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EHS Student Agenda - 2012-13


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EHS Student Agenda - 2012-13

  1. 1. STUDENT AGENDA 2012-13 “Onward and Upward” PRINCIPAL: MR. KEITH L. BALL ETOWAH HIGH SCHOOL “HOME OF THE EAGLES” 6565 PUTNAM FORD DRIVE WOODSTOCK, GEORGIA 30189 Phone: 770-926-4411 Fax: 770-926-4157 Follow EHS on Twitter @!/EtowahHS/homepageThe Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS/CASI) accredit all Cherokee County Schools. AdvancED Accredited/SACS
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  3. 3. School Mission StatementETOWAH HIGH SCHOOL’S MISSION SHALL BE GRADUATING LIFE-LONGLEARNERS AND PRODUCTIVE COMMUNITY AND GLOBAL CITIZENS. School Belief Statements 1. We believe that all members of the Etowah community are responsible for the intellectual and social development of our students. 2. We believe that all students can learn regardless of different learning styles and abilities. 3. We believe in working with all students to identify each student’s needs and capacity for learning. 4. We believe that regardless of differences in abilities, all students should recognize learning as a life-long endeavor and should continue their education in an ever- changing world. 5. We believe that students should come to understand that individual differences, strengths, and weaknesses, help to make us both unique and important. 6. We believe that both student performance and teacher performance are crucial components of academic growth and that we must continue to develop both. 7. We believe that we must recognize an ever-increasing student population and must continue to use our resources and facilities wisely and efficiently to meet student needs. 8. We believe that we must continue to develop methods of instruction that maximize opportunities for learning. 9. We believe that character development is a critical component in the development of responsible citizens. 10. We believe that all members of the Etowah community are responsible for providing a safe environment for all students and teachers. 11. We believe that instructional time is sacred and will be used to provide meaningful and engaging learning activities at all times, without exception. 2
  4. 4. PEOPLE AND PLACESADMINISTRATION/ATTENDANCE OFFICE HRS. 7:00 am-3:30 pmPhone 770-926-4411 Fax 770-926-4157The Administrative/Attendance Office is located in the main building when entering thefront of our campus. The secretary in the Administration/Attendance Office can directyou to other offices located on campus.It is State Law that no visitor be allowed on campus without electronically signing inat the Administration/Attendance Office.PRINCIPALMr. Keith BallOffice 7101 located in the Administration/Attendance Office:Appointments can be made through his secretary Mrs. Penny Jones 770-926-4411Ext. 223 or PRINCIPALSDr. Curt AshleyOffice 3223 located in the C-buildingCTAE Supervisor and student discipline R-ZMrs. Tonya SebringOffice 6210 located in the L-buildingCurriculum Supervisor and student discipline E-KMrs. Penny ValleOffice 3106 located in the C-buildingSpecial Education Supervisor and student discipline L-QMr. Robert Van AlstyneOffice 2207 located in the New GymAthletic Director and student discipline A-DSTUDENT SERVICESOffice 3109 located in the C-buildingMrs. Dana Dotson-Student Records Facilitator 3
  5. 5. GUIDANCE OFFICEOffice 3108 located in the C-buildingPhone 770-926-1109 Fax 770-926-0539MEDIA CENTER HRS.3200 located in the C-buildingThe media center is located at the top of the main stairs in the C-building. It is open tostudents daily.SCHOOL POLICEOffice 3220 located in the C-buildingPhone 770-926-4411 Ext. 254Etowah High School is under 24 hour surveillance. If there are any concerns regardingthe safety of our students, please feel free to contact the school police. ATTENDANCEStudents who attend every class regularly and punctually learn more and enjoy amore successful academic experience than those who do not. At Etowah, consistentattendance and promptness are an expectation. High School attendance is taken andrecorded in every class period. Class credit is based on each class period’sattendance. 4
  6. 6. ATTENDANCE POLICY PER CHEROKEE COUNTY BOARD OFEDUCATION:The Cherokee County Board of Education recognizes that in order to receive maximumbenefit from the instructional program, students are expected to attend school each day.It is understood that good attendance habits positively impact the learning process. Whileadministrators and teachers are responsible for providing quality instruction in anenvironment where learning can flourish, parents/guardians and students must assumeresponsibility for being punctual and attending school regularly. A student must bepresent for more than half of each class period to be counted present for the class.In the event of an absence, a written excuse from a doctor or parent/guardian is requiredwithin five days of returning to class; otherwise, the absence is counted as unexcused.This excuse should be given to the Attendance Office and should include:  Student’s full name  Grade  ID#  Date of absence  Reason for absence  Signature of a parent/guardian  A phone number where the parent/guardian can be reachedEXCUSED ABSENCES:As permitted under State law and State Board of Education policies, students may beexcused lawfully for the following reasons:  personal illness  serious illness or death in the family  out of school suspension  special and recognized religious holidays observed by one’s faith  absence by order of government agencies  conditions rendering school attendance impossible or hazardous to one’s health or safety  registering to vote or voting, for a period not to exceed one day  any student whose parent or guardian is in the U.S. Armed Forces/National Guard, and said parent/guardian has been called to duty for, or is on leave from, an overseas deployment to a combat zone or combat support posting, shall be granted up to five excused absences per school year, for the day(s) missed from school to visit with the parent/guardian prior to such deployment or during such leave.  Finally, high school principals are authorized to excuse absences of students who are visiting prospective colleges as graduating seniors (limit two days). 5
  7. 7. TRUANCY:  Students under 16 years of age with seven (7) unexcused absences will be referred to the school social worker.  Parents of students with excessive absences may be required by the school administration to provide physician’s notes for absences to be considered excused.  Any student 16 or older who is unlawfully absent either 10 consecutive days or 40 total days may be dropped from the attendance records.  The principal has the discretion of entering or reentering, in the present grading period, any student 16 or older who has failed to attend for unlawful reasons.MAKE UP WORK:It is the expectation of the Cherokee County Board of Education that all work missed dueto absences (excused/unexcused) will be made-up. The time limit is not to exceed 10school days. Some work by its very nature is impossible to make-up and may necessitatealternative assignments. The principal or designee will be the final authority indetermining alternative assignments. The responsibility of arranging to complete workmissed is to be assumed by the student and parent/guardian in conjunction with theteacher. Make-up work is to be completed at the time specified by theteacher/administrator. Exceptions will be decided by the parent/guardian, student, teacherand administrator, with the principal having the final decision.ATTENDANCE APPEAL POLICY/PROCESS: 1. Any student having a passing grade and 7 or more absences in a semester class will not receive credit for that class unless an appeal is reviewed by the school’s Attendance Committee and approved by the principal. 2. Absences considered are:  Excused  Unexcused  Out-of-school suspension 3. Excuse notes (parent/guardian, doctor, etc.) will not be accepted unless received in the attendance office within 5 school days of the absence. 4. Appeals will be generated by the school after all grades are finalized. 5. Recommendations and determinations on all appeals will be completed within 10 days after the end of the semester. 6. Appeals for graduating seniors in the second semester of each school year will be processed and finalized in time for graduation. 7. All students for whom appeals are approved will be notified by the distribution of updated transcripts with report cards at the end of the current semester. 6
  8. 8. 8. All students for whom appeals are not approved will be notified at time of report card distribution. a. Appeals not approved can be denied or placed on a pending status in lieu of denial. b. When a student’s appeal is placed on a pending status, the Attendance Committee will recommend terms and conditions that will enable the student to regain credit. c. Students placed on a pending status will receive an explanation of the terms and conditions and asked to sign a contract of agreement. d. Pending appeals will be re-submitted to the Attendance Committee for final review within the last two weeks of the following semester. e. Students will be notified of the final determination.Note: Excuse notes (parent/guardian, doctor, etc.) taken into consideration to grant theappeal at this time will not change absences from unexcused to excused.CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE: (Driving Privileges)To obtain a driving permit or an operator’s driver’s license, a student must request aCertificate of Attendance from the school.Per Georgia Law, in the event a student has been absent for ten (10) or more unexcuseddays in the current school year or due to certain discipline occurrences, the student willreceive a Certificate of Noncompliance and a letter of license revocation will be issuedfrom the Department of Driver Services. Information regarding state law on attendanceand driver’s licenses may be obtained through the Georgia State Patrol or atwww.gateendrivereducation.comTo obtain an operator’s driver’s license, a Certificate of Attendance along with anAlcohol and Drug Awareness Program Certificate (ADAP) must be requested from theschool.Either or both of these documents may be requested from the Guidance Office any day ofthe week before or after school and during the student’s lunch period. A fee of $1.00(cash only, payable at the time of request) will be charged for each Certificate ofAttendance issued. For both the Certificate of Attendance and the ADAP certificate a 2school day turnaround is required. 7
  9. 9. TARDY TO SCHOOL AND CLASS:When a student is tardy to school, they must check in at the Administration/AttendanceOffice to obtain a pass to class. For the tardy to be excused please refer to the criteria listfor excused absences. Students who are tardy to school (unexcused) or to any classduring the school day will receive a “Tardy Detention Assignment” form to get into class.The student will be required to serve a 30 minute detention on Tuesday or Thursdaybefore or after school. The morning detentions are held from 6:50 am-7:20 am in the oldgym. The afternoon detentions are held immediately after school for 30 minutes in thecafeteria. Failure to serve a detention will result in Saturday School.Excessive tardiness will result in additional disciplinary action, including, but notlimited to, revocation of a parking permit.Students who drive to school will lose parking privileges according to the followingguidelines:  6 or more unexcused tardies to school: permit suspended for semester (not to be less than 30 days).  Other violations as listed by Cherokee County School Police.  EHS will not refund any parking fees due to suspension or revocation of permit.STUDENTS CHECKING OUT:If a student needs to check out during the school day, his or her parent/guardian mustcome into the Administration/Attendance Office and sign them out. The parent/guardianmust show picture ID and be an authorized contact listed in the CCSD system. Studentswho have an Etowah parking permit and need to check out must bring written permissionto the Administration/Attendance Office prior to first period. The note must have a phonenumber where a parent/guardian can be reached to verify the check out. Once verified,the student will receive a dismissal form. In the case of an emergence any EtowahStudent who has a parking permit and needs to check out without a note, must have hisor her parent/guardian fax or e-mail a note with their ID to the Attendance Office toverify the check out. Students who are 18 years of age need to have administrativeapproval before checking out. Any absence due to the checkout will be unexcused untilproper documentation is received.NO PHONE CHECK OUTS WILL BE ALLOWED.Etowah High School is a closed campus. Students are only allowed to leave whenchecked out through the Administration/Attendance Office. Disciplinary action including,but not limited to, revocation of parking permit will be taken against students leavingcampus without proper check out. 8
  10. 10. GUIDANCEGuidance counselors work with students for a variety of reasons: personal and socialinterests or concerns, career planning, decision-making and post high school planning.Included in post high school planning are technical school or college admissions, jobinformation, financial aid, and scholarship information. Students may go by the GuidanceOffice before school, during lunch, or after school to arrange an individual appointment.If the student’s assigned guidance counselor is not available, another guidance counselorwill assist. Guidance counselors coordinate the testing programs of the school, includinginterpretation of all school-wide standardized test results for students and parents. Anyquestions regarding High School Graduation Tests, End of Course Tests, SAT, ACT, andPSAT may be directed to the Guidance office.TEACHERS AS ADVISORS (T. A. A.):On a weekly basis students will go to homeroom for T.A.A. This program exists toensure that all students receive the guidance-based services that include academicdevelopment, personal/social development, and career development facilitated by schoolpersonnel. This guidance delivery system allows a large student population to be dividedinto smaller sections (homerooms) to more effectively receive these services andinformation.COURSE REGISTRATION:Registration takes place once a year. Each subject area teacher recommends the nextappropriate course to fulfill requirements for graduation. Performance data and rubricsare used for level placement in core courses.ADVANCED PLACEMENT/HONORS CLASSES:Advanced Placement/Honors classes require a Course Selection Agreement form. Oncecommitted to the course, requests to change the course will only be considered in the first10 days of the semester. All forms regarding Advanced Placement/Honors classes may beobtained in the Guidance Office.SCHEDULE PROBLEMS:Schedule changes/requests can be initiated by the student, a parent/guardian, or teacherreferral within the mandated guidelines:  Prior to the first day of the course, parent/guardian/student initiated elective changes  Other schedule changes, within the first 10 days of the course  Schedule may be changed ONLY if one of the following circumstances apply: 9
  11. 11.  Course lacks school identified prerequisites  Credit has already been earned for the course  Student Support System (SST/RTI) or Special Education recommendations  Obvious schedule error as determined by Principal/designee  Documented medical condition requires change (doctor’s note required)  All final decisions are at the discretion of EHS Administrative Staff.Grades earned will be transferred when schedule changes are within the samesubject area. All make-up work (resulting from a schedule change) is to becompleted within ten school days or within a time limit established by the teacherwith approval from the Principal or designee.HOSPITAL/HOMEBOUND INSTRUCTION:A student who will miss ten or more days of school in a school year due to medicalissues, may apply for homebound instruction. The applications are available in theGuidance Office and must be completed and signed by the psychiatrist or physiciantreating the child for the illness requiring hospital/homebound services. A student whoseabsences exceed twenty school days on homebound may have their schedule reduced tothree classes which could delay graduation. To arrange for homebound instruction, theparent must take the initiative by contacting the Guidance Office @ 770-926-1109.ONLINE CLASSES/DISTANCE LEARNING:Students may wish to take online courses toward credit for graduation. Students mayelect to regain credit toward graduation by taking online courses. Courses must beapproved by the EHS Administration and the Guidance Office before courses areordered. Courses not previously approved will not receive credit.Due to the established standards of the NCAA, the APEX courses being offered, asthey are now structured, have NOT been approved for credit by the NCAA. Therefore,student athletes indicating their desire to be considered eligible for NCAA Division I orDivision II scholarships should not be placed in APEX courses for required credits.These students should be registered for initial credit coursework when remediation isrequired. 10
  12. 12. TESTING: 1. Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) is of interest to college bound students. Taken in the freshman and sophomore year, the PSAT gives students a preview of admission testing. Taken as a junior, the PSAT enters the student in the National Merit Scholarship competition. 2. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and American College Test (ACT) are college entrance exams. The SAT and ACT is given at Etowah High School. Registration, test dates, and study guides can be obtained by going on-line to and 3. Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) (optional) is administered yearly by the military in cooperation with the high school. This score can be used for military entrance or personal information to identify strengths and weaknesses. Scores reported include verbal and math; mechanical and crafts; business and clerical; electronics and electrical; and health, social and technology. If interested see your Guidance counselor or ROTC teacher, Major John White.TRANSCRIPTS:Transcripts of a student’s records may be obtained by completing a transcript requestform located in the Student Services office room 3109 located in the C-building. Themain reasons for sending transcripts are college entrance, scholarships, prospectiveemployment and identification purposes. Upon graduation, one copy will be sent free;additional copies are $3.00 each. Transcript requests require a 3 school day turnaround.WITHDRAWAL:Students requesting to withdraw from Etowah High School must first meet with aguidance counselor. Steps to withdraw a student are:  Contact Student Services 24 hours in advance  Only the enrolling parent/guardian can withdraw the student  All books must be returned  All debts must be paid  Destination must be declared for purposes of records transition 11
  13. 13. CHEROKEE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT Appendix L: BRING YOUR LEARNING DEVICE (BYLD) INITIATIVEAs new technologies continue to change the world in which we live, they also providemany new and positive education benefits for classroom instruction. To enhancelearning, students in Cherokee schools may now bring their own technology to CCSDcampuses that are participating in the Bring Your Learning Device (BYLD) initiative.Definition of TechnologyFor purposes of BYLD, “Technology” means personally owned Internet-accessible,wireless, portable, electronic equipment used for instructional purposes. All approveddevices must allow access to the Internet through a fully functional Web browser and becapable of accessing the CCSD Guest network. Recognizing the rapidly changing worldof technology, the list of allowed devices will be reviewed annually. Approved devicesinclude: smartphones, iPads, iPods, laptops, netbooks, tablet computers and eReadersthat meet the definition of technology.InternetAll Internet access shall occur using the CCSD BYLD network. Cellular networkadapters and hotspots are not permitted to be used by students to access the Internet atany time.Security and DamagesResponsibility to keep privately owned devices secure rests with the individual owner.Neither CCSD, nor its staff or employees is liable for any device stolen or damaged oncampus. Personal devices that are reported as stolen, lost or damaged while in the care ofthe student will be treated as any other personal item (such as coats, purses, books, gymbags, shoes, etc.). The school will initiate protocols that promote safety and security (e.g.,lock cabinets, lock doors to classrooms and desk drawers where items may be secured).Student AgreementThe use of personal technology to provide educational material is not a necessity but aprivilege. A student does not have the right to use his or her laptop, cell phone or otherelectronic device while at school without express permission from the teacher. Whenabused, privileges will be taken away. When respected, privileges will benefit thelearning environment.Students and parents/guardians participating in BYLD must adhere to all Board policiesand the CCSD Internet Acceptable Use Policy. 12
  14. 14. CCSD is excited about the new learning opportunities available through BYLD. It isour intention that students and teachers will collaborate in rich, engaging learningexperiences using technology. In order to be a responsible electronic citizen in theCCSD, students are expected to follow these guidelines.  Students may use these devices in the classroom when the teacher determines it is appropriate for educational purposes. Students must learn when to use and not to use technology, including headphones. If they are not sure, students must ask for clarification.  All devices must remain silent or be put away unless being used within a lesson during class time. Personal technology cannot be used during campus, district or state testing.  Devices must have the ability to enhance the educational process and must be able to access the Internet.  Students are responsible for making sure devices are fully charged prior to use in class.  Technical support for personal devices will not be provided by teacher, staff or CCSD Technology Staff.  Personal devices will not be allowed to connect to the CCSD network; they will only access the BYLD network.  Students must comply with acceptable use terms for accessing the Internet while on school campus.  Students are responsible for the security of their personal devices.  The device may not be used to cheat on assignments or tests or for non- instructional purposes during instructional time.  Personal technology with photographic or video capabilities may only be used with explicit permission from the classroom teacher or principal.  The device may not be used to record, transmit or post photographic images or video of a person, or persons on campus during school activities and/or hours unless assigned by the teacher as allowed by the CCSD Internet Acceptable Use Policy.  The device may only be used to access files or Internet sites which are relevant to the classroom curriculum. Non-instructional games are not permitted.  Students must comply with teachers’ request to turn off the device.  Students are responsible for ensuring that any computers or computing devices, diskettes, CDs, memory sticks, USB flash drives, or other forms of storage media that they bring in from outside the school are virus free and do not contain any unauthorized or inappropriate files. 13
  15. 15.  Students are NOT permitted to use their own computing devices to access the Internet via personal Wi-Fi accounts, “hot spots” or by any manner other than connecting through the wireless connection provided by the school system.  Students may not use devices during non-instructional times, such as passing periods, lunch and before/after school without express permission from the school’s administration.  All devices should be clearly labeled with student’s full name. Password protection is recommended. Parents and students should discuss insurance, data plans and fees, as these are not the responsibility of CCSD faculty.  Students are responsible for personal property brought to school and should keep personal items with themselves or in a locked space. Lost and found devices must be immediately reported and/or turned over to a teacher or administrator.  Students take full responsibility for personal digital devices at all times. The school is not responsible for the security of the device.INAPPROPRIATE USEInappropriate use will generally fall into two categories; procedural and malicious.Procedural issues will be routinely handled within the classroom and common areas ofthe school without formal intervention. Examples of procedural issues would includehaving a device out at the wrong time or forgetting to set a phone to silent. More seriousand malicious use will be reported to the office. Examples of these types of issues wouldinclude:  Using the personal technology for illegal purposes including, but not limited to, cyberbullying, gambling, pornography and computer hacking.  Using photographic or video features in any restroom or locker room.  Purposefully opening, viewing, using or deleting files on another person’s personal technology without permission.  Electronically posting personal information about one’s self or others (i.e., addresses, phone numbers and pictures).  Downloading or plagiarizing copyrighted information without permission from the copyright holder.  Intentionally introducing a virus or other malicious programs onto another person’s personal technology device.  Electronically posting messages or accessing materials that are abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, damaging to another’s reputation or illegal. 14
  16. 16. SPECIAL NOTE: CYBERBULLYINGCyberbullying is defined as the use of any Internet-connected device for the purpose ofbullying, harassing, or intimidating another student. This includes, but may not belimited to:  Sending abusive text messages to cell phones, computers, or Internet-connected game consoles.  Posting abusive comments on someone’s blog or social networking site (e.g., MySpace or Facebook).  Creating a social networking site or Web page that masquerades as the victim’s personal site and using it to embarrass him or her.  Making it appear that the victim is posting malicious comments about friends to isolate him or her from friends.  Posting the victim’s personally identifiable information on a site to put them at greater risk of contact by predators.  Sending abusive comments while playing interactive games.  Taking videos or photos of anyone while on campus or at a school function— often using a cell phone camera—and posting them online, sometimes manipulating them to embarrass the target. During 2012-13 school year Etowah High School will be conducting aBring Your Own Learning Devise (BYLD) pilot based on the policies listed on pages 12-15. Only select teachers will be participating. Teachers participating in the BYLD pilot will have specific instructions regarding the pilot on their class syllabi and webpage. 15
  17. 17. CURRICULUMETOWAH HIGH SCHOOL ACADEMIC/HONOR CODE:Etowah High School’s Academic Honor Code is an agreement between students andfaculty, designed to create an honest learning environment. The purpose of the HonorCode is to ensure that all students are rewarded for hard work by eliminatingacademically dishonest acts. These include, but are not limited to, plagiarism, cheating,deception, fabrication, and sabotage, the definitions of which appear at the end of thisdocument.As a student at Etowah High School, I pledge to adhere to the following as ademonstration of my honor and integrity: 1. I understand that I am responsible for meeting all deadlines. 2. I alone will complete the research necessary to write research papers. 3. I will maintain the highest standards of academic honesty and integrity both inside and outside the classroom. 4. I promise not to plagiarize any work, whether in whole or in any part. This includes submitting the work of another, either published or unpublished. 5. I understand that if I am suspected of committing plagiarism or misrepresenting any portion of an academic work, I will be subject to the consequences identified in the EHS Student Handbook.The EHS Academic/Honor Code is a contract between the student and the teacher.By signing the document, Etowah High School students are committing to academicintegrity. By accepting the student’s signature, teachers are committing to assiststudents by creating an atmosphere discouraging academic dishonesty whileencouraging integrity. 16
  18. 18. Plagiarism is defined as: Deliberately or unintentionally using unoriginal content without giving credit to its sources. Plagiarism can be, but is not limited to: copying and pasting; para- phrasing; and patch-work writing. Patch-work writing is defined as a selection of words and information from several sources without providing the origin of the presented works and without proper, unique context. Plagiarism is not limited to professional or established works, but is also defined as work obtained from fellow students or past students if the assignment is designed for individual credit.Cheating is defined as: Deliberately or unintentionally obtaining or providing an unauthorized, dishonest, or unmerited advantage in academic endeavors. Cheating can be, but is not limited to (a) turning in or taking credit for fraudulent work achievements, (b) stealing or copying another’s assignment (c) stealing and/or possessing unauthorized tests or exams, (d) communicating, (verbally or otherwise) during tests (e) copying from another, (f) using unauthorized study guides, books, and other information, electronic or otherwise, (g) lying.Deception is defined as: Deliberately or unintentionally supplying an Etowah High School faculty member with false information pertaining to classroom assignments. Deception can be, but is not limited to (a) falsely claiming to have submitted an assignment or completing a task, (b) falsifying an explanation for missing a deadline, (c) avoiding responsibilities for one’s actions.Fabrication is defined as: Deliberately or unintentionally falsifying information, data, or documents for academic assignments. Fabrication can be, but is not limited to (a) manipulating information or data to one’s advantage in assignments, (b) patch-working pieces of information to create an unauthentic conclusion, (c) forging documentation/verification of accomplishment in the aforementioned fields.Sabotage is defined as: Deliberately or unintentionally preventing an Etowah High School student, staff member, or faculty member from successfully completing a task or assignment or maintaining a good reputation among peers, staff, and faculty. Sabotage can be, but is not limited to: (a) destroying reference material used by students for research or learning purposes, (b) falsely accusing a fellow student, staff, or faculty member of misconduct. 17
  19. 19. ELIGIBILITY TO PARTICIPATE-ATHLETICS/ACTIVITIES:The policy for the Georgia Board of Education and by-laws of the Georgia High SchoolAssociation (GHSA) are followed when determining whether or not a student is eligibleto participate in athletic activities. Please contact the Athletic Office @ 770-926-4411ext. 226 for eligibility information.REPORTS TO PARENTS:Report Cards are issued at the end of every semester for course credit. Parents areencouraged to contact each of their student’s teachers any time during the semester.Parents can track the grades of their child on-line through the Parent Portal. You canaccess the parent portal from the EHS Home page. If you have problems accessing thesite please contact Student Services. A teacher’s time-line for class updates will beincluded in each class syllabus and on the teacher’s website. For more information pleasecontact your student’s individual teacher.GRADING SYSTEMS:Numerical grades are given as follows:  90 - 100 Conduct grades are given as follows: =A  80 - 89 =B S-Satisfactory  71 - 79 =C U-Unsatisfactory  70 =D N-Needs Improvement  69 & below = FHONOR ROLL PLACEMENT:High school students will be placed on the Honor Roll when their grade average is 90 orabove (or 89.5 or above rounded to the nearest whole unit).MID-TERM and FINAL EXAMS:Most students will take a midterm and a final exam in each of their academic classes. NOEXAMS WILL BE GIVEN EARLY. IF YOU MUST BE ABSENT DURING EXAMS,A MAKE-UP WILL BE GIVEN AT THE TEACHER’S DISCRETION.END OF COURSE TESTS (EOCT):For students who entered 9th grade in 2010 and prior, EOCTs will count 15% for all state-designed academic courses. For students that entered 9th grade in 2011 to date, EOCTscount 20% of all state designated academic courses. A list of state-designated coursesmay be obtained from the Guidance Office. 18
  20. 20. TEXTBOOKS:Textbooks will be furnished each semester in most classes. Students are responsible fortheir books once they are issued. If a book is lost or damaged, the student will becharged the cost of the book. Each student must write his/her name, as well as the nameof the teacher who issued the book, in the space provided on the inside front cover. Thiswill help the students in the event the book is lost. It is a good idea to keep a list of yourtextbook numbers. Computerized inventories will be utilized to manage textbooks. In theevent that a student’s lost textbook is found and is not damaged, he/she must return it tothe Administration/Attendance Office and a refund will be issued. DISCIPLINE MATTERSIt is the student and parent/guardian responsibility to READ and UNDERSTANDall Rules and Policies of the Cherokee County Board of Education and Etowah HighSchool. These rules and policies can be found in the “Student/Parent Handbook”and “Student Discipline Code”. The “Student/Parent Handbook” and “StudentDiscipline Code” can be viewed on These are available toall students at the beginning of each school year. New students entering the systemare given a “Student/Parent Handbook” and “Student Discipline Code” on the daythey register. Students and Parents must sign the receipt of a handbook and return itto Etowah High School.The purpose of the schools within Cherokee County School District is to provide thebest learning opportunity possible. Our standards for student behavior duringschool hours and at school related functions are designed to create the expectationthat students will behave themselves in such a way so as to facilitate a learningenvironment for themselves and other students.Students are expected to:  Respect each other  Respect school district employees  Obey student behavior policies adopted by the Board of Education  Obey rules established by Etowah High SchoolGood order and discipline may be described as the absence of distractions anddisturbances which interfere with the optimum functioning of the student, the classroom,the school, and the safe operation of school buses. It is also the presence of a friendly, yetbusinesslike, rapport in which students and school personnel work cooperatively towardmutually accepted goals. 19
  21. 21. PROGRESSIVE DISCIPLINE:Progressive discipline processes will be utilized in order to create the expectation that thedegree of discipline will be in proportion to the severity of the behavior. Considerationwill be given to each student’s previous discipline history and other relative factors. Thedegree of discipline will be in proportion to the severity and/or the number of occurrencesof the behavior. All due process procedures required by federal and state law will befollowed. Parents and students should be aware that in some instances, an offense mayconstitute a violation of Georgia Law. As a result of any resulting violation of law, anycourt having jurisdiction may impose additional sanctions.SATURDAY SCHOOL:Time: 8:00 am to 12:00 noonLocation: C-building lobbySaturday School is a part of the progressive discipline process and is also used foracademic recovery not related to discipline.IN SCHOOL SUSPENSION (ISS) / ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL (ALT):ISS/ALT school is the temporary removal from class/classes by placing students in adesignated area. Students will continue to do class work and receive credit.OUT OF SCHOOL/EXTERNAL SUSPENSION (OSS):In the event a student is given OSS the following rules apply: 1. All work will be available for pickup by a parent/guardian 24 hours after being notified of the suspension. The assignments can be picked up in the Administration/Attendance Office. 2. The student is not allowed on the Etowah High School campus during their suspension. 3. The student is not to participate or attend any Etowah High School extracurricular activities. 4. All school work assigned during OSS must be completed. 5. OSS is defined as an excused absence.It is the expectation of the Cherokee County Board of Education that all workmissed due to any absence will be made-up. Some work by its very nature isimpossible to make-up and may necessitate alternative assignments. The principalor designee will be the final authority in determining alternative assignments. 20
  22. 22. CHEROKEE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT DRESS CODE:The purpose of a dress code is to promote an orderly learning environment in our schoolswhile preparing all students for later success in the world of work. This dress code wasdeveloped through the direction of the Superintendent and with the cooperation ofparents, students, teachers, and administrators. Students of the Cherokee County SchoolDistrict are expected to dress in a manner that is conducive to a good learningenvironment. The administration reserves the right to determine if items of clothing aretoo casual, too revealing, or too distracting for school dress.For the entire dress code please refer to the CCSD Student/Parent Handbook.SCHOOL DISPOSITION:Punishment will be at the discretion of the principal/designee. Circumstances willdetermine whether one or more of the following alternatives will be considered: 1. Parent/guardian notification and/or counseling with student or parent/guardian to include opportunity to correct dress. 2. Refusal to comply with the dress code, repeated offenses, or violations of a severe nature may result in a higher degree of discipline as outlined in the CCSD Student Discipline Code Handbook.BULLYING:The Cherokee County School District expressly prohibits the bullying of any person,by any means, at school, on school property, or at school-related functions.BULLYING IS DEFINED AS THE FOLLOWING:  Any (pattern of) willful attempts or threats to inflict injury on another person, when accompanied by an apparent present ability to do so;  Any intentional display of force such as that which would give the victim reason to fear or expect immediate bodily harm; or  Any intentional written, verbal or physical act which a reasonable person would perceive as being intended to threaten, harass or intimidate. Such acts could include causing the following: o Physical or visible bodily harm o Substantial damage to property o Disruption of school o Interference with one’s education or so severe/persistent/pervasive that it creates an intimidating or threatening educational environment. 21
  23. 23. Bullying is prohibited at school, on school property, at school bus stops and at school –related functions. This statement is inclusive of the use of technology or other equipmentowned by the School District and/or located at a school for the purpose of bullyinganother student.BULLYING REPORTING:If bullying behavior is happening to you, or you have witnessed bullying, please be avoice so we can work together to stop and resolve this behavior. Below are the ways inwhich to report bullying or other inappropriate behavior. All forms of reporting can bedone anonymously if desired, but all reports must be substantiated.  Speak directly to a guidance counselor, teacher, administrator, or other member of Etowah’s faculty or staff.  Complete a statement form that can be obtained in an Assistant Principal’s Office, the Guidance Office and the EHS website homepage bullying link.  Anonymous reports can be placed anonymously in the drop box located in the Guidance Office. When reporting, provide as much information about the situation as possible so the school can effectively resolve the issue. Although it would be helpful to submit your student name and student ID when reporting, if you do not feel comfortable, do not hesitate to submit the situation anonymously and as quickly as possible. Reports of bullying must be substantiated through sources or witnesses. Any student who knowingly files a false report of bullying is guilty of such and will be punished under existing disciplinary provisions. STUDENT LIFEEtowah High School recognizes the importance of developing our students not onlyintellectually, but socially, emotionally, physically, and culturally. Therefore,participation in extracurricular activities is an integral part of school life and is highlyencouraged. Many students consider their lives outside the classroom significant to thelearning experience. These outside activities serve to complement their academicpursuits, enrich their personal lives, and aide in the development of leadership skills. 22
  24. 24. STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD / STUDENT GOVERNMENT (SAB):The Student Advisory Board acts as a liaison between the student body and theadministration. Its purpose is to affect changes that will improve the function of EtowahHigh School as a learning institution. SAB sponsors Homecoming and Prom as well asother noteworthy events.COMMUNITY SERVICE LETTER GUIDELINES:To earn a letter, students must serve a minimum of 60 hours of community service withina period of 2 semesters. The semesters need not be consecutive but must be within a twoyear period (not 60 hours spread out over 2 years). At least 50% (30 hours) must becompleted as a part of a specific EHS organization to earn a community service letter.Service must be to the school community OR the community at large. However, all hoursmust be tied to an academic class or club at Etowah High School. Hours completed forservice done OUTSIDE of Etowah High School must be approved, PRIOR to theircompletion, by the Service Hours Coordinator. Additional forms may be required toverify the validity of the service completed. Similar procedures should be followed forthe completion of service hours and projects outside of the normal school session(holiday, summers). Summer activities are automatically approved if an Etowahorganization sponsors the activity. Exceptions could be made for students who getapproval from the sponsor of services IN ADVANCE for a summer activity or project.For approval, complete an Activity Request form and submit this to the Service HoursCoordinator. Hours may be accumulated through other school organizations with a totalof not more than three organizations awarding hours (that includes the awardingorganization). This demonstrates the ability to commit to the mission of a singleorganization. Students should turn hours in to a club sponsor or the Service HoursCoordinator on a MONTHLY basis. Logs can include activities sponsored by multipleorganizations at EHS on the same form. The sponsor of the awarding organization will beresponsible for collecting and verifying hours, as well as handing in necessary paperworkto the Service Hours Coordinator. Letters will be issued at the end of the school year. TheCommunity Service Coordinator at EHS is Kristy Szpindor in room 7206. Formsfor community service can be found on the school website under “StudentActivities.” 23
  25. 25. 2012-13 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONSClub Sponsor(s) Room Brief description / number mission of organizationAnime Club Mrs. Lisa Archer 3206 Share and enjoy the culture of Japanese Anime art.Art Club Mr. Bob Putnam 7103 Serve our school and Mr. Josh Saye public community through the creation of public works of art in the form of murals and sculptures.Beta Club Mrs. Peta Murray 7209 By invitation based on Mrs. Tabitha Roper 6103 grades. Promote leadership skills through school and community service activities.Challenge Team Mr. Eric Burton 7210 Spread knowledge and Mrs. Ashley Mathews 7202 awareness of the effects of kindness on others lives, and to change the culture of our community.Dance Club Mrs. Nancy Sherry Cafeteria Encourage students to learn different dance styles and enjoy the benefits of a good dance work out.Sonnets and Mr. Kevin Wall 6108 Explore classic andSunrise contemporary poetry in a comfortable yet academic environment.Defying the Mrs. Dawn McAllister 1210 The opportunity to discussStandards issues, build self- confidence and provide the tools to change lives. 24
  26. 26. Environmental Mr. Lee Coker 7105 Recycle paper and campusClub Mr. John Petrie landscaping.Family, Career, Mrs. Pam Teems 2216 Georgia National Fair,Community service learning projects,Leaders of competitions, canned foodAmerica drive.(FCCLA)FBLA (Future Mrs. Danae Vance 7107 Fall Motivation Rally, fall,Business Leaders regional, and stateof America) leadership conference.FEA (Future Mrs. Kristy Szpindor 7206 Promote teaching as aEducators of profession, tutoring, workAmerica) as teacher’s aides.Fellowship of Mr. Greg Robinson Auditorium Christian music,Christian Athletes fellowship, speakers, food.(FCA)FFA Mrs. Ashley Rivers 2226 Promote leadership and agriculture, conduct community service events, and complete agriculture awareness activities.First Priority Mr. Harry Strickland Old Promote fellowship Mrs. Deanna White Gymnasium through Christian music and speakers at weekly meetings.French Honor Mrs. Yvette Jones 6211 Promote French culture,Society Mrs. Nancy Sherry conduct fundraisers for charity purposes, Trunk-or- Treat, Taste of Etowah, FHS induction ceremony and reception.Handwriting Club Mr. Jeremy Armstrong 1211 Learn about calligraphy, letter writing, book binding. 25
  27. 27. Habitat for Mrs. Ashley Meeks 9016 Helping families in needHumanity Ms. Denise Rodriguez 6213 within our community by building homes and fundraising to support our local Habitat program.International Club EHS Foreign Language 6207 Broaden student’s cultural Department awareness by learning from each other’s social background and ethnic roots. Sponsor activities in order to promote multiculturalism and an appreciation of the diverse social heritage in our school and community.International Mr. Brian Heglund 1207 Promote awareness ofFellowship Club different races and cultural diversity.Leader’s Council Mrs. Kristy Szpindor Auditorium By Nomination Only. Lunch and learn activities, guest speakers, promote leadership development.Mountain Bike TBD Meets to discuss mountainClub biking.Regular group rides are held at Blankets Creek Bike Trails, and members will also volunteer with SORBA to build and maintain bike trails.Mu Alpha Theta Mrs. Andrea Payne 3217 Promote the study of mathematics, Pi Day, Pi in the face for charity, tutoring. 26
  28. 28. National Honor Dr. Erin Jacobs 7208 By invitation based onSociety Mrs. Mary Shell grades. Activities to promote scholarship, service, leadership, and character in our community and at EHS.National Spanish Mrs. Lisa Frantz 6202 By invitation based onHonor Society Mrs. Tamara Linares grades. Participate in enriching Spanish activities, community and school service, provide Spanish tutoring, fundraisers and participate in the induction ceremony.National Mr. David Dunn 3109 Induction ceremony,Technical Honor Career Day, GuestSociety Speakers, Community Service, Stoles & Cords at Graduation.Patricia Roth, RN 6108 Serve the elderly and ill byClub organizing fundraisers, collecting donations, visiting the nursing home, and decorating for activities.Ping Pong Club Mr. Rob Graner Old Enhance social skills Mr. Greg Robinson gymnasium through a competitive sport.Psychology Club Mr. Eric Burton 7210 Extend the understanding of the field of psychology and to deepen the knowledge of Psychology.Quidditch Club Mrs. Mary Shell 7208 Promote fair and fun play Mrs. Otter Peabody of competitive and recreational Quidditch. 27
  29. 29. Relay for Life Mrs. Rebecca Schwartz 7216 Raise money for the American Cancer Society throughout the Spring Semester.Skills USA Mr. Brandon Grummer 1203 Promote life-long learning, Mr. Ty Wilkins and service through skills Mrs. Linda Yunker competitions, and community service.Student Mrs. Shara Deal Auditorium Students haveAmbassadors Mrs. Kristy Szpindor OR 7206 opportunities for community service. Trunk or Treat, 8th grade orientation, school tours.Student Mrs. Linda Yunker 1104 For students in videoTelevision production classesNetwork interested in producing videos for competition.Super Friends Mrs. Julie Fendley 3105 Encourage inclusion Mrs. Robyn Mattson between peers of all Ms. Lori Morris abilities (regular and special education), promote awareness of diversity and make new friends through social activities, community service and other events such as Special Olympics and Friends’ Formal.Thespian TBD Auditorium Perform and promoteSociety/Drama several productions each year.Think Tank Club Mr. Jeremy Armstrong 1211 Promotes deeper thinking and discussion about social, moral and ethical issues in today’s society. 28
  30. 30. Y-Club Mrs. Sharon Arp 7220 OR Old Part of YMCA- Promote Mrs. Shara Deal Gymnasium high standards and Mr. Michael Tuley community service; Youth Assembly, Operation Christmas Child, Challenger Baseball, bus driver appreciation.Young Mr. Jesse Howard 3209 Community service,Republicans Mr. Sam Thompson debates and voter registration drive.Zephyr – online Ms. Milka Mosley 2222 Publish students’ writingliterary magazine and art creations. Academic TeamsAcademic Mrs. Christina 2221 Competes in a varied arrayClub/Team Hammonds of subject areas such as Mr. Kevin Wall math, science, literature, history, music, movies, and pop culture. Saturday competitions.Air Force JROTC Major John White 5004 Community service, drill MSgt Karen Rowe competitions, honor guard, paintball exercises, base visits, summer leadership school, field trips, opportunity to lead.Helen Ruffin Ms. Margo Taylor Media Center Participate in quiz bowlReading Bowl Mrs. Heather Barton competitions based on theTeam current Georgia Peach Teen Book Award Nominees.Math Team Mrs. Kathleen Velueta 2211 Math tournaments and Dr. Wright Vermilya other high school competitions. 29
  31. 31. Model UN Mrs. Mary Shell 7205 Prepare for and attend Mrs. Donell Osborne Model UN conferences at various colleges in the state.Science Team Mrs. Bianca Garrett 1206 Increase student interest in Mr. Brian Heglund science and provide Mrs. Mystic Henderson recognition for outstanding achievement in science Mrs. Dawn McAllister education. Participate in Science Olympiad.Student Advisory Mrs. Ashley Hall Cafeteria Student Government.Board Mrs. Kristy Szpindor Executive Council –elected members only. All students welcome at open meetings. Prom, homecoming, talent show, other events.HOW TO START A CLUB / ORGANIZATION:New clubs or organizations, must fill out a Cherokee County school-sponsored Club andOrganization application. These applications are located in Dr. Curt Ashley’s Office,Room 3223, in the C-building. All new school-sponsored clubs and or organizations musthave an EHS teacher as a sponsor, and then it must be approved by the principal.DIVERSITY CELEBRATIONS COMMITTEE:The goal of this committee is to increase awareness of the many cultures represented inour school. Through this committee we will strive to present events, programs, andcommunications that will help each of us to better understand our differences. As well asplanning monthly events (such as “A Taste of Etowah”), the committee works with thecommunity, business representatives, Partners in Education, PTSA, school basedcommittees, organizations, parents, teachers, and students.PTSA:Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to support the Etowah PTSA bypurchasing a $5.00 membership for each student and parent or by giving a tax deductibledonation. This benefits many worthwhile projects at Etowah. PTSA information can befound on the PTSA website or link through the Etowah HighSchool website. Please contact Mrs. Viviana Morrison PTSA President at 678-938-4884or with any questions. 30
  32. 32. SCHOOL COUNCIL:From the CCSD Handbook for School Councils:“Recognizing the need to improve communication and participation of parents and thecommunity in the management and operation of local schools, the General Assembly ofGeorgia and the CCSD believe that parent and community support is critical to thesuccess of students and schools. The establishment of school councils is intended to helplocal boards of education develop and nurture participation, bring parents and thecommunity together with teachers and school administrators to create a betterunderstanding of and mutual respect for, each other’s concerns and share ideas forschool improvement. School councils shall be reflective of and represent the communityof parents and businesses.”The Etowah School Council is actively involved in shaping the Etowah High SchoolCommunity as articulated in the description above. It is made up of parents, teachers,students, business partners, and the principal. Parents must make up the majority of theschool council membership and a parent must serve as chair. Parents are elected at thebeginning of each school year. Teachers are chosen by their peers. Students and businesspartners are appointed by the principal with input from the Council. The Council meets aminimum of four times a year during after-school hours. The Council has annual inputinto the School Improvement Plan, and it provides feedback and recommendations forimproving communication between school, home, and the community on a variety ofissues. Council members receive frequent briefs on issues at local, state and nationallevels that impact Etowah High School, and its members engage in conversationproviding feedback on such issues. As a body which includes a broad range of Etowahstakeholders, it is committed to a cooperative effort to make Etowah High School a placewhere student achievement excels. For more information, contact Mr. Keith L. Ball orany member of the School Council. The School Council roster can be found on theEtowah website. 31
  33. 33. MISCELLANEOUSCAFETERIA:Breakfast $1.10, Lunch $2.05, Extra milk $.50Report to the Cafeteria on time – no lingering at lockers or in the halls is allowed.  If you drop food or paper on the floor, pick it up.  You must have your agenda to leave the designated lunch area.Students may apply for free or reduced lunches by completing a Free or Reduced PriceLunch Application, obtained from the lunchroom manager. This form should be returnedto the lunchroom manager as soon as possible.THE DELIVERY OF FAST FOOD PRODUCTS FOR STUDENTS IS NOTALLOWED. THE REPACKAGING OF THESE ITEMS IN BROWN BAGS IS NOTACCEPTABLE. EHS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO INSPECT LUNCHDELIVERIES TO ALL STUDENTS.AFTER SCHOOL HOURS:Students are not allowed in the building or on the campus after 3:00 pm withoutteacher supervision. Students must be participating in an approved school activityto remain on campus.EXTRA CURRICULAR ATTENDANCE:Student attendance at extracurricular and non-instructional events is guided by the CCSDStudent Code of Conduct. All persons attending these events are subject to the followingEvent Attendance/Code of Conduct: We maintain a “Family Friendly Environment”. Ourstaff reserves the right to determine what constitutes unacceptable/disruptive behaviorand to deny admittance to anyone.Prohibited items:  No weapons of any kind (even with a permit) Authority: Georgia Law O.C.G.A  No illegal substances  No alcoholic beverages  No pets or animals of any kind other than service assistance animals (must be approved by an administrator)Inspection Guidelines:You are entering a School Safety Zone; you and/or your personal belongings are subjectto inspection for the purpose of assuring compliance and maintaining order.No smoking is allowed and no exit passes will be given. 32
  34. 34. MESSAGES AND STUDENT ITEMS:Items being dropped off for students must be signed in at the Administration/Attendanceoffice. It will be placed in an unlocked cabinet for the student to pick up. Students will bepaged to the Administration/Attendance Office during class changes to pick up messagesor items left for them. We cannot interrupt classes during instructional time todeliver messages or items. Etowah High School is not responsible for lost or stolenitems that are placed in the student cabinet.MEDICATION POLICY:Etowah High School does not have a school nurse.When at all possible, we encourage parents/guardians to schedule their child’s medicationso that it may be given at home under your direct supervision. However, we realize thatthis is not always possible. The Cherokee County School System MedicationAuthorization Form, available in the Administration/Attendance Office, must becompleted by the parent/guardian before a medication is given. A separate form isnecessary for each medication request. The school will not accept more than a one monthsupply of prescription or over-the-counter medication. Prescription medication must be inthe original pharmacy container. The written instructions on the pharmacy label will befollowed. Over-the-counter medications must be in the original container. Dosage willnot exceed instructions on label regardless of parent/guardian instructions. Studentsshould deliver any medications to the Administration/Attendance Office immediatelyupon arrival at school. Forms are available to provide for special situations such asinjections, personal possession of inhalers, EpiPens, etc. The disciplinary codeprescribes severe consequences for use, transfer, and possession of over the counterand prescription medications unless used in compliance with school guidelines.INCLEMENT WEATHER INFORMATION:All major metro and local media outlets will be notified as soon as possible when thedecision is made to cancel/close school early. The notice will also be placed on the homepage of the CCSD web site the EHS web-site and via EHS Twitter. When school isclosed for the day, all school activities for that day/evening are also,!/EtowahHS/homepage 33
  35. 35. LOCKERS:Students are responsible for the care of their locker. Lockers will be inspected on a yearlybasis and students held responsible for damage. Students are not to exchange lockersor give their locker combination to other students. Problems with lockers are to bereferred before school, after school, or between classes to Mrs. Koerner, in Room 3222 inthe C-building. All lockers must be emptied by the last day of school. Students taking PEare encouraged to bring a combination lock with them so that valuables can be securedduring class. Lockers used for gym classes are for your class time only. All clothing andother items including the lock must be removed at the end of the class each day.Nothing should be left in the locker room once class has ended. Etowah High Schoolis not responsible for the theft of items from lockers (Student and PE). Lockers arethe property of CCSD and can be searched at any time.DEBT LIST:A debt list is kept for any unpaid parking tickets and/or lost book fees. These fees mustbe cleared before graduation. Also, any student who has a debt must clear it beforeparking decals will be issued at the beginning of each semester. All student debts will beprocessed through the Athletic Office, Room 2208, located in the new gym.PHOTOS/VIDEOS OF STUDENTS:Occasionally, students are photographed or videotaped for various reasons such asextracurricular activities, student projects, newspapers, and yearbook. If you haveconcerns about photo usage, contact an administrator before September 1 or within 10days of enrollment.WORK PERMITS:When an employer requests a student to have a work permit, directions for obtaining awork permit may be picked up before or after school in the Guidance Office. A studentmust have a job before obtaining the permit. The employer and the student must fill outthe work permit form and return it to the Student Services office. Copies of the student’ssocial security card and birth certificate are required to complete the work permitapplication. Please allow two school days for the school to process the form. 34
  36. 36. SNACK MACHINES:Snack and drink machines are provided for student use. Any problems with vendingmachines are to be reported to the Athletic Office, Room 2208, located in the new gymbefore school, after school, or during lunch (students must have a pass from theirlunchroom teacher). Food and drink are permitted in the classroom at the teachersdiscretion. Please refer to individual teacher syllabus for details.INSURANCE:School accident insurance is available to all students at the beginning of the school year.Students who participate in sports or other extracurricular activities must have insurance.Students participating in technology lab classes are encouraged to purchase insurance iffamily coverage is not maintained. Parents may pick up this information at theAdministration/Attendance Office.PARENT INVOLVEMENT:Parental support of all high school programs is essential. Parent/guardian volunteers arewelcome. This is particularly true as related to academic standards, homeworkassignments, class attendance, and progress conferences. The responsibility for choosingcourses to fulfill graduation requirements shall rest with the individual student and his/herparent/guardians. Parent/guardians are encouraged to communicate with their studentsteachers, track progress on Parent Portal, review all preregistration materials and assist inthe selection of proposed courses.HELPFUL RESOURCES:All Faculty and Staff e-mail addresses are listed in the Directory on the EHS 35