Thriller research


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Thriller research

  1. 1. Thriller Research<br />History of thriller <br />The thriller genre was first used in 1911 with the silent film ‘what women suffer’ and then the 1914 series ‘Perils of Pauline’ which showed weekly and one of the first thriller themed motion pictures. In the 1930’s, the period of detectives, there were films like 'The Thin Man' based on the book by Dashiell Hammett that was produced into a TV series and 'Bulldog Drummond'. The next best thriller theme film was Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 ‘The 39 Steps’ the film set the template for adventure thrillers, which the Bond movies would follow. Then came the 70s gritty crime thrillers like ‘The French Connection’, ‘Chinatown’ and ‘The Long Goodbye’, in the work of independent-minded directors like the Coen brothers. But it’s in its glossy, high-concept form that the thriller dominates today. Paul Greengrass’s ‘The Bourne Supremacy’ in 2004, a good example of a modern Hollywood thriller and sets the stereotypical thriller with action scenes, car chases, acrobatic fight sequences and set-piece pursuits in foreign locations.<br />Thriller Poster Analysis<br />-482603175000Technical codes<br /><ul><li>-Green tinge to the photograph</li></ul>-Close up of face to show emotions <br />Symbolic codes<br />-Setting in the background of fields, gives people an idea of the destination and plot <br />-Main character close up, concentrating with gun, confident - gives the audience a view of the type of character <br />-Man with a gun-danger and action, violence, sets the genre of the film<br />Written codes<br /><ul><li>-Bold title, in red and white to stand out, also the red might represent danger, or blood.
  2. 2. -The tag line tells part of the story, makes people want to see what happens, again represents danger and action</li></ul>-457200-49022000Technical codes <br />-Blue colour <br />- long shot of setting lets the audience know the scene and can guess the plot, which makes them want to find out more <br /><ul><li>Symbolic codes
  3. 3. -Man with gun
  4. 4. -
  5. 5. Written codes
  6. 6. -Bold red title, against dark background, so it stands out
  7. 7. -29527509525000Technical codes </li></ul>-The poster is trying to appeal to a more mature audience.<br />-Dark and dirty colour, creates mystery and horror<br />Symbolic codes<br /><ul><li>-The colour scheme gives us the impression that the movie is going to be gritty and unpleasant
  8. 8. -The main image of a hand holding a mobile phone is a relation to the title. The arm and hand look dirty, as if they person has been through a tough time which helps to add to the idea of violence and death.
  9. 9. -The phone itself has an imagine of a woman who looks as if she is in pain and suffering. The colours she is </li></ul>Written codes<br />-Title in red again, stands out very clearly from the black background it is very dark and sinister <br />-The serif font has been used for the text, which fits in with the theme of the poster. <br />-The word ‘Stranger’ has a negative connotation which allows the audience to make assumptions about the film already. <br />