Audio Visual Quiz Nov 19,2013


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A general Audio Visual Quiz held during Aranya 2k13

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Audio Visual Quiz Nov 19,2013

  1. 1. Thapar Quizzing Club & Aranya 2k13 Presents Audio-Visual Quiz Thapar University, Patiala 1
  2. 2. Prelims 18 Questions in all. 6 star marked Questions. Will be seen in case of a tie. Every 3rd Q is star marked.
  3. 3. 1.
  4. 4. 2. He asked for one rupee for providing permission to the project. The makers added a touch of symbolism by finding a rupee note printed in 1958 - in many ways, this was a golden and breakthrough year not just for him, but also for Indian athletics because of the Commonwealth and Asian Games. Who is he, and what did he thus bless?
  5. 5. *3. This journeyman cricketer came into prominence in the 1986-87 one-day series against Australia, when a hundred and two fifties in six matches won him the Man of the Series award. Played four tests for India His last match was at Dhaka playing for Abahani Krira Chakra. Who is the cricketer?
  6. 6. Raman Lamba
  7. 7. 4. The film "San Ge Sha Gua" has been one of the big hits in Chinese cities in 2011, especially with young audiences, with whom it seems to have struck a natural chord. How do we know this film in India?
  8. 8. 5. Given are the audio clip. Give me the name of tv series or movie or ad name or whatever it is.
  9. 9. HIMYM
  10. 10. *6. In August 2012, a mountain rescue worker and his neighbour discovered a diplomatic mailbag from Mont Blanc. This was established to have come from the remains of an Air India Boeing 707 that had crashed into the mountain in 1966. The mail was handed over to the Indian embassy in Paris. The most notable passenger on board this crash in 1966 was an Indian scientist, whose life was cut short at age 56. Who?
  11. 11. Homi jahangir Bhabha
  12. 12. 7. What are these? (not exhaustive) Finger Wave Pixie Bouffant Farah-do The Rachel Wedge Pompadour Fauxhawk Hi Top Fade
  13. 13. Hair Cuts!
  14. 14. 8. Hassan-i-Sabbah led an order of armed militants, terrorising the Seljuqs in the Persian territories in 1091. They were believed to be addicted to hashish, and hence the name ______. Their legend was recreated by a recent video game, which is named after the English variant of the term _______. What game?
  15. 15. Hashishin Assassin’s Creed
  16. 16. *9. ID the word.  One of the origin of the word can be traced to the fact that in Ancient Babylon, the Bride's father would supply his son-in-law with all the mead he could drink for a month after the wedding. (Keep in mind that their calendar was lunar)  However, Merriam Webster Dictionary reports the etymology as from the "the idea that the first month of the marriage is sweetest".  Today this idea has become synonymous with voyage, a practice which originated from the Indian elite and spread to Europe from there on.
  17. 17. Honeymoon
  18. 18. 10. Turning the mustaches a little round (on corners) putting on a pair of shades like Anna Mixing coconut in Lassi, Come all, in a good mood.. …….blah blah blah……….. When this song will play in disco You’ll have to come on the floor, You’ll have to pick your X up [to dance] and have to show the dance step.. Id X.
  19. 19. 11. ID the brand
  20. 20.  *12. After being asked why the X didn’t light the big Olympic torch (as he had done in the story Fear Her), he joked: “What happened? What went wrong? I was waiting for the phone call. There was an online petition apparently, which the London Organising Committee chose to ignore. Worse than that, in the opening ceremony there was this Y sequence that got cleared. We all had to sign off on it and they cut it!”  ID X and Y.
  21. 21. X=Doctor Y=Doctor Who
  22. 22. 13. ID
  23. 23. LACROSSE
  24. 24. 14. The 2013 film "Ranjhanaa" is set in Varanasi, is directed by Aanand Rai, and has music composed by A.R.Rahman. According to its director, his music composer paid homage to which Bharat Ratna through the music, by prominently using the shehnai in many of its songs?
  25. 25. *15. You might have heard this song. Where? Aamaletiya stavin crata pile pila Aamaletiya merlucchiya pile pila Inlorpotamanta tora tut tut tiya Less so less in nina amichiya strala Aamalitiya stavin crata pile pila Aameletiya merlucchiya pile pila Aamalitiya stavin crata pile pila Aameletiya merlucchiya pile pila Aamalitiya stavin crata pile pila Aameletiya merlucchiya.......
  26. 26. Frooti Ad
  27. 27. 16. ID the guy on left.
  28. 28. Raghu Ram Rajan _current RBI governor
  29. 29.  17. X was one of top six contestants in reality-singing series, Fame Gurukul in 2005 .  He worked with Kumar Taurani's music company. He had also worked under music director trio Shankar Ehsaan Loy. And now he became an assistant to music director Pritam.  ID X.
  30. 30. Watch him live on Sunday !! (cancelled )
  31. 31.  *18. 500 Startups-backed shopping search site Pricebaba last year launched a campaign to convince Google to do something, but their ambitious goal ultimately ended in defeat following Google’s announcement. Undeterred by their failure,they have already launched an online campaign to convince Google for the same thing in a slightly different way which apparently matches Google's convention for the same. What is it?
  32. 32. To name the new android version as ladoo
  33. 33. End of prelims
  34. 34. Movie Mania Written round consisting of 6 questions (Minimalist Posters) +5 for each correct answer.
  35. 35. 1.
  36. 36. 2.
  37. 37. Four Weddings and a Funeral
  38. 38. 3.
  39. 39. 4. Sitter
  40. 40. 5.
  41. 41. 6.
  42. 42. Blood Diamond
  43. 43. Mains Infinite Bounce With no partial marking +10 for direct Q & +5 for pass.
  44. 44. Hint: It is not '#twerk', '#showrooming', '#Bitcoin' or ‘#binge-watch'.
  45. 45. Selfie : oxford word of the year
  46. 46. A classic Xerox ad. What is the second ‘R’ that they are talking about ?
  47. 47. The ‘r’ in the registered trademark symbol ®. This ad was part of a campaign to drive home the point that Xerox is a trademark and not a generic word.
  48. 48. Identify these girls. Recently in news.
  49. 49. Magnus Carlsen fans the 'Pyjama Girls'.
  50. 50. This thriller was published to great anticipation in May 2013. It inaccurately quotes a line from the Bhagwad Gita (made famous by the physicist Robert J. Oppenheimer) which is usually translated as "I am become Death, Destroyer of Worlds" by replacing "Death" by "Vishnu". Which book?
  51. 51. Its logo was designed by Atul Pande and consists of the Sun and a fingerprint. The opening lines of its theme song are: Bhor hui jeevan mein Shuru nai udaan Mili hume pehchaan Khule naye ab dwaar What?
  52. 52. FITB In 2004, who filed a successful request to trademark the phrase “That’s Hot”, because "I've been saying it forever. I want to put it on T-shirts and stuff like that."? Producers of a movie starring this person asked people to come to the theatre to “See _____ Die”, and one of the most successful DVDs to star this person was all about spending a night in a European city. Or so it would seem.
  53. 53. Paris Hilton
  54. 54. The Mahabharata mentions that only four people listened to the Bhagvat Gita directly from Krishna. Arjuna was the one it was addressed to, Sanjaya listened to it because of his divine vision; and Ved Vyasa who was experiencing the past, present and future at the same time. Dhritarashtra heard it indirectly from Sanjaya. Who was the fourth?
  55. 55. Hanuman! Hanuman was doing a favour to Arjuna by being present in the flag on his chariot. When Krishna drove the chariot to the middle of the battlefield; Hanuman too became a witness to the Geeta.
  56. 56. Early in 2005, school officials in China, banned X. The immediate cause was that students had been altering notebooks to resemble X and then writing the names of acquaintances, enemies, and teachers in the books.  ID X
  57. 57. Death Note
  58. 58. It was first observed directly by human eyes during the Apollo 8 mission in 1968 by Astronaut William Anders who described the view as : “The backside looks like a sand pile my kids have played in for some time. It's all beat up, no definition, just a lot of bumps and holes. ” What is being described here ?
  59. 59. The dark side of the moon
  60. 60. The creator artist David Lloyd had this to say about his creation’s increasing popularity. Fill in both blanks. “ The ___ ______ ____ has now become a common brand and a convenient placard to use in protest against tyranny- and I’m happy with people using it, it seems quite unique, an icon of popular culture being used this way.” “ __________ needed an all purpose image to hide their identity and also symbolise that they stood for individualism- it is after all a story about one person against the system”
  61. 61. Guy Fawkes mask and anonymous
  62. 62. This particular on-screen instruction seen in many operating systems is an artifact from the days of computer programming when compiler output would scroll off screen and had to be paused to be viewed. However, it caused considerable confusion to early users who would call asking for where something was located. What instruction?
  63. 63. Press ‘Any’ Key to Continue
  64. 64. Mehran Karimi Nasseri (born 1942), also known as Sir, Alfred Mehran, is an Iranian refugee who lived in the departure lounge of Terminal One in Charles de Gaulle Airport from 8 August 1988 until July 2006, when he was hospitalized for an unspecified ailment. His autobiography has been published as a book and is the basis for a movie directed by Steven Spielberg. Name the movie.
  65. 65. The Terminal
  66. 66. According to ancient tale , there was a Muslim shepherd named Buta Malik who was given a sack of coal by a sadhu. Upon reaching home, he discovered that the sack ,in fact, contained gold. Overjoyed and overcome ,Buta Malik rushed back to look for the sadhu and thank him,but on the spot of their meeting discovered a cave and eventually this became a place of workship for all the believers .To date, a percentage of donations given by pilgrims are given to Malik’s descendents and remaining to the trust which manages the shrine. Name this famous shrine
  67. 67. Amarnath Cave Shrine ,Kashmir
  68. 68. IDENTIFY X X’s father died in a plane crash when his american pilot misjudged a landing. X’s elder brother was killed when he accidently flew an airplane over power lines in San Antonio, Texas, USA. X was 6ft 4inch-6ft 6inch in height & weighing about 165 pounds. He had an olive complexion and was left handed. He was described as soft-spoken and mild mannered in demeanor. One of his nick names includes LION. Some reports suggest he earned a degree in civil engineering in 1979, or a degree in public administration in 1981. British comedian Dom Joly claimed that he attended school with X.
  70. 70.  Born as Farukh Bulsara in Zanzibar on Sep 5,1946,his parents were Parsi migrants from India. He attended the St.Peter’s Boarding school near Mumbai, where he learnt the piano. In 1964, his family fled to England, and he had a Diploma in Art and Design. He was also a singer for bands like Ibex and Sour MilkSea. In 1970 he formed this band along with Brian Mayand Roger Taylor, and he also designed the band’s logo. Along with his work for the band, he also produced two solo albums Mr Bad Guy and Barcelona. Name the singer and the band.
  72. 72. ID X.  Dinanath Gopal X, an Indian writer  Priya Vijay X, an Indian actress  Ramesh X, Marathi novelist  Suresh X, an Indian economist  Vijay X, an Indian playwright
  73. 73. Tendulkar  Tendulkar is a common Marathi surname belonging to Rajpura Saraswat Brahmin caste. People with Tendulkar as surname:  Dinanath Gopal Tendulkar, an Indian writer  Priya Vijay Tendulkar, an Indian actress  Ramesh Tendulkar, Marathi novelist  Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, an Indian cricketer  Suresh Tendulkar, an Indian economist  Vijay Tendulkar, an Indian playwright
  74. 74. Bob Clampett created this character after being inspired by an unflattering baby photo of himself. The character, originally named Orson, was initially pitted against two hungry cats. The name was later changed to something much sweeter . What name do we know this character as today?
  75. 75. Tweety
  76. 76. This comic character was introduced by Pran in 1971 for LotPot magazine. The side characters included the protagonist’s wife, dog and alien friend. In a TV version of the comic, the role of the character as played by Raghuvir Yadav.
  77. 77. Chacha Chaudhary
  78. 78. Connect
  79. 79. Indian Express !
  80. 80. The concept for it was first proposed in a 2008 design paper, following which V0.1 was announced and released in Jan, 2009 on a cryptography mailing list. In 2010, someone interested in a $25 pizza procured it successfully using this. As of 2011, Wikileaks, The Free Software Foundation, Freenet, PioneerOne all endorse this while various governments are looking at it without amusement. What?
  81. 81. BitCoin – virtual currency that has launched a parallel economy
  82. 82. India has 21 of these. 9 of them are a little different These 9 are: Bilaspur, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Allahabad, Cuttack, Guwahati, Jodhpur, Nainital, Jabalpur What?
  83. 83. High Courts of India; these 9 are not in a state capital
  84. 84. This term in Jainism translates to “destroyer of enemies” these refer to the enemies within, such as pride, anger, greed etc. Each Tirthankar would have attained this Also a class of vehicles in the Indian Navy What term?
  85. 85. “Arihanta”; also the name of the navy’s nuclear-class submarines
  86. 86.  We know this woman as "Talisa Maegyr" from HBO's "Game of Thrones" series. However, she is not the only actor from her family.  Who was her more famous (maternal) grandfather?  (Hint: she was named "Oona" after her maternal grandmother.)
  87. 87. Charlie Chaplin
  88. 88.  X is the name of a fictional character created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons for DC Comics. X is ranked number 29 on Wizard's Top 200 Comic Book Characters list and number 21 on IGN's Top 100 Villains list. Who is X?  X is also a sonnet by Percy Bysshe Shelley, published in 1818 in London. It is probably Shelley's most famous short poem. The poem is supposedly inspired by a colossal statue of Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II, so much so that it paraphrases the inscription on the base of the statue : "King of Kings am I, X. If anyone would know how great I am and where I lie, let him surpass one of my works."
  89. 89.  Ozymandias
  90. 90.  X grew up as a football fan living in poverty in Mexico. His family escaped to Los Angeles as illegal immigrants. As he became older, he became a busboy at a restaurant, while also working part-time with his father in a gardening business. A former Scottish footballer and scout spotted X, playing for an amateur club in Los Angeles, before offering him a tryout for Y, a Premier League club.  X’s father did not approve, claiming that the family business was more important than sports. Without the money to travel, he lost all hope of giving the tryout; however his grandmother with her own secret money purchased X a plane ticket, which he reluctantly accepted and departed for England.  ID X and Y.
  91. 91. X- Santiago Munez Y- Newcastle United.
  92. 92.  The person in the picture is Colonel Homi Motivala. He shares the unique distinction of winning the ‘triple’ of the Arjuna, Khel Ratna and Dronacharya Awards with another sportsperson. Who?
  93. 93. Pullela Gopichand
  94. 94. He was said to be the best all-rounder of his day. He made his first-class debut for Sussex in 1845 aged 18, weighing only 7 stone (45kg). Initially a fast round-arm bowler, his pace slowed in later years. While bowling fast, he took on average nearly 10 wickets in every game. In 1850, playing for the South against the North at Lord's, he took all 10 wickets in the second innings, all clean bowled (still the only instance of all ten wickets being taken "bowled“ in any first-class match). In all, he took 1,109 first-class wickets with a bowling average of 10.32. He was also a fine batsman (4,140 first-class runs with a batting average of 14.12, an average which was very good for the time). He scored only two centuries, the first in 1849 and the second was the only century scored in 1855. Who?
  95. 95. John Wisden
  96. 96. Ron Howard has directed a Formula 1 movie. The project, titled Rush will chart the rivalry between world champions X and Y in the 1970s. X, who is a triple Formula 1 world champion, almost lost his life in a serious accident at the 1976 German Grand Prix which left him with severe scarring from burns. He now works as a motorsports commentator for German broadcaster RTL. Y, who was famed for his playboy lifestyle and eccentricity on and off the track, won the world championship once in 1976.
  97. 97. X- Niki Lauda, Y- James Hunt
  98. 98. X arrived at London with the aim of buying Y. Admittedly, he was a fan. The management at Y though declined after repeated advances by X, and with his 10 day visa permit fast coming to an end, he ended up buying Z. And thus came about one of the most important takeovers in sporting history. ID X,Y, and Z.
  99. 99. X-Roman Abramovich Y- Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Z- Chelsea F.C.
  100. 100. Mega Connect • +10 for direct Q & +5 for pass Q. • Connect scores as written in each slide.
  101. 101. +25/-20  Ezhai padum padu(Song by the poor) directed by K.Ramnoth in 1950 was released at the same time in Tamil and Telugu. It is primary Indian movie adaptation of a Western literary classic.  Which work?
  102. 102. Les Misérables
  103. 103. +20/-15  Iranian director Ataollah Salmanian is working on a movie called 'The General Staff' which is being funded by the Iranian government. The movie is said to be based on eyewitness accounts and is actually being created as a response to something else. So, what is this main purpose behind the production of this movie?
  104. 104. It is the Iranian take on the movie Argo and depicts things from an Iranian perspective
  105. 105. +15/-10  At around 11 am, on the morning of February 25th 2013, a chai shop owner in Manimajra, Chandigarh, started distributing free chai and samosa to everyone.  Why ?
  106. 106. That area in Chandigarh had been converted to th Abottabad bazaar in the movie Zero Dark Thirty. As a result, various stall owners had made huge profits. The celebration was a result of ZDT winning an oscar.
  107. 107. +10/-5 Complete the list  Pushing Hands  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon  Hulk  Brokeback Mountain  ?? (inexhaustive)
  108. 108. Life of Pi
  109. 109. +5/0 (guess karlo !!) X is an American romantic comedy-drama film directed by David O. Russell, from a screenplay by Russell, adapted from the novel of the same name by Matthew Quick. It received eight Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director for Russell, in addition to achieving the rare feat of being nominated in all four acting categories, the first time since Reds in 1981, and also being nominated for the Big Five, the first time since Million Dollar Baby in 2004. Identify X.
  110. 110. Silver Linings Playbook
  111. 111. Mega Connect Best Picture •Argo – Grant Heslov, Ben Affleck, and George Clooney • Amour – Margaret Menegoz, Stefan Arndt, Veit Heiduschka, and Michael Katz • Beasts of the Southern Wild – Dan Janvey, Josh Penn, and Michael Gottwald • Django Unchained – Stacey Sher, Reginald Hudlin, and Pilar Savone • Les Misérables – Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Debra Hayward, and Cameron Mackintosh • Life of Pi – Gil Netter, Ang Lee, and David Womark • Lincoln – Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy • Silver Linings Playbook – Donna Gigliotti, Bruce Cohen, and Jonathan Gordon • Zero Dark Thirty – Mark Boal, Kathryn Bigelow, and Megan
  112. 112. Aur questions chahiye?? Toh fir Saturday ko aayiye Quiz Carnival main aur jeete dher saare inaam!! 126 Tha par Uni vers