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January 25th 2012 Sevierville TN. Chamber of Commerce presentation. Sevierville is a Tourism based economy located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains TN. This presentation is a basic overview for the set up of a BASIC Social Media Plan of Action. It designed to help bridge the gap between conventional thought process regarding sales, through the adaptation of technology.

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Social Media & Website The Sales Team

  1. 1. What is the name of the Game?
  2. 2. Get Business & Keep BusinessHunters – have oftenused Hounds to assistin the capture oftheir prize.If - you were ahunter what wouldyour prize be?Increased Traffic is your PRIZE !
  3. 3. • Social Media or the Hound’s job is to provide a vast array of communication methods where captivating content can be provided to any number of viewers or followers.• The captivating content in turn entices followers to continue their journey. It leads them where you want them to go, it...
  4. 4. • The Website or HUNTER’S job is to provide a platform to host content “Who you are & what’s your Product or Service.”• The Website content presents unique calls to action. The job of a call to action, is to….
  5. 5. Internet Marketing Plan of Action
  6. 6. Blog• I suggest Hosted on the same server as your existing web site.
  7. 7. What is a Blog? - Do you Blog?Todays Blogs look just like websites. Theadvantage of a BLOG (Web-Log) over astatic website, is that it allows theopportunity to speak to & with visitors.
  8. 8. What do you do with a Blog?•Produce – your own content,Video to PDF white pagedocuments.•Commentator - communicator /the voice of your product.•Gather –valuable online bookmarks and comments about yourproduct.•Join- other social networks andgroups, open conversations.•Observe-other social mediasuperstars watch what they do.
  9. 9. Social Media
  10. 10. Facebook -Facebook- (Best Practice) Use it for online branding; Facebooks strength lies in it’sability to convey passion & elicit emotion. Leverage yourcontact’s friends list. “Share the Love” well-plannedcommentary can excite peripheral clientele as neverbefore. Make your Fan’s Friends - Your NEW FansBe who you are, be transparent… people fall in love withpeople, not companies & great soulless creatures.
  11. 11. WHY GO SOCIAL?
  12. 12. Facebook-FactsoReceives More Traffic than Google Each Day.o500 Million Active Users, 50% Log in Each Day.o69% of Users are Fans of multiple Business Pageo46 Years of YouTube Video are Viewed Each Day.oWomen are Likely to Visit Multiple Times per Day.
  13. 13. Twitter-Factso280 Million Registered Userso460,000 New Accounts Created per Dayo1 Billion Tweets per Weeko182% Increase in Twitter Mobile Users in One Yearo75% of Twitter Traffic Comes from Other Collaborating Social Networkso400 Tweets per Minute Contain a YouTube Link
  14. 14. YouTube-Factso490 Million Unique Users Worldwide per Month with 92 Billion Page Views.oRegular Visitors Spend 15-25 minutes per day.oAuto Tweets result in approximately 6 new sessions.oVideo Consumption Across Social Networks Equals 46.2 Years per day.
  15. 15. TripAdvisor-Factso50 Million Monthly Visitors from 18 Travel BrandsoHosts 6 Million Candid PhotosoProperties with More Than 20 Photos Get 150% More Engagement.oVast Majority of Traveler Comments are Positive o65% of People Surveyed State a Management Response would Sway Travel Decisions
  16. 16. How Valuable - I$- TripAdvisor TripAdvisor - Business Listing Analysis
  17. 17. TripAdvisor = Reputation Management If a social media platform is not bringing in business but still carries weight and has value, (Tactic) - utilize it as a tool. Remember- 65% of People Surveyed Stated “A management response would sway travel decisions” In the overall scheme, TripAdvisor provides businesses with a great venue to show off their public relations & customer service skills.
  18. 18. Listen to Your CustomersThey are the best source for Keywords• Keywords are search terms, terms ofdescription that a potential customer may useto find you or your type of service.• Where Do I use Keywords?• E-mails-Blog Articles - Web Pages - SocialMedia. … Anywhere that you create content.
  19. 19. Cross Promote Video & Photos • Cross promote all Videos on Blog- by linking videos from YouTube Channel to Blog. • Each time you produce a new video or post photos, send a message to fans & followers on Twitter, Linked-In & Facebook.
  20. 20. 1,121 Views in Under 60 Days Click to EXPERIENCE White Water Rafting 2:56 of Fun & Excitement - Rafting in the Smokies.comLEAD -Them Where YOU WANT Them To Go!
  21. 21. Social Media Goal Setting2011 Actual Facebook -Likes Insert Present # of Likes2012 Goal Facebook -Likes Insert Goal #2011 Actual YouTube Views Insert Present # of Videos viewed2012 Goal YouTube Views Insert Goal #2011 Actual Tweets & Followers Insert Present # of T & F2012 Goal Tweets & Followers Insert Goal #2011 Actual Blog Followers Insert Present # of Blog Followers2012 Goal Blog Followers Insert Goal #2011 Actual E-News Subscribers Insert Present # of Subscribers2012 Goal E-News Subscribers Insert Goal #
  22. 22. Let’s Get AnalyticalRichism- “Analytics are your Web/Social P&L Statement”• Be sure that your company is using some kind of analytics program on both its web site and its blog. I.e. Google Analytics, Webstats, Urchin.• Get used to measuring traffic, know what information generates the greatest traffic.(Feed the visitor more of what they like, keep engaging the visitors.)
  23. 23. Web Analytics are your Online P&L - Statement
  24. 24. Thank You for Your Time (865) 242-1700 Download this presentation at I Invite you to Follow Me