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Assignment of mpp(audi)


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Assignment of mpp(audi)

  1. 1. Assignment of Management Principles and Practices Submmited by:Asiful Haque MBA/15056/13 Semester:1st
  2. 2. Topic Market Audit of AUDI in German Market
  3. 3. Company’s profile  Audi is the name of a luxury car manufacturer that was first established in Zwickau, Germany in the year 1909.  Audi cars are famous not only for its impeccable sophistication design and style but also for its hard found creative and innovative ideas.  Audi cars are manufactured in India (Aurangabad)
  4. 4. Company’s profile   Audi has many models, Some of them are:Audi A3  Audi S8  Audi S4  Audi TT  Audi RS4  Audi Q7  Audi A4 and many more
  5. 5. Audi connect services  Audi music stream  News online  Navigation with Google Earth™ and Google Street View™  Point-of-interest search  Travel information / weather  Online traffic information  Wi-Fi hotspot  Destination entry via myAudi or Google Maps™
  6. 6. How Audi Cars Reach The Dealer  The Car Parts are first manufactured in Germany.  Then they are shipped to India as parts, and reach Aurangabad where they are assembled.  Then the cars are transported through trucks to the Dealer in Bangalore, a maximum of 4 Audi cars will be sent in 1 truck at once
  7. 7. Channel Of Distribution of Audi  Manufacturer  Assembly  Dealer  Customer
  8. 8. Services Audi BMW Mercedes Benz After Sales Free Service 2 - - Customization Upon Request Yes Yes Yes Pick Up And Drop Available Available Available Tow Service By The Company   
  9. 9. Audi & Competitors  There are numerous brand are there in the field of sports cars and luxurious cars: BMW  Mercedes  Opel  Porsche  Volkswagen
  10. 10. Audi & Competitors Bangalore Population- 95,84,676 Particula r Market share In Quantity Territory Population BMW 40% 2000 East 21,77,813 AUDI 35% 1700 West 17,00,254 BENZ 20% 1000 North 24,76,249 OTHERS 5% 250 South 32,31,424
  11. 11. Channel of Distribution
  12. 12. Review I love this car -- it looks great inside and out, the build quality is extraordinarily high, and it offers just the right balance of tight handling, comfort, and size. Personally, I find the engine to be more than up to the task for fun driving (especially when combined with the sport suspension, which I also have), although if you're after raw horsepower you should probably look for something other than the A4 at this price.
  13. 13. That’s All Thank You