Armageddon gen quiz 2014 by J Ramanand at Mind Palace-Prelims with answers


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This is the general quiz conducted by J Ramanand at L.D.College of Engineering, Ahmedabad for Mind Palace.

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Armageddon gen quiz 2014 by J Ramanand at Mind Palace-Prelims with answers

  2. 2. GET BACK TO MIND PALACE AT Or mindpalace. ldce
  3. 3. PRELIMS
  5. 5. HOW TO PLAY  25 questions  last 7 questions are tie-breakers  top 8 teams qualify
  7. 7. Q1.  Article 1, Clause 1 of the Indian Constitution reads:  THE UNION AND ITSTERRITORY  1. Name and territory of the union  (1) ____, that is ___, shall be a Union of States.  What are the two words blanked out? (order is important!)
  8. 8. "India, that is Bharat"
  9. 9. Q2.  In aTest match at the Motera stadium against Pakistan in 1987, what milestone was reached when Sunil Gavaskar took a single off Ijaz Fakih to reach the score of 58?
  10. 10. Became the first batsman to hit 10,000 Test runs.
  11. 11. Q3.  What is the first book in the series "A Song of Ice and Fire"?
  12. 12. "Game of Thrones"
  13. 13. Q4.  This musical instrument can be played loudly or softly depending on how it is used - hence its original name in Italian meant 'soft and strong'.Today it is just known by the Italian word 'soft'.Which instrument?
  14. 14. "Piano" from "Pianoforte"
  15. 15. Q5.  There have been only six films (so far) by this film-maker, of which he directed five. Hrithik Roshan, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood, and Shahid Kapoor have been the male leads in these films.There is one notable omission. Who is this missing male lead, and what name connects all of these people in these films?
  16. 16. Salman Khan, "Prem"; the director is Sooraj Barjatya
  17. 17. Q6.  Take the Latin word for 'salted'. Give it a Spanish touch.You get something which is an accompaniment to food, especially if you are from Mexico.What?
  18. 18. Salsa (sauce)
  19. 19. Q7.  Insect such as stick insects are famous for camouflage; part of this is their ability for 'thanatosis', in which they pretend to do what?
  20. 20. Pretend to be dead.
  21. 21. Q8.  What was inside this envelope?
  22. 22. The MacBook Air (unveiled as the "thinnest laptop")
  23. 23. Q9.  Which 2014 Lok Sabha candidate once hosted a show called "PalmoliveTop 10" in which he played characters such as "Analysis Anandan", "VengeanceVeerappan", "Abdul Cutpiece", and "Future Futardo"?
  24. 24. Javed Jaffrey
  25. 25. Q10.  In 1979, someone showed up at a London school looking for some children to perform in something happening next door.Without telling the principal, a maverick teacher Alun Renshaw roped in some of the school kids. Many people were upset at what these children were made to do.What did they do?
  26. 26. Sang "We Don't Need No Education" (Pink Floyd).
  27. 27. Q11.  In 2014, Ekta Kapoor was the subject of protests by the Sri Rajput Karni Sena, who were protesting against the depiction of which husband-wife pair in one of her serials?
  28. 28. Jodha-Akbar; they claim there was no person called Jodha married to Akbar.
  29. 29. Q12.  The director of this 1997 Oscar-winning film says that the title came from a quote by Leon Trotsky, the Communist leader who was in exile in Mexico.Trotsky was facing a threat to life from Stalin, saw his wife in the garden and wrote that, in spite of all his problems, "_________".Fill in the blanks.
  30. 30. Life is Beautiful
  31. 31. Q13.  Tunku Abdul Rahman,Tan Cheng Lock, and TunV.T.Sambanthan are considered among the founding fathers of which modern nation that gained its independence in 1957?
  32. 32. Malaysia
  33. 33. Q14.  Which three letter 'numeronym' was voted the American Dialect Society'sWord of the Year in 1999?
  34. 34. Y2K
  35. 35. Q15.  Lee Jun-fan was born in San Francisco's Chinatown in 1940 and later became famous by another name.What was the Chinese zodiac year under which he was born?
  36. 36. Dragon. He later became known as Bruce Lee.
  37. 37. Q16.  The periodical "Sky andTelescope" once ran a contest for an alternative name to this term. The judges included science-writer Carl Sagan. Some of the entries: Hubble Bubble, Bertha D'Universe, and even SAGAN (Scientists Awestruck by God's Awesome Nature). Calvin and Hobbes would have preferred HSK (Horrendous Space Kablooie!). What term?
  38. 38. The Big Bang
  39. 39. Q17.  TheWhite House website allows for online petitions to be submitted. One petition in Jan 2014 got over a 100,00 signatures, and asked for the deporting of someone from the US. The petition: "We would like to see this dangerous, reckless, destructive and drug- abusing person deported and his green card revoked. He is not only threatening the safety of our people, but he is also a terrible influence on our nation's youth."Who?
  40. 40. Justin Bieber, after his infamous arrest for drugs and drag racing
  41. 41. Q18.  This famous saying was originally stated in French in 1637 as "Je pense, donc je suis". Think and tell me what is the English version of this.
  42. 42. "I think, therefore I am", by Descartes ("cogito ergo sum" in Latin)
  43. 43. Q19.  It was established as Hindu College in 1817 to enable Hindus of the region to obtain English education. In 1855, with a view to allowing non-Hindu students as well, it was reconstituted and renamed. As what?
  44. 44. Presidency College, Calcutta
  45. 45. Q20.  A company that wishes to 'go public' files a document with its local Securities Board or Commission.This contains a a disclosure statement in red ink stating that the company is not yet selling its shares.Why could this document remind you of an element in a mystery novel?
  46. 46. It is called a "red herring prospectus". The phrase "red herrings" also refers to throwing something off the scent, as in the mystery novel's detective being led astray.
  47. 47. Q21.  In 1974, Congolese handball player Didier ____ crossed the Zaire river to watch Muhammad Ali fight George Foreman in the "Rumble in the Jungle" bout in Kinshasa. In 2008, this anecdote was recounted by his son, an upcoming sportsman because of comparisons to one of these two boxers.Who is this son?
  48. 48. Joe-Wilfried Tsonga, who resembles Ali. (We don't know if his mom went to the fight. Let's leave it at that.)
  49. 49. Q22.  Ronald M. Sega was the first astronaut of Slovenian origin.Who is the second?
  50. 50. Sunita Williams, whose mother is of Slovenian ancestry.
  51. 51. Q23.  Seen here on the cover of an edition ofTime magazine in 1932, his middle name was Augustus.What was his first and last name?
  52. 52. Charles and Lindbergh; the kidnapped baby of Lindbergh senior
  53. 53. Q24.  From 2002, Australia began to export these to Saudi Arabia, where they are much in demand for use in food, esp. during the Hajj season.Traditionally, the Saudis had been importing these from North Africa, but Australia is now a major source.What?
  54. 54. Camels
  55. 55. Q25.  It is the largest lake in Great Britain in terms of surface area, but second in terms of volume. Sports-wise, it is now for being adjacent to a golf club where its nation's open tournament was also once held. Perhaps it is most famous as a product brand in a comic series.What?
  56. 56. Loch Lomond
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  58. 58. To contact Mind Palace  Write into us at  Or visit our facebook page