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Final round of Visual Quiz conducted at GE Research Center in Bangalore, Sept 2008

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Visual Quiz

  1. 1. Muses Club Quiz General Electric Company John F Welch Technology Center Bangalore 22 September 2008 Quiz Master Shourya Sarcar
  2. 2. Round One
  3. 3. Person on the right is CEO of GE International, Nani Becalli-Falco, winner of European Business Leader of the Year, 2008. Young guy on the left has done 50 M&A since 2006 and was named EBL of the Future 2008. Who is he ?
  4. 4. Aditya Mittal
  5. 5. The kid in the middle grew up to be a heavyweight Bollywood music director. His musical roots lie in his parents being famous artists of their time. Identify the kid.
  6. 6. Bappi Lahiri
  7. 7. This car needs no reverse gear because it can pivot 360 degrees on its wheels. Name the car/make.
  8. 8. Nissan Pivo 2
  9. 9. “ I have carried the manuscript of these translations about with me for days, reading it in railway trains, or on the top of omnibuses and in restaurants, and I have often had to close it lest some stranger would see how much it moved me. “ The gentleman on the left wrote this. Who is he and what was he referring to as the “manuscripts” ?
  10. 10. W.B Yeats on Rabindranath’s Gitanjali
  11. 11. What’s the significance of this newspaper ?
  12. 12. First African American owned and operated newspaper published in the United States
  13. 13. “ You will be cursed by the other generations, and you will come to rule over them “ Using the clues, name the painting on the left, a work of art by Giotto di Bondone
  14. 14. The Kiss of Judas
  15. 15. Identify the incident
  16. 16. Self-immolation triggered by the Mandal Commission
  17. 17. Round Two
  18. 18. Recently the elderly lady in the center captured the news and a lot of public sympathy, attention and support surfaced for her. Who is she ?
  19. 19. Julie – the nurse who claims to have served and healed Amitabh Bachchan in Bangalore after his near-fatal accident on the sets of Coolie. Now, she herself needed money for her treatment
  20. 20. Virginia, 1781 Lord Cornwallis receives sons of Tipu Sultan as hostages, 1792 Bangalore, 1792 Name the person connecting the two incidents depicted by these paintings
  21. 21. Lord Cornwallis Surrendered to G. Washington – 1781 Receiving Tipu Sultan’s sons as hostage - 1792
  22. 22. Left: Steve Jobs. Who’s the guy on the right ?
  23. 23. Dan Lyons, fake Steve Jobs
  24. 24. The New Colossus Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, With conquering limbs astride from land to land; Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of Exiles. A poem written by Emma Lazarus. Where will you find this inscribed ?
  25. 25. Statue of Liberty
  26. 26. “ As far as my photographs go, what is obscene about it? If navel-showing is obscenity, then our traditional Indian outfit - the traditional sari - should be banned in the first place." [ -- Who is this PETA activist ?
  27. 27. Shilpa Shetty
  28. 28. A 1927 silent movie about fighter pilots in WW I – what’s this movie’s claim to fame ?
  29. 29. Awarded Best Picture at the FIRST Academy Awards in 1928. Also the only silent movie to win a Best Picture at the Oscars
  30. 30. Nobel – 1932 63 patents GE employee Identify the laureate
  31. 31. Irving Langmuir
  32. 32. Round Three
  33. 33. Which city are we talking about ? (Bonus: Identify the picture source of the kid)
  34. 34. Benaras The pic is from Aparajito, a part of the Apu Trilogy by Satyajit Ray. Apu spent a part of his childhood in Benaras
  35. 35. This organisation was involved in a controversy over its members' persistent refusal to allow female membership well into the 1990s. Eventually, the govt. of that country intervened threatening to cut funding on the grounds it was being sexist, ending 212 years of male exclusivity. Name the organisation.
  36. 36. Marylebone Cricket Club
  37. 37. Bob Dylan and Who ?
  38. 38. Alan Ginsberg
  39. 39. Born in England, received hon. Doctorate from Penn, Harvard, Yale. Knighted in 1982. Advised four U.S. presidents on economic matters and in 1980 was named the most respected U.S business executive in Wall Street Journal. Identify the man.
  40. 40. Reginald Jones, the CEO of GE from whom Jack Welch took over
  41. 41. An investment called India Whose theme song ?
  42. 42. National Stock Exchange of India
  43. 43. 50 most stylish men by GQ FIFA Hall of Fame: 2004 Never played the World Cup “ Pele good, Maradona better, … “ Identify the footballer on the left, a huge hit with female fans of his time
  44. 44. George Best
  45. 45. Whose ad ?
  46. 46. GE Water Technologies
  47. 47. Round Four
  48. 48. Peter Parnell wrote a play called QED which hit Broadway starring Alan Alda. Whose life was it based on ?
  49. 49. Richard Feynman
  50. 50. After the Great Fire of London, Nicholas Barbon, a physician and a doctor started the first “Fire Brigade”. He also started a concept/industry which has become quite popular today.
  51. 51. Insurance He started a company called “The Insurance Office” to provide fire insurance
  52. 52. When Ivo goes back with the urn, the urn; Studds, Steel, Read and Tylecote return, return; The welkin will ring loud, The great crowd will feel proud, Identify the Trophy
  53. 53. The Ashes
  54. 54. Fazilka is a small town in Western India recently hit the news to become the first town to do something related to rickshaw pullers. What ‘first’ are we talking here ?
  55. 55. First city in the world to have “ Dial-A-Cab” for rickshaws
  56. 56. A dilapidated urban area in L.A has the same name as a metal band featuring Gary Moore. Name the band.
  57. 57. Skid Row
  58. 58. Madan Mohan wrote the music for this film but there was something quite unique about it. What ?
  59. 59. Madan Mohan He was dead at the time the film was made Melodies were picked from his archives
  60. 60. Lady on the left is Victoria Woodhull. How is she realted to the man on the right ?
  61. 61. First African-American lady to run for US president 1872
  62. 62. Round Five
  63. 63. This lady is Myra Hindley who was jailed in 1966 for murder of five children. She died in 2002 and a picture of her is kept in a museum in London. Somebody showed her picture to someone and somebody got upset. Why ?
  64. 64. Her photo was shown as a part of a video to promote London 2012 olympics to global delegates after the Beijing olympics. The Mayor of London and British politicians were surprised and mad
  65. 65. What’s going on ?
  66. 66. La Tomatina a festival held in Spain
  67. 67. A document signed by George Washington, dated July 31, 1790 and numbered X000001. What is this ?
  68. 68. First patent issued by USPTO
  69. 69. The doctor (left) observed a patient Mrs. Auguste Deter(right). The 51-year-old patient had strange behavioral symptoms, including a loss of short-term memory. This patient would become his obsession over the coming years. In April 1906, Mrs. D. died and the doc had the brain sent to Munich where he was working. After a few years, a disease was named after the doctor. Which disease ?
  70. 70. Alzheimer’s
  71. 71. This movie is based on which artist’s life ?
  72. 72. Vincent Van Gogh
  73. 73. Won the Nobel in 1954 for chemistry and the Nobel Peace prize in 1962. Identify the genius.
  74. 74. Linus Pauling
  75. 75. This movie by Hrishikesh Mukherjee is well known as “Abhimaan”. Why does the poster say “Amiya Abhimaan” ?
  76. 76. Amiya comes from Ami(tabh) + (Ja)ya Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan nee Bhaduri are said to have put money behind the film.
  77. 77. Finito