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The Trans-Vector Platform, by Lyndon Nixon at TVX 2019 @datatv


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The Trans-Vector Platform, for optimized re-purposing and re-publication of TV content at TVX 2019 @datatv. ReTV project presentation by Lyndon Nixon.

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The Trans-Vector Platform, by Lyndon Nixon at TVX 2019 @datatv

  1. 1. The Trans-Vector Platform for optimized re-purposing and re-publication of TV content Lyndon Nixon, MODUL Technology DataTV @ TVX2019, 5/6/2019
  2. 2. ReTV will develop aTrans-Vector Platform (TVP) to analyse content across all channels and “publish to all media vectors with the effort of one”
  3. 3. Content Collection & Annotation TV Program information from EPG data and from Linked Data sources TV Ad information from Ad suppliers Related Content (mentioning aTV program) fromWeb and Social Media - Keyword Detection, Association - Entity Recognition, Linking - Event and Document Relations
  4. 4. Video Fragmentation & Annotation Video fragmentation into Scene, Shot and Sub-shot Labeling of fragments with visual concepts Detection of brand and channel logos in frames; detection of ad breaks
  5. 5. Content Success Metrics acrossVectors Audience metrics for OTTTV (combined with viewer profiling -> audience segmentation and targeting) Content success metrics forWeb and Social Media : reach, impact, popularity, sentiment, desired associations vs no undesired associations (WYSDOM)
  6. 6. Content Success Prediction across Vectors Use historical data (trends) to predict future success of content - Use topics of content as a feature, not just the content (TV series) itself - Identify and include external events as a feature (irregularity)
  7. 7. Content Adaptation & Re- Purposing Video summarization e.g. Focus on most successful topics Text summarization e.g. Suggested keywords for a social media posting Content Recommendation & Scheduling Recommendation engine - Most relevant content for this viewer in this context Scheduling engine - „Most likely to be successful“ content on this vector at this time
  8. 8. @ReTV_EU Facebook: Instagram: retv_project TheTVP enables new media professional and media consumer applications. Content Wizard (repurposing) Topic Compass (scheduling) 4U2 (user recommendation) Content sWitch (DAI/DCI) Selects video clips for combination and re-publication, with recommendations for the vector and time, and adaptations of content to that vector. Inserts content or advertising targeted to the viewer, profiled by their (recent) media consumption, into the media stream (e.g. pre-roll to a recording, on channel switch or during the ad break) Visualises popularity of content and topics on different vectors and predicts the future popularity; recommends content for a future vector at a future time. Chatbot to make trending content recommendations to subscribers; provides links to media streams, digital content or future broadcast. Keep ppl watching theTV content!
  9. 9. @ReTV_EU Facebook: Instagram: retv_project TopicsCompass: combine analytics and prediction to inform a more successful content publication strategy Topic Compass (scheduling) Visualise topics which are predicted to be popular on future dates Visualises popularity, polarity and communication success of topics on different vectors. ? It will predict future popularity, polarity and communication success. Visualise associations made in online content with a target (such as aTV program)
  10. 10. @ReTV_EU Facebook: Instagram: retv_project ContentWizard: re-purpose and re-publish content for optimal reach on every channel Content Wizard (repurposing) Publish on the right channel at the right time for the optimal predicted reach. Selects video clips for combination and re-publication, with recommendations for the vector and time, and adaptations of content to that vector. Select content for publication based on predictions of popularity of that content (Topics Compass). Create content summaries based on (a) channel (e.g. video duration limits), (b) topics of interest and (c) purpose.
  11. 11. @ReTV_EU Facebook: Instagram: retv_project 4u2: a chatbot for recommending trending content
  12. 12. @ReTV_EU Facebook: Instagram: retv_project Content sWitch: dynamic insertion of personalised in- stream content
  13. 13. The ReTV Stakeholder Forum is your opportunity to engage with us, be first to get updates and have the opportunity to test theTVP and applications! First prototype of theTVP Dashboard is available. Professional user tools will be available (prototypes) July/August 2019. Viewer applications on top ofTVP (recommendation chatbot, dynamic in- stream content placement) will also be tested in July/August 2019
  14. 14. @ReTV_EU Facebook: Instagram: retv_project Dr. Lyndon Nixon ReTV Project Coordinator @ReTV_EU @ReTVeu ReTV Project retv_project