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The non stop mission critical experience


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The non stop mission critical experience

  1. 1. Integrity NonStop Overview New customersSpeaker NameTitle© 2011Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
  2. 2. IT sprawl is taking business performance to thebreaking point70% captive in operations Netraand maintenance BladeCenter Solaris SPARC System xVSphere JAVA SAP ERP• Rigid & aging infrastructure AIX Director EXCHANGE SERVER VirtualBox ORACLE DATABASE XenServer• Application & information complexity Mainframe JBOSS COMVERSE DB2 LOTUS VirusScan SONAS• Inflexible business processes SQL SERVER Veritas FAS SnapManager RHEL SAS JD EDWARDS NetWare SIEBEL SANscreenSnapVault WEBSPHERE Windows ServerBusiness innovation Integrity Proliant SnapMirror MYSQLVmware ESX BladeSystem Matrix Catalyst IOSthrottled to 30% PowerEdgeStorageWorks PowerVault PEOPLESOFT TIVOLI UCS Nexus Cellera Connectrix Documentum EqualLogic SLES SYBASE VFrame Ionix• Time to revenue PowerConnect IronPort ScanSafe Symmetrix USP-V PRIMERGY• Cost of lost time, effort, opportunity AMS SMS PRIMEQUEST ETERNUS CLARiioN BladeSymphony UDS SHAREPOINT• Unpredictable business cycles2
  3. 3. Overcome sprawl, achieve service levels inmission-critical computing Storage Servers HP Converged Infrastructure Power & Network cooling Management software Always-on resiliency The Data Center of the future and flexibility with is built on a Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure Converged Infrastructure3
  4. 4. Only HP can bring it all together Intellectual property Open integration Expertise to deliver the way you want Partner ecosystem Portfolio In-house Outsourced via Cloud Existing infrastructure Desktop to NonStop, core switch to network edge4
  5. 5. NonStop innovation in the mission-criticalconverged infrastructureHP Integrity NonStop for rock solid reliability and flexibility Simplify and Unify IT • Integrated stack eases operational costs Always-On Resiliency • Decades of proven application availability • Virtualized processor ecosystem for Dynamic Optimization scalable reliable transactions Investment Protection • Seamless system transitions without recompilations and Stability • Long-range roadmap
  6. 6. “Mission Critical”: What‟s in a name?• Inflation of term “mission critical”• Major inconvenience or future existence at stake? Availability level Business process IDC definition scale example Transparent to user; no interruption of work; Availability level 4 (AL4) no transactions lost; no degradation in Payments performance Stays online; current transaction may need Customer Relationship Availability level 3 (AL3) restarting; may experience performance Management degradation User interrupted, but can quickly re–log on; may need to rerun some transactions from Availability level 2 (AL2) Business Intelligence journal file; may experience performance degradation Work stops; uncontrolled shutdown; data Availability level 1 (AL1) Archiving integrity ensured6
  7. 7. Failures happen • What is the essence of your business? • What happens if your core process is disrupted? • Who would be impacted? • What are business consequences? • How to recover?7
  8. 8. Impact of failure Customers like Mastercard and Equifax without access to mission critical systems for up to 60 hours Thousands of users lose data in a cloud failure Half-day without ATM and online banking• Loss of reputation• Legal claims cost• Customers walk away• USD $120 per subscriber affected8
  9. 9. Service level vs. cost of realizing itMore business process can benefit Availability level • 24/7 Service levels requirements • Move to standards • Architectural service orientation • Reduced TCO of HP “AL4” technology • Disaggregation of “supply chains”9
  10. 10. Market proof: Critical processes deserve anHP Integrity NonStop Infrastructure Communications media Healthcare and public Financial services Manufacturing & entertainment sector• Payment systems: Credit, • HLR/HSS/LTE • Production control systems • Electronic patient records debit, POS, wholesale • Intelligent network / 3G • Manufacturing execution • Defense and intelligence• Exchanges & trading Services systems • Messaging• 70% of all ATM payments • World‟s largest ISP global • Premier automotive • 200+ hospitals, many of the and 66% of all credit card messaging manufacturers world‟s largest teaching transactions • 300+ million subscribers • Logistic management hospitals• Hosts world‟s largest “live” in HP HLR solutions • National security & payment installation transportation (offered w/HPES)10
  11. 11. The NonStop approach• World‟s highest application availability (*)• 30% lower total cost of ownership than mainframe• Simple, out of the box11
  12. 12. Generic comparison Integrity NonStop Clustered systems Mainstream and high Workload Designed for most critical available Highest transaction volumes High transaction volumes Application availability Infrastructure availability Application Limited nr of focused ISVs Large numbers of ISV apps Legacy, Java and Open Legacy, Java and Open Source Source Pre-integrated technology Compose and configure Cost stack yourself architecture Integrated in Converged Integrated in Converged Infrastructure Infrastructure12
  13. 13. World‟s highest application availability The BonTon stores has recorded zero minutes of unplanned time against • Designed for end-user application their NonStop systems since 1998plication cluster availability, out of the box • Easy management to prevent human error • On line maintenance as components do Nordea Bank typically delivers 100% end-user availability against break their applications based on Integrity • Software compatibility over system NonStop systems generations • Integrated in CI as Service Orientation fades “system boundaries” Raymond James has had zero downtime since their migration to Integrity NonStop systems cluster integration for zero downtime13
  14. 14. Unmatched near-linear scalability 30 million KDDI mobile and fixed line subscribers access email • MPP architecture allows for infinite application based on Integrity scale without degradation NonStop systemster • Scale near linearly up to 4080 processors • Single database and application Rabobank experiences linear image over up to 4080 logical scalability in their NonStop systems against a 25% annual growth rate processors • Storage Scalability: Up to 2,300 disks per node of 16p x 255 = 586,500 disks per system Integrity NonStop servers are easily able to cope with Raymond James growth rate of 20-30% per annum cluster integration for zero downtime14
  15. 15. Simplicity Rabobank‟s 34 NonStop nodes, need on average, only • HP controlled hardware-software stack two people per node for both with partner add-ons system and application management • Essential availability functions come with the system and ready to go – No complex architecting required – No complicated tooling landscape – One point of support • System Insight Manager A large ISP„s NonStop staff is comprised of 2 DBAs, 2 System – Full participation in HP SIM Admins and 1 technical manager. Their 32 NonStop systems environment manages 12 terabytes of data and processes 14 million transactions per hour at peak, on a 24/7/365 operation15
  16. 16. Cost of ownership Nippon Steel pre-purchase evaluation showed that, • 25% lower total cost of ownership as compared to the mainframe, compared to IBM zSeries the NonStop system would reduce processing time by 70 – Unbeatable operational efficiencies through percent and overall costs by 15 automation and lean system management teams to 20 percent. Based on results, – No external database license challenges their evaluation was accurate. – Longevity of support of hardware and software components Large bank in Asia to build worlds‟ largest ATM/POS environment using HP Integrity NonStop beating mainframe in competition.16
  17. 17. HP Integrity NonStop portfolio• Part of HP Integrity Server family – Commercial, Seismic and Telco – Entry level to 4000+ processors• NonStop support services Modern software Standard hardware Development • Blades Management • Storage Database Networking • Web/GUI interfaces Encryption Modules •17
  18. 18. HP Integrity NonStop platforms roadmap 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017NB54000cTukwila based4-Core Offering 2-Core Offering NS2100 Tukwila based NS2200 Single Core Offering Tukwila based New Poulson Based NonStop Platforms New Kittson Based NonStop Sales 2 New Offerings in 2012 Platforms Support This roadmap provided for planning purposes only under Confidential Agreement and may be subject to change.
  19. 19. Finnish economy powered byHP NonStop• Company – Largest bank in the Nordic region – 3 million customers in Finland – 60% of population• NonStop at Nordea – Over 90% of all financial transaction for Nordea Finland run on NonStop including payments, card transactions and netbank transactions – These transactions support key business processes such as cash and liquidity management, e-invoicing, payment and integration services – 230 applications, mostly custom-developed• Why NonStop? – Application availability measured at 100% over the last 20 months – Linear scalability to support current transaction load of 21,6 million tp day – Performance capacity delivered by standards-based multi-core NonStop architecture – Investment protection through ease of application migration from older S-Series NonStop generation to the HP Integrity NonStop BladeSystem19
  20. 20. Rasselstein modernization journeySituation• Custom-built Manufacturing Execution System application running on HP Integrity NonStop systems to be integrated in SOA strategy• Protect investment into bespoke application• Pool of developers familiar with legacy languages shrinkingApproach• Integrate HP Integrity NonStop system-based MES application with SAP to meet customer- mandated quality requirements in a 24x7x365 production environmentOutcomes• Improved user satisfaction through single front end user interface• Highly flexible, messaging-based SOA application environment implemented• Direct connection to all production process stations for just-in-time information logistics• Eliminate dependency on legacy language developers20
  21. 21. Rapid, simple port to NonStopLusis TANGO ported to NonStop in 2.5 months• Lusis: Software and consulting company specializing in – Payments and financial systems – Loyalty solutions – BPM and CRM solutions for utilities• Lusis/HP partnership – TANGO application jointly developed in 2009 • Fully functional EFT suite for Tier 1 institutions • Based on OSS (POSIX) HP OS • Using NonStop SQL/MX database – Successful porting project completed in 2.5 months – Full benchmark project completed21
  22. 22. Call to action • Determine your company‟s true most critical processes • Imagine what HP Integrity NonStop can add to those processes • Visit the HP Integrity NonStop page to learn more: • Understand the affordability of today‟s Integrity NonStop technology • Talk with our users (we can connect you) • Start realizing your company can benefit too !22
  23. 23. THANK YOU
  24. 24. Mission-critical demands Vertical Market Drivers• Payment systems providers • Globalization requiresand software vendors “follow-the-sun” access toconsolidation information• New regulatory, security • Just-in-time manufacturingand compliance requirements demands 24x7 access to data• New payment types • Real-time access to• Proliferation of multi-media information in order toand handheld devices drive enhance national securityexplosive transaction rates • Centralized patient• The next wave of media information regionalcomputing services and national initiatives (i.e., 4G, LTE, cloud)