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Marketing plan


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Marketing plan

  2. 2. Marketing Plan: Audi Company Overview: Parent Company: Audi (Volkswagen Group) Category: Super mini, SUV, Sedan, Sports Car Sector: Automobiles 1. Introduction & Mission Statement Audi is a premium and performance car manufacturer. Our Strategy 2020 provides even clearer focus on our target to become the number one premium brand. With the change in demand from society in the types of cars people wish to drive, we have to adjust the path we are taking to achieve our vision. We can only achieve this if we focus our full and uncompromising attention on the customer. That‟s why our mission is: „We delight customers worldwide‟ To delight customers worldwide we must focus on giving them the very best brand experience, with innovative and emotional products. This must be delivered with the passion, skill and rapid response of everyone in our organisation. Audi's two principal assembly plants: • Ingolstadt, Opened by Auto Union in 1964, (A3, A4, A5, Q5) • Neckarsulm, Acquired from NSU in 1969 (A4, A6, A7, A8, R8 & all RS variants) Outside of Germany, Audi produces vehicles at: • Aurangabad, India since 2006 • Bratislava, Slovakia, shared with Volkswagen, SEAT, Škoda and Porsche • Brussels, Belgium, acquired from Volkswagen in 2007 (A1)
  3. 3. • Changchun, China since 1995 • Győr, Hungary, (TT and some A3 variants) • Jakarta, Indonesia since 2011 • Martorell, Spain shared with SEAT and Volkswagen (Q3) Tagline/ Slogan: Progress through technology USP: Wide range of luxurious and comfortable cars delivering excellent engine performance Product Portfolio: 1. Audi A1 2. Audi A3 3. Audi A4 4. Audi A5 5. Audi A6 6. Audi A7 7. Audi A8 8. Audi Q3 9. Audi Q5 10. Audi Q7 11. Audi R8 12. Audi TT SWOT Analysis Strength: 1. Available in both petrol and diesel variants with a huge product portfolio 2. Wide range to cars to choose from starting from Hatchback to Luxury SUVs 3. Equipped with superior features like parking sensors, LED illuminated interiors, Air bags, traction control and much more 4. Elegant styling of both interiors & exteriors 5. Latest technology like Quattro and FSI provide refined and efficient engine performance
  4. 4. 6. Well established brand which helps in the brand recall 7. Has approximately 50,000 employees worldwide 8. The brand has actively been involved in motorsport and sponsorship of many sporting and premium events Weakness: 1. High maintenance & handling cost 2. Limited presence in emerging markets where some other brands have taken over the market Opportunities 1. Expanding automobile market and available space 2. Opportunity to leverage brand recall and acquire newer customers 3. Expansion of product portfolio by entering into low cost cars 4. Increasing manufacturing capability to meet increasing demand generated through advertising Threats 1. Increasing fuel costs 2. Competition from other big automobile giants 3. Product innovations and frugal engineering by competitors 4. Limitations due to government policies in entering foreign markets Competition 1. BMW 2. Volkswagen 3. Mercedes 4. Porsche
  5. 5. STP Analysis: Segment: Affluent customers seeking luxury, comfort and excellent driving experience Target Group: Targeted towards professionals and executives as well as rich families Positioning: Positioned as a company which continuously progresses by using innovative technology and provides superior luxury and better driving experience Differentiation:Audi says it intends to pursue a new design strategy that will differentiate more between model lines, allow a greater integration of technical features and give emphasis to creating individual styling that pairs the exterior and interior of a vehicle.The automaker's main goal is to distinguish between the styling of its A, R and Q model lines.Audi points to the Crosslane Coupe concept car as an example of its new design direction."Something new has to come along without breaking with tradition," Audi design chief Wolfgang Egger said in a statement, adding that technology will no longer be buried in a design but made visible.Egger said an example of this is the mix of technology and novel material combinations used on the design of the Crosslane, which Audi debuted at the Paris auto show. The concept is seen as a starting point for a future Q2 small SUV and an example of what future Q family models will look like.Audi's new design direction also intends to achieve a greater unity between the individuality of exterior and interior designs in its vehicles, to such an extent that customers will be able to recognize models from their interiors. 4P’S OF AUDI: Product: Audi produce only high-tech, modern, high quality cars. Audi has slogan “Truth of engineering”, what means all goods of this company must be on high level of all area technologies such as ecology, safety, comfortable and economy. Really, Audi‟s cars comply with the slogan.
  6. 6. Price: Audi‟s cars have average price in the market, but this is the case of balance between price and quality. For example, Mercedes-Benz‟s cars are much more expensive than Audi‟s cars, but they have the same quality. The price of Audi‟s cars oriented on middle-class and target audience are mens, because Audi‟s cars are brutal. Promotion: The best way for promotion cars is racing, because everybody want to have race car in everyday life, especially mans feel a lack in adrenaline. And racing is the best way to show customers that your car better, faster etc. Also, Audi promote their cars in films, for choice in films, which have many pursuit and racing. The last type of Audi‟s cars promotion is advertising in men‟s magazines. Place: Audi has many show-rooms in a different areas of big cities. BCG Analysis STARS : A5 A1 Q5 TT CASH COWS : Q7 A1 Q3 QUESTION : TT R8 DOGS : A3 A7 A8 Conclusion: In conclusion, Audi appears as one of the world leaders of the motorcar. Its commercial and marketing strategy is based on quality cars and luxury with a sports image. Recently AUDI can praise itself to be on all the segments. There is no real policy of Audi marketing. Audi works in study project on each model. There are no common rules with share to create cars of quality.