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Architecting Next Generation Enterprise Network Storage


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Architecting Next Generation Enterprise Network Storage

  1. 1. Architecting Next GenerationEnterprise Network StorageAnil VasudevaPrincipal Analyst & Presidentanil@imexresearch.com408-268-0800 IMEX RESEARCH.COM ©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  2. 2. Agenda Strategic Storage Plan  Managing Hurdles (Knowledge, Budget, Management) Data Protection  Issues (Existing Techniques/Pains)  Techniques (Mirroring, Snapshots, Replication, CDP) Lowering TCO  Tiered Storage (Aligning Cost of Stg. w Value of Data)  Standardization/Interchangeability (Investment Protect,Virtualize)  Autonomics (Lights Out Management) Futures  Information Classification & Mgmt (Reference Metadata Engines)©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  3. 3. Data Storage Hurdles Budget Mandates  CEOs Mandate for CIOs: Do more for less  Migrate to Nex-Gen Infrastructure while protecting existing IT investments  Justify ROI/TCO (Acquisition + Operating Expenses) Knowledge of Emerging Technologies  Keeping pace with new technologies, products, standards & management  Avoiding Pain Points - Backing up whole files, despite very little changed  Full restores when only a few bytes need to be put back Management • Managing Hodge-podgy growth and complexity  Standardizing on few configurations to reduce complexity  Establishing Data protection, Business Continuance/Disaster Recovery  ILM/Regulatory Compliance  Implementing Virtualization, Provisioning & Lights-out Storage Automation “Manage your data before it manages you”©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  4. 4. Chaos in the Enterprise . . . File transfers AIX to Database extracts MVS FTP between Sun - HP/UX via Platinum to SP2 via MQ Series 4.4 NT 9.9 Network IBM3090-600J IBM RS6000 TM TM AIX 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 HP MVS/ESA Sun DB2/6000 UX 10, 11.0, 11.2 MPE Server/OS IMS / ADABAS Solaris 3.2, 3.4, 3.5 Sybase 11.9, 12 TM TM Oracle 7.5, 8.0 Fujitsu Database IBM AS/400 DS90UX Compaq OS/400 P/M ProLiant 2500,5500 NT 3.5, 4.0 SQLApplication CICS Batch CAD/CAM Inventory PeopleSoft Financials Lotus E-commerce Exchange Notes OLTP Storage STK Silos Tape Legato to DLT BU by FDR 8mm Backup Cheyenn Backup Upstream IBM e to 4mm HP ADSM3490 OmniBack Test Disaster D/R plan (MF only) Recovery (1) Scales poorly (2) Difficult to manage (3) Reliability is questionable (4) Management costs out of control ©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  5. 5. Data Explosion 10 30 9 Storage Revenues 25 8 Storage Revenues $B Petabytes of Storage 7 20 6 5 15 PB Normal 4 PB with Accelerators* 10 3 2 5 1 0 0 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 *Realtime Data, VoIP, HPC, Grids, WebServices/XML©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  6. 6. DataCenter Automation Targets 20-25% Servers Utilization 80+% 15-30 Servers Servers/Admin 500+ 1TB Storage Terabytes/DBA 100TB Networks 50-100Ntwk Ports/Admin 500+ System HAL- 3 (99.9%) Availability HAL- 5 (99.999%) Data: IMEX Research 2004 Now Targeted ©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  7. 7. Market Segments by Applications OLTP Transaction 10 K Processing eCommerce Data DSS (RAID - 0, 3) (RAID - 1, 5, 6) 1K Warehousing (Latency) Visual DBIOPs 100 Scientific Computing HPC HPC Imaging TPC 10 Audio Streaming Streaming HPC Video 1 1 5 10 50 100 500 ©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved *IOs per sesond for a required response time ( ms) MB/sec IMEX
  8. 8. Storage Data -Types & Characteristics Online Midline Nearline Offline/Vaulted Dynamic Data Reference Data Buffered Data Recoverable Data Current Business Aged, Reference data Centralized backup Archived for BC/DR Critical Active data - Images, records, BU emails - Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape - Local, - Remote Hi-transaction data Unalterable - regulatory Staging to tape% On Response Price • High $/GB • Moderate $/GB • Med to Low $/GB • Low $/GB Time • Milliseconds • 1/10thsec to sec • Minutes to hours • Hours to daysDisk • 50% • 35% • 15% • Tape Source:Maxtor ©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  9. 9. Tiered Storage for Data Life Cycles Migrate back to highSpeed of Access/Frequency of Change performance if need be Volatile Data Restored from tape if need be Fixed Data Backup & Tape Archive Restore SW Age of Data/Freq. of Access©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  10. 10. Corporate Data Usage Nearline Storage IMEX©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved
  11. 11. Data Protection Goals Recovery • Operational Resilience Point  – Designing HA systems to meet RTO (a function of both type of failure & recovery technology deployed) • Business Continuance Recovery Point Recovery Time – Designing Reliable Data Copy Objective Objective systems to meet RPO (point in time to which data reverts to after an outage & RPO RTO recovery) T-1 T0 T+1 • Disaster Proof Processes Time at Time at Time at (Including planned outages) which Data which which • Understanding Business Needs Integrity last Disruptive Recovery is known Event Complete – Time to get back online Happens – Critical Tier 1,-2,-3 applications – Max sustainable downtime ©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  12. 12. Data Protection TechnologiesArchivingBackup Continuous Data ProtectnMirroring • Asynchronous, Synchronous SnapshotsSnapshots Mirroring • Delta Snapshots, Full Snaps/Split Mirrors Traditional BackupReplication Archiving • Offsite Tape Storage, Host- Host, Array-Array • Network basedCDP ©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  13. 13. Storage Market Requirements FC SAN, Existing Deployed IP SAN (Block) Storage Networks (FCP & FICON) (Block and File) Enterprise Co lti-P ace Scalability Mu nter Data nv rot &I Center erg ocFUNCTIONS IP SAN COST en ol f (Block or File) “SAN in a Can” ce Departmental Small (iSCSI) (Block & File) Medium Business Simplified Use and (SMB/SME) NAS Install File Workgroup (NFS & Low Cost CIFS) Min. Features Easy to Use Desktop SOHO and Mobile Self-Installable Performance and capacity alone are no longer distinguishers attributes between enterprise and distributed storage ©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  14. 14. Disk Storage Systems Market 25,000 cagr 20,000 NAS NAS: 15% 15,000 Rev $M 10,000 SAN SAN: 13% 5,000 DAS DAS: -10% 0 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  15. 15. End to End Internet HA, Secure Data Center FC SAN IP SAN NAS NAS IP Storage Network Web App Internet Web DB Edge Core Web App Optical Web DB Web App Web Web DB App Web Edge Applications Data Center Directory Security Policy Management Software OS Platform©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  16. 16. 3 Tier Computing Infrastructure Application End-Users  Uniform and ubiquitous physical Internet Connectivity – “Wire Once”  Any user to any server via Internet Tier –1  Any server to any server via the LAN Network Services:  Any sever to any storage via the SAN - Web Servers,  Dynamic Logical Binding of… - Firewalls, - Load balancers  server network identification LAN  server OS version  server application assignment Tier-2  application data volumesApplication Services: - Application Servers  Resulting in  Application Mobility across servers  Data mobility across storage Tier-3 SANData Base Services - Database Servers - Storage Storage ©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  17. 17. The iSCSI SAN ClientWorkstations Client requests data from App Server LAN Ethernet Header IP TCP DATA CRC Ethernet SwitchesApplication & DB Servers (iSCSI Initiator) iSCSI-equipped App Server (“initiator”) requests data from an iSCSI storage (“target”) SAN Ethernet CRC IP TCP iSCSI SCSI DATA GigE Header SwitchesStorage Arrays (iSCSI Target) To Other LANs, Servers or IP SANs ©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  18. 18. iSCSI on roadmap of storage vendors SAN iSCSI NAS (FibreCOST (IP) (IP) Channel) •iSCSI delivers low-cost Networked Storage –Higher availability,Increased usage High End –Centralized management,Storage functionality FC & iSCSI Mid-Tier FC & iSCSI Mid-Tier NAS & iSCSI Entry FC & iSCSI SERVICE LEVEL©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  19. 19. iSCSI SAN market on fast track WW SAN Revenues $4,500 $4,000 $3,500 IB $3,000 $2,500 iSCSI $M $2,000 $1,500 $1,000 Fibre Channel $500 $- 2001A 2002A 2003E 2004E 2005E 2006E©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  20. 20. Tiered Storage Devices by Price/Performance Desktop PC Servers Large Enterprise Entry NAS Midline Storage SAN & NAS Workstations Mainstream NAS/SAN PC SAS Dual Mode SAS/SATA SAS HBA/RAID SAS RAID FC RAID Chipset HBA HBA & RAID Drive SAS SATA SAS Dual-PortInterface SATA SASDriveTypes 5400 RPM 10K RPM 7200 RPM 15K RPM SATA Drive SAS Drive FC Drive ©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  21. 21. Future: IP Storage Management on a chip Host Services Integration Storage ProvisioningFile system monitoring Storage provisioning Win, LINUX, Solaris Layer IP SAN Management Management Management of MultiPath IO Supp Security IP SAN Console iSCSI HBAs and Failover (iSNS, CHAP, SRP) Management Layer Virtualization Mirroring Snapshot Fail-Over iSCSI Target Management Appliance LVM, Error Handling, SCSI Daemon, API Interoperability Service Layer HW Acceleration: TOE, iSCSI Offload, IPsec©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  22. 22. System Cost vs. High Availability z/390 $10 M Sysplex Avg. S/390 S/390 Syst z/390 MVS MVS IBM IBM Price Propl Propl $1 M Prop. Sun-Solaris Sun-Solaris HP-UX HP-UX IBM IBM IBM-AIX IBM-AIX $100 K Clustered NCR-SVR4 NCR-SVR4 Bull Bull Dell Dell UNIX AS400 Fujitsu Fujitsu HP HP IBM IBM NEC NEC Siemens Siemens Stratus Stratus UNIX Cluster Win Win $10K Linux Clustered Linux 0.1 1 10 100 Downtime Hrs./Syst/Yr 99.999% 99.99% 99.9% 99.0% System Availability©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  23. 23. Application-Driven Storage Virtualization Application Application ApplicationMoving from storage storage associated associated with with application servers... processes Old Model New ModelServer Hardware is the Allows applications to initiator. Storage move storage from the Drives are the Target virtualized pool, wherever they may be ©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX
  24. 24. Holy Grail - Future Intelligent IP Infrastructure Present Data Center Infrastructue Future Infrastructue Clients LAN Ntwk Mgmt WSApplication & Intelligent DB Servers Uniform IP-based Infrastructure Mgmt SAN Storage WS Mgmt WS Storage Sub Systems ©2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX