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Devoxx uk lambdas hackday


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Brief introductory presentation, for the Lambdas Hackday at DevoxxUK

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Devoxx uk lambdas hackday

  1. 1. Higher Order Lab Richard Warburton Stuart Marks Maurice Naftalin Graham Allan John Oliver
  2. 2. Why are we here?● Learn about lambda expressions and collections● Feedback on the new API● Have fun
  3. 3. Whats on the USB Stick?● OpenJDK binaries with lambda support ○ Windows ○ Mac ○ Linux● Javadoc for the new API● IDEs with Support ○ Idea ○ Netbeans
  4. 4. Expectations● You have a laptop ○ or a friend with a laptop!● Youve been to a lambdas talk ... ○ "Lambdas and Collections in Java 8" ○ "Accelerated Lambda Programming"● ... or you know the basics already
  5. 5. Whos WhoInstructors: put up your hands!
  6. 6. What should we focus on● At first just write the basics● Revamped collections methods ○ flatMap() ○ reduce()● Collect Changes: ○ into(new ArrayList<>()) => collect(toList()) ○ groupBy(classifier) => collect(groupingBy(classifier))
  7. 7. Exercise Ideas:● Sort a list of strings alphabetically within length.● Count number of words in a document ○● Implement sum and average of command- line arguments● Count word frequency in a document ○ maybe without loading the entire document into memory?● Feedback @●
  8. 8. Any Questions? Feedback @