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RetailNext Overview


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RetailNext's comprehensive retail analytics platform helps retailers globally to increase profit and enhance the shopper experience

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RetailNext Overview

  1. 1. Reinvent the shopper experience by addressing the complicated and unique challenges facing today’s retailers, malls, and brands. RetailNext’s analytics software and retail expertise help you better understand the shopper journey, drive sales across all channels, reduce theft, and eliminate unnecessary costs. Optimize the shopper experience.
  2. 2. 50+ countries $100M+ invested in R&D 250+ customers globally R e ta i l N e x t at a g l a n c e 200% YOY growth 500+ new sites per month 2007 year founded RetailNext Pick what’s right for you today. Grow with us tomorrow. Our flexible solutions are designed to scale as your business needs grow and change. Traffic 2.0™ Engage with your shoppers. Go beyond traditional traffic counting and conversion. Exclude staff to measure traffic more accurately and understand visit duration, unique traffic, new vs. repeat visit rate, etc. – critical insights for marketing, promotional, and communications outreach. Adapt to today’s rapidly evolving retail landscape and shopper touchpoints. RetailNext helps you manage today’s disruptive retail revolution, drive business in-store, and provide shoppers with the experience they demand. No two retailers are the same. And no two stores are the same. RetailNext offers complete insights into each of your stores including: • How many shoppers are coming in? • Who are they? • Where do they go? • What do they find engaging? • Why are and aren’t shoppers coming in, engaging, or buying? Retailer • Operations: Create a friction-free retail environment and directly impact the bottom line • Marketing: Deliver magical retail through a deep understanding of your shoppers • Loss Prevention: Unify systems cross-departmentally, leverage platform for exception based reporting • Omnichannel: Leverage multichannel shopper data for in-store engagement • Retail Labs: Innovate and test concepts prior to rollout Mall and Property • Drive leasing strategy • Optimize the marketing budget • Impact operations and control expenses Brand • Fixture and display optimization • Shopper engagement analysis • Merchandising and store compliance 5-7% sales growth through traffic measurement in the first year 20-22% category sales growth through fixture optimization analysis