go right to CloudSystem, or if they’re still focused on consolidating and virtualizing, they can optimize and simplify virtualization deployments with VirtualSystem. When ready they have a path to CloudSystem.While we think CloudSystem provides the most comprehensive cloud solution available, we understand some customers will choose to utilize cloud solutions from others, such as our partners VMware and Microsoft. Be confident that HP VirtualSystem and Converged Infrastructure provide the best infrastructure foundation for these cloud solutions. And these customers still have a path to CloudSystem by incorporating that partner cloud solution as part of a CloudSystem Enterprise or Service Provider solution.
  • So, for customers who start with VirtualSystem, when can you upgrade your VirtualSystem into a CloudSystem?Well, while we feel that it is a more likely scenario that a customer will roll in a CloudSystem to manage their VirtualSystem when they want to make the move to cloud – as this may reduce disruption in the data center and VM operations – it is very possible to upgrade a VirtualSystem into a CloudSystem and there are services at your disposal to do just that.HP VirtualSystem VS3 was specifically designed to be optimized for HP CloudSystem environments and the perfect candidate for an upgrade. By using the same BladeSystem to Matrix and Cloud Start upgrade that are available today – but packaged together specially for VirtualSystem by HP TS, you can transform your VS3 into a CloudSystem today. Similarly, a VS2 can also be upgraded protecting your full initial infrastructure investment, but note with VS2 an additional infrastructure purchase may be required.HP VirtualSystem VS1 and VS MC1, more typically known as HP VirtualSystem for Superdome 2/HP-UX, can be easily managed to act as a resource pools managed by a CloudSystem within the cloud environment.For customers who upgrade their VS3 or VS2 VirtualSystem to CloudSystem, it’s effectively a 3 step process:The customers environment is evaluated based on the VirtualSystem that is deployed and the details of its state – any production VMs are moved off of the HW.Any necessary hardware updates such as missing firmware revisions etc. are updated on the HWFinally the conversion happens bring the BladeSystem up to CloudSystem Matrix and any CSA components are deployed. Additional options are also available.Now you are ready to deploy your cloud infrastructure and start managing VirtualSystem solutions as part of your new cloud environment.Ok – so that is highly simplified – but you get the picture – it is all very straight forward.
  • HP is the one vendor able—today—to deliver a comprehensive, integrated cloud solution on a singleplatform, with all the attributes so prized by CIOs, service providers, and IT professionals. That solution is HP CloudSystem.Based on proven, market-leading HP Cloud Service Automation and HP Converged Infrastructure,HP CloudSystem combines servers, storage, networking, and security with automatedsystem and hybrid service delivery management. The result is a complete cloud solution that’s prepared to fulfill the promise of “cloud driven” services and revenue for enterprises and service providers alike.HP CloudSystem is the product of HP’s experience in delivering industry-leading automation, application management, and Converged Infrastructure capabilities. It enables clients to build, manage, and consume cloud services across private clouds, public clouds, and traditional IT environments—without having to know, or care, whether those services come from HP CloudSystem’s own “on-premises” resources or from the public domain.Ultimately, the CloudSystem equates to ability for the enterprise and revenue growth for service providers.
  • Let’s now look at how we deliver CloudSystem to clients. These offerings are all based on a single unified architecture that combines hardware, software, and services. This architecture addresses all deployment models (private, public, hybrid) and cloud service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS). CloudSystem Matrix is our base offering. It targets clients who are looking to deploy a private cloud with a focus on Infrastructure as a Service. This base configuration is built on our market-leading HP BladeSystem Matrix, which provides the means to create virtual pools of servers, storage and network. We combine Matrix capabilities with our Server Automation and SiteScope products, which provide basic application provisioning, monitoring, patching, and compliance capabilities. For clients looking to deploy a more robust private or hybrid cloud environment, we have our CloudSystem Enterprise edition. This offering, leveraging the capabilities found in CloudSystem Matrix, provides the following advanced capabilities:A single view of all services across private and public cloud environments. These services are accessed from a unified service catalog via a self-service portalAfter service selection, we orchestrate the intelligent selection of resources needed to deliver the services based on business policies (performance, cost, compliance). These could be on-premise resources or off-premise sources, utilizing bursting or bridging capabilities.We then provision the application and infrastructure resources based on the selected resource pools, and provide ongoing monitoring and lifecycle management of the resources. Upon service retirement, we release the resources back into the shared pool. And finally, we have an offering that specifically addresses the requirements of service providers. Building off the capabilities found in the other two offerings, we offer the means for service providers to generate new revenue, decrease time to market, and simplify adoption of new value-added services. Specifically, the SaaS Aggregation Platform serves as a central interaction point where service providers can:Manage their own and third-party SaaS offeringsDefine, price, and expose service offerings to customersIntegrate into existing billing and management systemsDrive revenue management (settlement) with third-party providers and resellers 
  • Let’s look at some of our foundational solutions for hybrid delivery of cloud services. These are all areas when HP has existing IP that we put together for our customers. Cloud Service Automation enables seamless heterogeneous management, security, and governance services across traditional, public, and private cloud. Enterprise Cloud Services—Compute provides flexible, secure enterprise cloud services.Cloud Discovery Workshop provides consulting services to help you plan, design, and implement your cloud solution. HP CloudSystem Matrix enables you to deploy turnkey private and public clouds with full cloud service automation.This gives you everything you need to leverage a hybrid cloud solution. We help you transform your infrastructure and applications for the cloud, manage and secure cloud services, build your own cloud, and consume enterprise cloud services.
  • What are the HP differentiators – QUANTIFY!EXAMPLES!!!BRING BACK The Converged InfraAppliance,  the way you want toCHOICE:Partner co-investment in R&DFASTEST TIME TO VALUE:Workload reference architecturesJoint development roadmapsCustomer solution centers and labsPlanning toolsCONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE through APPLICATION SERVICESStreamlined solution updates Next-generation HP technologiesNext-generation security componentsNext-generation storage Cloud-ready infrastructureNew HP AppStart servicesThousands of trained professionalsTraining and education servicesIntegrated supportFull lifecycle of HP consulting Cloud migrationFlexible leasing and financing
  • HP Converged Systems

    1. 1. CONVERGED SYSTEMS Converged Infrastructure simplified into optimized solutionsRien du PreCI Solution Architect©2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
    2. 2. Only 32% of IT Projects Are Considered SuccessfulNew application deployments can take up to 18 months. SUN Islands of IT IBM Netra Solaris SPARC BladeCenter System x VSphere JAVA AIX SAP ERP Director VirtualBox EXCHANGE SERVER One size fits all ORACLE DATABASEMainframe XenServer COMVERSE JBOSS DB2 LOTUS VirusScan SONAS NETAPP RHEL SQL SERVER Veritas FAS SAS SnapManager JD EDWARDS WEBSPHERE Difficult to integrate NetWare SIEBEL Windows Server SANscreen SnapVault HP SnapMirror CISCO Proliant DELL Integrity Catalyst BladeSystem Matrix MYSQL Vmware ESX IOS EMC PowerEdge StorageWorks Nexus Cellera PowerVault PEOPLESOFT UCS Connectrix EqualLogic SLES TIVOLI VFrame DocumentumMulti-vendor complexity HITACHI SYBASE FUJITSU IronPort ScanSafe Ionix Symmetrix PowerConnect PRIMERGY USP-V AMS SMS ETERNUS CLARiioN PRIMEQUEST BladeSymphony UDS SHAREPOINT Lock-in2
    3. 3. Integrated Converged Systems Best in class HP Converged Systems VIRTUALSYST STORAGE EM SERVERS CLOUDSYSTE M NETWORKING SOFTWARE APPSYSTEM3 © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
    4. 4. Industry’s First, Complete Portfolio of ConvergedSystems hours vs. monthsDeployed in HP VirtualSystem HP CloudSystem HP AppSystems Ideal for hosting one Multi-app, multi-tenant, Dedicated to a single or multiple apps in VMs and application or suite hybrid service delivery 43% 8 of 10 #1 for of all VMs run on HP most popular websites4
    5. 5. HP AppSystems Portfolio ApproachUnique environments require unique solutions HP AppSystems Distinct workloads • Analytics, data management, collaboration Software ecosystem • Best-in-class business applications, OS, and hypervisor choice Type of organization • SMB/workgroup/departmental, enterprise, mission critical One size does not fit all.5
    6. 6. HP AppSystems DifferentiationBetter technology, better experience Best-of-breed technologies • HP Converged Infrastructure • Business-critical applications • Comprehensive management Maximum performance Built on open standards• Purpose built and optimized • Seamlessly integrates with• Deep application integration existing environments• Best price:performance • Modular for easy scaling • Extensible to cloud6
    7. 7. Business Insight at a significant inflection point Data explosion Monolithic architectures Multi-vendor complexity7 © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
    8. 8. A differentiated approach from HPIt’s all about customer choice Open Standards Large Partner Ecosystem Best in Class Components Flexible Delivery Model One size does not fit all.8 © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
    9. 9. Targeted Business Insight Workloads for HP ESSN Transactional/OLTP Data Management Analytics Drive transactions and Simplify and integrate Get innovative solutions store information with business communications from starter analytics to highly scalable, highly infrastructure. real-time query and available systems. response.9 © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
    10. 10. The most complete business insights portfolioacross the entire data lifecycle Drive Transactions & Store Information Generate Insight Consolidate Enterprise Fast Track Enterprise Business HP Enterprise Database Data Data Data Business Decision Appliance Transaction Consolidation Solutions Warehouse Warehouse Processing R.A. Appliance HP Solutions for HP Solutions for HP Converged Infrastructure Solution for SAP HANA Sybase IQ Sybase ASE HP High HP Database HP Scalable Warehouse Solution Performance Accelerator for Oracle Database Solution for Oracle for Oracle Vertica Analytics System10 © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
    11. 11. Critical needs for Microsoft OLTP environments Industry leading Tier 1 DB features for Cost-effective transaction transaction performance SQL based OLTP processing based on that can scale with workloads industry standards business growth GAME CHANGING SOLUTIONS FOR BETTER TCO11 © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
    12. 12. HP Enterprise Transaction Processing ReferenceArchitectureIntegrated solution, optimized for Tier 1 OLTP workloads 2X 3X Base Base • Enterprise class HA, DR and back-up • 10x faster time to database production • 6x reduction in re-indexing • Scales SQL Server 2008 R2 further than ever Up to 700K 99.999 uptime 3-5x HP ProLiant DL980 with HP VMA-series sustained IOPS HA during better price performance Memory Array maintenance than proprietary solutions12
    13. 13. Critical needs for SQL Server environments Cost-effective Reduced SQL Server Rapid provisioning and management of database Sprawl migration of databases infrastructure and applications GAME CHANGING SOLUTIONS FOR BETTER TCO13 © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
    14. 14. HP Database Consolidation ApplianceFirst database private cloud appliance ½ rack Full rack • Near-zero downtime migration • Real-time provisioning at near-zero cost • Consolidate 1000’s of databases • Simplified migration & administration tools 80% 95% 75% smaller footprint lower cooling less administration requirement14 © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
    15. 15. 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k SAS SAS SAS SAS SAS SAS SAS SAS 300 GB 300 GB 300 GB 300 GB 300 GB 300 GB 300 GB 300 GB 1 TEMP OVER 2 CAP POWER 315 4 9 SPARE 4 ONLINE MIRROR 8 2 7 PROC 6 5 3 1 4 PS 2 3 2 2 3 1 5 2 4 6 7 1 5 1 8 PS1 9 PROC UID 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k SAS SAS SAS SAS SAS SAS SAS SAS 300 GB 300 GB 300 GB 300 GB 300 GB 300 GB 300 GB 300 GB 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k 6G DP 10k SAS SAS SAS SAS SAS SAS SAS SAS 300 GB 300 GB 300 GB 300 GB 300 GB 300 GB 300 GB 300 GB HP ProLiant DL370 G6 • • • • 50% marts faster deployment 80% generation Faster report HP Fast Track Data Warehouse Solutions Leading price / performance $600K savings on hardware annually Proven configurations to accelerate deployment and optimize results Configurations to scale from 1TB to 80TB 10x Balanced hardware approach ideal for data consumption Savings on storage
    16. 16. HP Business Data Warehouse ApplianceUnique appliance for data warehouses up to 5.5TB • Jointly optimized SMP solution in 4U chassis • Tools and wizards accelerate and validate set up • Data capacity of up to 5.5TB for lower TCO • Single appliance support offering 1 100% 0 hour or less to Compatible with Dedicated resources install from start to existing Microsoft for installation or finish environments management16
    17. 17. HP Enterprise Data Warehouse ApplianceAll-in-one data warehouse solution for mission critical environments • Single view of information across the enterprise • Enterprise class scalability to 509TB • Up to 200x faster queries • Market leading price / performance - $13 per TB 50% 1.5x 25% better TempDB Faster scan rate More storage performance performance capacity per rack17
    18. 18. HP Business Decision ApplianceThe first SQL based Self Service Business Intelligence appliance • Enables self-service BI for Excel power users • Easily share and refresh PowerPivot workbooks • Supports up to 250 concurrent users • One step solution update 1 100% 1,000 hour or less to Compatible with Terabytes supported install from start to existing Microsoft with a single finish environments appliance18
    19. 19. Critical needs for SAP environments Cost-effective Current and complete Immediate answer management of large information to any question data volumes FASTEST TIME TO VALUE19 © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
    20. 20. HP Converged Infrastructure Solution for SAP HANA Scale out in-memory database optimized for SAP HANA Single-node Scale-outLaunched Jun’11 Launched Dec’ • Outstanding performance 11 • Unlimited scalability DL980 SAP Bus SAP DL580 Objects Apps BL680 • Mission critical availability and disaster recovery IBRIX HANA P6500 • Comprehensive integration & support built-in • One source accountability SAP SAP Busines NetWeaver® s Suite BW 1500x <30 days 30% faster response time than Purchase to Easier to manage than traditional databases implementation competitive solutions 20 © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
    21. 21. Critical Needs for AnalyticsMultiple data source environments • Data must be real time, not previous periods’ batch data • Scale dynamically • Limited DBA resources • Analyze structured and unstructured data While leveraging data across multiple sources21
    22. 22. HP Vertica Analytics System Most modern architecture built for real time analytics and big data Fastest time to value – Deploy in minutes Limitless scaling – Up to 100s of nodes – Up to 1 PB data in a single rackHP Vertica Real-Time – Zero admin downtime, add nodes on the fly Analytics System Extreme compression – Concurrent Load and Query – 50% – 70% 50X–1,000X faster Database 2X the load speed of Exadata query performance Designer optimizes than traditional queries in Minutes not databases Months 22
    23. 23. Virtualization solutions from HPFull portfolio of configurations for virtualization with path to cloud HP Reference HP Smart HP VirtualSystem Architectures Bundles VirtualSystem VirtualSystem VirtualSystem VS3 VirtualSystem VS MC1 VS1 VS2 VirtualSystem CV223
    24. 24. Introducing HP VirtualSystem Simplified solutions for the fastest time to value for virtualization Best in class – VMware, Microsoft, Citrix are Market Leaders – HP Converged Infrastructure – Comprehensive integrated Maximum performance management and security Built on open standards– Purpose built and optimized – Seamless integration with– Deep integration existing environments– Converged Storage: architected – Modular for easy scaling for virtualized environments – Easily extensible to cloud 24
    25. 25. Best of breed architecture optimized for virtualizationBuilt on Converged Infrastructure for investment protection Flexible, efficient VM storage with converged, scale-out approach Faster VM performance and Unified Virtual & Physical density security & management with balanced server architecture and HP Converged Storage Simple, reliable VM mobility Integrated services to align with 1- to 2-tier network virtualization to business goals25
    26. 26. HP ProLiant and HP BladeSystemBalanced architecture eliminates VM performance bottlenecks  Up to 2 TB of memory per server  10Gb Ethernet, FCoE built-in  Virtual Connect flexibility  More VMs per server with 20:1 consolidation ratio  World’s leading blade and server infrastructure 3x 2x 3x I/O throughput memory VMs per server Comparisons of HP BladeSystem vs. Cisco UCS26
    27. 27. HP Converged StorageModern architecture delivers major benefits for virtualizationINDUSTRY FEDERATED, SCALE- CONVERGEDSTANDARD OUT MANAGEMENTPLATFORMS SOFTWAREEfficient Agile SimpleReduce expense and Enables independent scale Deploy new applicationsensure secure multi- and application co-location in minutes from closet totenancy cloud 40%+ less 41% faster to 90% lower power & cooling deploy than scale- management overhead up127
    28. 28. HP Converged Storage solutionsAgile, simple, efficient storage for HP VirtualSystem HP P4800 LeftHand SAN for HP 3PAR Utility Storage HP P4500 LeftHand SAN BladeSystem • Clustered storage architecture • Storage converged with HP • Designed for virtual and cloud data • All-inclusive enterprise-class BladeSystem; completely self- centers software functionality contained • Leading thin technologies for storage • Non-disruptive scalability in capacity • High speed data paths efficiency and performance • Density and common management for • Multi-tenant clustering • Superior availability for VMware driving down cost • Autonomic management28
    29. 29. HP VirtualSystem with FlexFabricIndustry’s first integrated virtual solution with flattened fabric architecture High-performance4-chassis virtualized core IRF  Accelerate VM performance & recovery  Simplify VM connections to any network Virtual Connect IRF  Reduce cost and complexity of VM networking Blade servers  Streamline VM security, deployment & Rack servers management 1-tier with 2-tier with HP IRF Virtual Connect 5x faster 95% less NICs, 66% lower vMotion cables and switches TCO29 Comparisons of traditional network configurations with FlexFabric
    30. 30. Holistic management of virtual & physicalenvironmentsHP Insight Control for VMware vCenter orMicrosoft SystemCenter• 83% downtime reduction• 40% ratio increase, server : admin• $73K savings per 100 usersDeep insight into your infrastructure • Seamless integration into vCenter or System Center • Complete network topology • Simplified troubleshooting and tuning
    31. 31. HP VirtualSystem PortfolioInfrastructure building blocks for any size business • HP VirtualSystem VS MC1 • Comprehensive, integrated virtualization for mission-critical environments • Optimized for always-on resiliency • HP Superdome 2 / HP-UX / 3PAR Utility Storage • HP VirtualSystem VS3 • Enterprise business solution for large, demanding data centers • Optimized for storage scalability and performance • HP BladeSystem / 5800 Series networking / 3PAR Utility Storage • HP VirtualSystem VS2 and CV2 • Enterprise business single rack solution for server or client virtualization • Optimized for compute density, flexibility • HP BladeSystem / 5800 Series networking / P4800 LeftHand SAN for BladeSystem SAN • HP VirtualSystem VS1 • Mid-sized business all-in-one solution • Optimized for modular compute / storage scalability31 • HP ProLiant rack servers/ 5800 Series networking / P4500 LeftHand SAN
    32. 32. VS1: Rack based server solution for mid-sizedbusinessBalanced compute and storage for VMware and MicrosoftHP 5800 Series switches Up to 8 HP ProLiant DL380 G7• Deep buffers/low latency for best servers critical connection performance • Rack form factor for mid-market flexibility• 1GbE and 10GbE flexibility for current • Leading rack server for virtualization and future networksHP P4500 LeftHand SAN Integrated Software• Non-disruptive scale of capacity and • Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere performance from 14 to 57 TB 5.0• Superior availability, disaster recovery • Insight Control 6.3 forMicrosoft System• Affordable enterprise functionality with Center or VMware vCenter for comprehensive feature set including management of hardware infrastructure multi-site cluster support through applications32
    33. 33. VS2: Single rack all-in-one solution for enterpriseDensity optimized for VMware and MicrosoftUp to 28 HP ProLiant BL460c Virtual Connect Flex-10 ModulesG7 servers • Wire network once, make changes on• Optimal VM density per server the fly without disruption to service• World’s no. 1 blade platform* • Integrates with 5800 Series switches• VS2 Base: 6 servers • 65% reduction in infrastructure costs• VS2 Extended: 12 servers • Reduce 95% of sprawl at the serverHP P4800 LeftHand SAN for BladeSystem edge Integrated software• SAN converged into HP BladeSystem for optimal • Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere density, efficiency, performance 5.0• VS2 Base: 2 nodes • Insight Control 6.3 for Microsoft• VS2 Extended: 4 nodes System Center or VMware vCenter for management of hardware• Capacity of 42 to 84 TB infrastructure through applications33
    34. 34. VS3: Solution for large enterprise/service providersUltimate performance on the path to cloud for VMware Up to 64 HP ProLiant BL460 HP 3PAR F-Series Storage G7 servers • Multi-tenancy, autonomic • HP BladeSystem tiering and thin architecture for simple path provisioning support to cloud demanding workloads • Optimal VM density per • Intelligent non-disruptive Virtual Connect FlexFabric server storage reduces capacity Modules requirements by 50% • Fabric consolidation for less Integrated Software complexity and cost • VMware vSphere 5.0 • Greater VLAN capacity for • Insight Control 6.3 for increased scale VMware vCenter for • 5800 series switches included management of hardware for flexibility infrastructure through applications34
    35. 35. VS MC1: HP VirtualSystem for Superdome 2 / HP-Comprehensive, integrated virtualization for high-end environmentsUXHP Superdome 2 server HP 3PAR SAN (F400)• Converged bladed • Multi-tenancy, autonomic infrastructure for simple path tiering and thin provisioning to cloud for mission-critical support demanding• Optimal VM density per server workloads • Intelligent non-disruptiveComprehensive software storage reduces capacity• Mission-critical HP-UX 11i v3 requirements by 50% Integral services Virtual Server Environment OE, including virtualization • 24x7 support and Matrix OE infrastructure • Factory integration management • Field installation35
    36. 36. VS CV2: All-in-one enterprise client virtualizationDensity optimized for Citrix and VMware: up to 2,000 productivity userssolution Up to 24 HP ProLiant BL460c Virtual Connect Flex-10 Modules G7 servers • Wire once, change on the fly network • No. 1 blade platform* reduces 95% of sprawl at server edge • Optimal VM density per server • Efficient architecture for 65% lower network equipment costs HP P4800 SAN for BladeSystem • Storage data never exits rack Integrated Software • Choice of SAN or DAS • Insight Control integrated with • Multi-site cluster support ensures Microsoft System Center and high availability VMware vCenter server • Server and storage management *IDC Quarterly Server Tracker Q2 2011 integrated
    37. 37. Leading customers on the journey to cloud Become service Self-service broker in applications hybrid Self-service with full infrastructure lifecycle environmen Virtualize & managemen t automate Competitiont Standardize stops here & consolidate VirtualSystem CloudSystem HP Converged Infrastructure and software portfolio Full set of cloud consulting and support services37
    38. 38. Rise to the cloud on HP Converged InfrastructureUpgrade when ready to industry’s most complete cloud platform HP Automation and service management CloudSystem Manageable from HP CloudSystemOther cloud environments HP VirtualSystemVMware, Microsoft, and others for Microsoft, VMware, Superdome 2/HP-UX Simplified solutions for fastest time to value HP Converged Infrastructure Modular architecture, virtual connectivity 38
    39. 39. Upgrading from VirtualSystem to CloudSystem Options and steps Can be managed by HP VS MC1 CloudSystem VS3 Can be upgraded to or managed by HP CloudSystem VS2 Can be managed by HP VS1 CloudSystemStep 1: Evaluate Step 2: Update hardware Step 3: Update software environment – Protect initial infrastructure – Leverage same process as– Detail existing hardware, investment Matrix Conversion Services 39 software, firmware levels – More options available
    40. 40. HP CloudSystemThe most complete, integrated, open system to build and manage clouds• Key differentiators – Single services view across private, public and hybrid cloud – Multi-hypervisor, multi-OS, heterogeneous infrastructure – Intelligent automation and lifecycle management; application-to-infrastructure – Scalability & elasticity – Converged Infrastructure built for the cloud40
    41. 41. HP CloudSystem offeringsBuilt on proven Converged Infrastructure and Cloud Service Automation CloudSystem Matrix CloudSystem Enterprise CloudSystem Service Provider • Unify management across private, • Aggregate cloud services for public hybrid, and traditional IT and hosted private clouds • Deploy a robust private cloud quickly • Advanced application-to-infrastructure • Optimized for multi-tenancy • Infrastructure and basic application lifecycle management • Customer-unique portal experience provisioning in minutes • Highly flexible, scalable, customizable • CloudStart service offering solution41
    42. 42. Complete solutions for hybrid deliveryHP innovations drive successful cloud deployments HP Cloud Service Automation MANAGE AND SECURE Cloud and existing IT services BUILD CONSUME Cloud solutions for HP Enterprise private and public Burst Cloud Services cloudsHP CloudSystem HP Enterprise Cloud TRANSFORM Services - Compute Infrastructure and applications for the cloud HP Cloud Discovery Workshop42
    43. 43. HP Offers a Full Suite of Packaged ServicesHP Services tailored to Converged Systems Complete lifecycle solution services to accelerate time to business results Strategy Design and Start HP Solution Services Transition Services Support Application transformation and hosting options Flexible leasing and financing to accelerate business priorities43
    44. 44. HP Converged Systems Comprehensive Choice Fastest time to value integration44