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Documentary research


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Documentary research

  1. 1. Documentary Research<br />Primary research – interviews, questionnaires,<br />Secondary research – archive footage, newspaper articles, reviews, websites, photos<br />We’ve already carried out primary research in the form of an interview with Tony Hobton. Tony discussed with us about his relationship with both Charlie and Ryan. He knew them both from their years at college studying music production diploma and considered himself a close friend of the pair. This has given us a lot more leads and ideas of questions we can add into other interviews.<br />We could interview a range of people starting with the obvious interview with Ryan. We could then go on to interview Charlie’s mother, other charity workers, people who have been helped by the charity, people who have won the Charlie Derik award, Ryan’s music producers/other musicians involved and the pairs teachers and friends.<br />Websites we could use for research include sources such as Slice the Pie, who help Ryan with funding, Ryan’s blog and the charity website.<br />More secondary research we can use is archive footage. This includes footage from Ryan’s previous gigs, footage from the skydive he recently did to raise money for the charity, <br />