Next-Gen Data Center Virtualization: Studies in Implementation


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Next-Gen Data Center Virtualization: Studies in Implementation

  1. 1. Next-Gen Data CenterVirtualization:Studies in ImplementationAnil VasudevaPrincipal Analyst & IMEX RESEARCH.COM408-268-0800 ©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  2. 2. • Markets Drivers / Industry Dynamics Mainframes to Blade Servers - Evolution in Tiered Computing Segmenting Applications/IT Workloads – TC, HPC Motivators, Inhibitors Market Penetration • Virtualization Implementation Implementation At Various Levels – OS, Server, Network, Stg Economics of Virtualization • Futures Next-Gen Data Center: Integration, Virtualization, Autonomics, Grids, Services Grids©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  3. 3. Chaos in the Enterprise . . . File transfers AIX to Database extracts MVS FTP between Sun - HP/UX via Platinum to SP2 via MQ Series 4.4 NT 9.9 Network IBM3090-600J IBM RS6000 TM TM AIX 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 HP MVS/ESA Sun DB2/6000 UX 10, 11.0, 11.2 MPE Server/OS IMS / ADABAS Solaris 3.2, 3.4, 3.5 Sybase 11.9, 12 TM TM Oracle 7.5, 8.0 Fujitsu Database IBM AS/400 DS90UX Compaq OS/400 P/M ProLiant 2500,5500 NT 3.5, 4.0 SQLApplication CICS Batch CAD/CAM Inventory PeopleSoft Financials Lotus E-commerce Exchange Notes OLTP Storage STK Silos Tape Legato to DLT BU by FDR 8mm Backup Cheyenn Backup Upstream IBM e to 4mm HP ADSM3490 OmniBack Test Disaster D/R plan (MF only) Recovery (1) Scales poorly (2) Difficult to manage (3) Reliability is questionable (4) Management costs out of control ©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  4. 4. DC Mgmt Nightmares Driving Virtualization Servers Win 5-10%, SMP 20-35%, MF 30-50% Utilization 80+% Servers 15-30 Servers/Admin 300+ 1 ApplicationApplication/Server 20 30-45% Disk, 20-40% Tape Storage Utilization 75+% 1TB Storage 100TB Terabytes/DBA MIS Alerts 20-40Urgent Alerts/Day 4-5 System HAL- 3 (99.9%) Availability HAL- 5 (99.999%) ©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  5. 5. End to End IT Infrastructure with HA & Security xSP IntrDet VPN Enterprise WebServices App.Server DBServers IntrDet Layer 3 Layer 4-7 Layer 2 Stg Fibre Switches Switches Switches Switches (Routers)Supplier/Partner ISP IntrDet ISP Internet ISP Core Edge Optical Networking ISP Access ISP IntrDet Remote Office ISP Caching, Proxy, Application,HA, Database, FW, SSL, IDS, File/Print, ERP, Middleware, DNS, LB, Web Security, SCM, Data Mgmt Servers CRM Servers Servers Cable Modem Tier-1 Tier-2 Tier-3 DSL Edge Computing Applications Data Bases MP3 VOD Cellular Directory Security Policy Management Wireless Home Networks Software OS Platform ©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  6. 6. Consolidated Data Center xSP VPN IntrDet Enterprise WebServices App.Server DBServers IntrDetSupplier/Partner ISP Switches: Layer 4-7, Layer 2, 10GbE, FC Stg ISP Internet ISP Core FC/ Edge Optical Networking IPSAN ISP Access ISP Remote Office ISP Caching, Proxy, Database, FW, SSL, IDS, DNS, Middleware, Data LB, Web Servers Mgmt Servers Tier-1 Tier-1 Application,HA, Tier-3 Edge File/Print, ERP, Edge Data Base Cable Modem Servers SCM, CRM Servers Apps Servers DSL Tier-2 Apps MP3 VOD Cellular Directory Security Policy Management Wireless Home Networks Software OS Platform ©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  7. 7. Market Segments by Applic./Workloads OLTP Transaction 10 K Processing eCommerce Data DSS (RAID - 0, 3) (RAID - 1, 5, 6) 1K Warehousing IOPs Visual DB(Latency) 100 Scientific Computing NIC NIC Imaging TPC 10 Reference Data Streaming Streaming HPC Audio/Video 1 1 5 10 50 100 500 *IOs per sesond for a required response time ( ms) MB/sec ©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  8. 8. Genesis of VZ & Grid ComputingCFO vs. CIO - Shocking Observations• IT Infrastructure Investments yet to achieve TCO/ROI Financial Objectives• Expected Boost in Corporate Productivity not Visible• Post 2000 Dictum: Do More with LessReason – IT Spiral• Web Growth > New Apps Mushroom > Lo Cost Win Servers Sprawl (Tier-1)• Business Growth > Need More Computing Power > App/DB Servers (Tier-2,3)• More Servers > Storage > DC Facilities > IT Support > IT Staff• More Low Cost Servers > 5% Utilization >Scale Out Infrast. (Racks & Blades)• IT Costs == Business Growth Problem Solution th row ue G Re ven l) VZ SW c tua (A Multiport ts os NIC Profit IT C d) gete (Tar 1 Physical Server 4 Virtual Servers o sts IT C ©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  9. 9. Market Adoption of Storage Virtualization Market Adoption of Storage Virtualization 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Medium Enterprise Large Enterprise Very Lg. Enterprise Empl 100-1K Empl 1K-10K Empl >10K Deployed + Deploying within 1 yr Dont Know No©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  10. 10. Implementing Virtualization Client At Various Levels Workstations Microprocessor LAN Ethernet – Intel VT, AMD-Pacifica Switches OS - zOS, pOS, UNIX, Windows, Linux Application & DB Servers - IBM, HP, Sun, VMWare, Xen, SWSoft … SAN File System GbE or FC - DFS … Switches NetworkingStorage Arrays - Multiport NICs Storage - Host, SAN, Controller - In-Band, Out-of-Band Management ©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  11. 11. Implementing Virtualization VZ Extensions at Processor Source: AMD©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  12. 12. Blade Infrastructure:Local Area Grid (LAG©) Management Modules Remote Mgmt+KVM over IP Midplane Networking: Gbit Ethernet Switches W/Connectors Storage: IP NAS or FC SAN To Blades & Back Switch Cooling N+1Fans/Cooling Modules Processor Blades Modules (6-24 typically) Power: N+1Power Supplies Blade Control Panel USB Ports, CD/Floppy I/F ~ GbE Switch supports Trunking/Port Aggregation Flow Control Gbit QoS Packet Prioritization Memory Ethernet SNMP/RMON Systems I/F Micro- DDR w IGMP/BOOTP/TFTP Monitor Processors ECC …… © 2003-06 IMEX Research Module©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  13. 13. Fabric based Integrated Architecture Ethernet, Network Fabric Wi-Fi. System Fabric Quadrics, Management Myrinet, SNMP, InfiniBand, Fabric IETF/ Ethernet / IP, CIM, Ethernet IP SMI-S, w/TOE, SMASH. Ethernet IP w/TOE and RDMA. SCSI, Fiber Channel, ISCSI.©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  14. 14. Server Virtualization - CompetitionServer VirtualizationCompany Server Virtualization ProductAkimbi Systems Altiris BladeLogic  Operations ManagerBMC Software  Performance Manager  Performance AssuranceCA  Unicenter Advanced Systems ManagementCassatt  Collage Cross Virtualization ManagerCirba  Data Center IntelligenceHP  Virtual Server EnvironmentIBM  Tivoli Workload Scheduler  IntelligentMicrosoft  Virtual Server 2005 MOM  System Center VMMNovell  Xen SuSE SEL 10Opsware  Server Automation SystemPlatform  VM OrchestratorQlusters Red Hat  Xen RHEL 5SolarWinds SWsoft  Virtuozzo for LinuxSun Virtual Iron  Xen Virtual Iron Platform  GSX Server  GSX Server  ESX Server VMware  VMotion  VirtualCenter©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights ReservedXen Source  Xen IMEX
  15. 15. Storage VirtualizationClients Storage VZ Implemented at Different Levels by Vendors LAN Host SAN Cntrllr.Servers Out-of- Symantec, EMC, Fujitsu Band StorageAge SAN In- Cloverleaf, HDS,Storage Band DataCore, IBM, NetApp, Sun FalconStor ©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  16. 16. Storage Virtualization – Desired Features Storage VZ Must Have FeaturesClients LAN • Scale Non-Disruptively in Capacity • Snapshot Point-In-Time across Stg.devicesServers • Remote Replication across Heterogeneous Stg. Devices SAN • Policy Based Non-Disruptive Data Migration between Heterogeneous Stg Systems & Between Stg TiersStorage • Centralized Mgmt of all Stg.VZ under Single Image • Support Tiered Storage • Volume Management for Multivendor Stg. Systems • Common Set of Tools: Provisioning, Mgmt & Replication ©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  17. 17. Storage Virtualization - Competition Storage Virtualization Company Storage Virtualization Product Cloverleaf  Datacore  EMC  Invista FalconStor  Fujitsu  Hitachi Data Systems  TagmaStor Universal Storage Platform IBM  SAN Volume Controller NetApp  StorageAge  Sun  6920 W StorEdge Pool Manager Symantec/Veritas  Desktop Virtualization Desktop Virtualization – Interested Companies Altiris, AppStream, Ardence, Checkpoint, Citrix, Fujitsu, Fujitsu-Siemens, Hitachi, HP, IBM, LeoStream, NEC, Parallels, Platform Computing, Softricity/Microsoft, Sun, Wyse©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  18. 18. The Next Gen Data Center Automation Automatically Maintains Application Service Level Objectives Provisioning Provisions the Resources Required to Deliver a Business Service Virtualization Pools Resources. Allocates, Monitors, and Meters the Usage of Pooled Resources IntegrationIntegrates physical infrastructure usingstandardized devices for CAPSIMS:Cost, Availability, Performance, Scalability, Inter-operability, manageability & Security ©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  19. 19. Servers - TCO Savings & ROI 3 Year TCO Savings TCO Savings in.. Rack vs. Blade Servers OPEX 100% Staff/ Support Maintenance/ 25% 80% Downtime 54% Facilities/ % Contribution 60% Power 67% OPEX 21% 40% 46% CAPEX Networking 19% 20% Servers 33% 46% Storage CAPEX 25% Infrastructure 13% 0% 1 SW Rack Servers Blade2Servers Infrastructure 22% ©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights ReservedData: IMEX Research 2005 IMEX
  20. 20. Economics of Virtualization Virtualization results in overall cost reduction 35-60% Storage VZ alone has produced ~20% cost reductions Savings achieved through Storage Virtualization 1000 Total Svgs 900 - 21%/yr. 800 SANExpenses/Year $K 700 Admin - 19% 600 500 SW - 16% 400 300 200 HW - 24% 100 0 w /o Stg VZ w Stg VZ ©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  21. 21. Next Gen Data Center Virtualization: Studies in Implementation For updated full set of slides go to or email request to Anil Vasudeva (408) 268-0800©2003-2006 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX