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Discussing proposal, job roles and

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Meeting minuets

  1. 1. Pre-Production Meeting Minuets<br />Ryan Inglis (Working Title)<br />Produced by Laura Manners, Corry Raymond and Jake Coates<br />Entertainment Pictures<br />10/10/2011<br />Copyright c 2011<br />Proposal, Issues, Codes and Conventions, Job Roles<br />Proposal For the intro for the proposal we should use a planned speech at the beginning, which introduces the title and give a really quick brief of the content. Along side this we should edit to a quick video of archive footage - film of gigs and charity events/interviews and photos - that corresponds with what the narrator is saying. So, for example, the narrator would say ‘…singer, songwriter…’ and either an image or a short clip should be shown of him singing and playing his guitar.<br />For some of the other slides we should show our research by using print screens of websites, news paper clips etc. We could also maybe give the panel a hand out.<br />Then we need some slides giving the details of our contributors, Laura’s making make those slides. Yes, in them I’ll just show examples of the emails, possible interviewee’s so who they are and why I got in contact with them.<br />Research Market research (questionnaire) to be done by the end of this week. We could Possibly do it tomorrow but we need to get in contact with the music tutors.<br />Job Roles Producer – Corry<br />Director – Joint role, all make contribution<br />Chief Editor – Laura (Do research about how I can edit it, styles etc.)<br />Chief Director of photography – Jake<br />Sound - Laura<br />Equipment<br />We defiantly want to film in HD, if we have the equipment available then we should make use of it. The best camera to use for this is probably a Z7, but that’s quite a big one and wouldn’t be very convenient to get more than one shot, we would only have the one camera so we would have to move the camera around and maybe get the subject to repeat things. An alternative is the Canon 55D, we could use more of these as there’s more accessible. We could even use both, so use the Z7 as our main camera and then the 55D to make the film more interesting and get some other shots in.<br />