Audio Visual Quiz Jan 30,2013


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Audio Visual Quiz Jan 30,2013

  1. 1. Prelims21 questions
  2. 2. Who would have thought such a bookish- looking fellow would grow up to be one of thetoughest, most badass captains in the history ofcricket. Next week, hell complete a very special ton and Test record that will in all probability never be broken.
  3. 3. Greame Smith
  4. 4. Rank Title Worldwide gross Year Ref1 Avatar $2,782,275,172 2009 [# 1]2 Titanic $2,185,372,302 1997 [# 2]3 The Avengers $1,511,757,910 2012 [# 3] Harry Potter and the Deathly [# 4]4 $1,328,111,219 2011 Hallows – Part 25 Transformers: Dark of the Moon $1,123,746,996 2011 [# 5]6 __________________________ $1,119,929,521 2003 [# 6]7 The Dark Knight Rises $1,081,041,287 2012 [# 7]8 Skyfall $1,077,752,887 2012 [# 8] Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead [# 9]9 $1,066,179,725 2006 Mans Chest10 Toy Story 3 $1,063,171,911 2010 [# 10]
  5. 5. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
  6. 6. X and Y are companies that are the undoubtedlyamong the most successful companies, if notthe best two, in their common field. Theirrivalry, extending over 70 years has been arelatively friendly one, with X referring to Y asthe "Distinguished Competition". X is owned bythe Walt Disney Company, while Y is is owned byWarner Bros. Identify X and Y.
  7. 7. DC & Marvel Comics
  8. 8. Connect
  9. 9. Amazon (parent company)• Kindle Fire•• IMDB
  10. 10. Connect to a movie
  11. 11. Argo (Iran hostage situation)-Americans were grateful for Canadianefforts to rescue American diplomats during the Iran hostage crisis
  12. 12. • Connect: Atal Behari Vajpayee Muhammad Ali Jinnah Nawaz Sharif Anwar Sadat Sir Isaac Newton Dido (list is inexhaustive-people keep joining the list every year)
  13. 13. 25 december
  14. 14. ID the concept
  15. 15. twitter
  16. 16. ID:Beautiful girlWho will think about youDulla of the Bhatti clan willDullas daughter got marriedHe gave one ser of sugar!The girl is wearing a red suit!But her shawl is torn!Who will stitch her shawl?!The uncle made choori!The landlords looted it!Landlords are beaten up!Lots of simple-headed boys came!One simpleton got left behind!The soldier arrested him!The soldier hit him with a brick!(Cry or howl)!Give us _____, long live your pair (to a married couple)!Whether you cry, or bang your head later!
  17. 17. Lohri Song• Sunder mundriye ho! Tera kaun vicharaa ho! Dullah Bhatti walla ho! Dullhe di dhee vyayae ho! Ser shakkar payee ho! Kudi da laal pathaka ho! Kudi da saalu paata ho! Salu kaun samete! Chacha gali dese! Chache choori kutti! zamidara lutti! Zamindaar sudhaye! Bum Bum bhole aaye! Ek bhola reh gaya! Sipahee far ke lai gaya! Sipahee ne mari itt! Bhaanvey ro te bhaanvey pitt! Sanoo de de Lohri, te teri jeeve jodi! (Cry or howl!)
  18. 18. His first store was called ‘The Peoples Place’ with aninvestment of US$150.He would customize and sell jeans and bell bottomsbought in New York City.His first signature collection came in 1985. He has beenannounced as the fashion consultant for American Idol2012.Do you know whothis famous designer is?
  19. 19. Tommy Hilfiger
  20. 20. ID the personality
  21. 21. Jawaharlal Nehru-Tryst with Destiny speech
  22. 22. ID the famous magazine
  23. 23. Playboy’s first issue
  24. 24. X is an American romantic comedy-drama filmdirected by David O. Russell, from a screenplay byRussell, adapted from the novel of the same nameby Matthew Quick.It received eight Academy Award nominations,including Best Picture and Best Director for Russell,in addition to achieving the rare feat of beingnominated in all four acting categories, the firsttime since Reds in 1981, and also being nominatedfor the Big Five, the first time since Million DollarBaby in 2004.Identify X.
  25. 25. Silver Linings Playbook
  26. 26. Minimal poster for what??
  27. 27. Although the actual reason for this strange remains amystery, some people claim it is because thepineapple is a symbol of hospitality. Others say thatit is because pineapple were a symbol of status andwealth in late 19 century. A spokesperson for the Xmuseum offered the explanation that it could datebask to the tradition where Captains in British Navycoming back from sea put pineapple on thegateposts of their home. However, none of theexplanations have anything to do with X itself. Whatis X?
  28. 28. WIMBLEDON
  29. 29. Andrew Flintoff
  30. 30. Google Doodle for??
  31. 31. India’s Republic Day
  32. 32. X’s original story is established in ‘Vengeance ofX’. X was born in the fictional Carribbeanrepublic of Santa Prisca in a prison called PenaDura. In prison he read as many books he could, learnt to fight, and to speakPortuguese, Spanish, English and Latin. Hecommitted his first murder at the age of 8. IGNlists him at #34 in comic book villains of all time.He was much in news a few months back.Id X.
  33. 33. Bane
  34. 34. • A = Alpha• B = Bravo• C = Charlie• D = Delta• E = Echo• .• .• .• K = ?????
  35. 35. Kilo
  36. 36. X is a society, registered under the Tamil NaduSocieties Registration Act. The logo of X isderived from the emblem of the Order of theStar of India, Indias highest order ofchivalry during the British Raj and also its Coatof Arms.Id X.
  37. 37. BCCI
  38. 38. Connect
  39. 39. Devdas (paro)
  40. 40. Id the tv series which later inspired a famous movie series.
  41. 41. Mission Impossible
  42. 42. Finals7 rounds
  43. 43. IDRound 1
  44. 44. Her first novel, ‘Stillborn’, a medical thriller, waspublished by Penguin Books. In 2008, she anchored atelevision show called Uncommon Ground for NDTV, inwhich created a rare dialogue between top leaders of thecorporate and social sectors in India. Penguin Books Indiahas released a book based on the show. She is theFounder-Chairperson, ARGHYAM and Pratham Books.Identify her and her famous husband, whom she met at aquizzing event at IIT (not mentioning which one).Hint: Both she and her husband are have been invited tospeak at the Jaipur Literature Festival, 2013.
  45. 45. Rohini Nilekani
  46. 46. Her father was born in Tibet and raised inDelhi, while her mother was from a small townin Himachal Pradesh. Her previous employersinclude a bakery and a tax and retirement firm.She claims that she does her best to maintainher links to Sikh traditions, but also says thatshe would be unlikely to abandon her careerpath due to religion.In 2011, she gained over 8000 followers onTwitter in just two days owing to a particularincident.Who?
  47. 47. Sunny Leone
  48. 48. Train number 17303/4, an Express of theIndian Railways, plies between Yeshwantpur(Bangalore) and Mysore in Karnataka. Thiscomes under the SouthWestern Railway.In 2011, this train was given a moreendearing name, something fitting to thatparticular section of the country. Perhaps atiger or M.K.Gandhi will one day board theexpress.What name?
  49. 49. Malgudi Train
  50. 50. One of Xs most famous quotes like this:"When I was a child my mother said to me, Ifyou become a soldier, youll be a general. If youbecome a monk, youll be the pope. Instead Ibecame a painter and wound up as _____"More of Xs paintings have been sold than thoseof any other artist. His paintings occupy severalplaces in lists of the most expensive paintings inthe world.Among other things, X is the co-creator ofcollages. Identify X.
  51. 51. Pablo Picaso
  52. 52. Audience Round : ID the personality“Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Neverforget rule No.1”
  53. 53. Warren Buffet
  54. 54. Bussiness Round 2
  55. 55. Victor Gruen designed the first of these in 1956,impelled by his hatred of cars and his hatred ofAmerican suburbs. The structure that he put upat Edina in Minneapolis was envisioned as anair-conditioned centre where community wouldbe possible. This structure is still in use. Whatdid Gruen thus create?
  56. 56. Shopping Mall
  57. 57. Ad for what
  58. 58. Apsara EraserThe painting was made with the help of eraser
  59. 59. Originally, the mark was referred to as ‘the strip’but was later changed to its present name todescribe the fibers used. The logo and namewere originally in white, overlapping with eachother. In the early 1980s they alternatedbetween name and logo in white with nameabove and a red box above logo. They no longercarry the name, just the logo. What?
  60. 60. Swoosh
  61. 61. In June 2011, X adopted a remotevillage(Shiv Nagar, UP) in India and enabledclean drinking water facilities by installingmanual pumps. Residents renamed thevillage name in the name of firm. Name X
  62. 62. NAGAR
  63. 63. Audience Round:
  64. 64. Four parent companies of Audi:Horch, Wanderer, Audi and DKW.
  65. 65. CricketRound 3
  66. 66. 25th of June, the day India won 1983World Cup is also memorable for whatother occasion??
  67. 67. India played its first test match on June 25th,1932
  68. 68. Duckworth-Lewis Method
  69. 69. The former Indian Skipper and leg spinner isfloating his own stat-up venture that willfocus on providing sports education andtraining in mainstream schools across thecountry. Name the start –up. Name is inspiredby his 10 wicket haul against Pakistan.
  70. 70. Tenvic
  71. 71. Created by Marcus Codrington, and considered tobe the most radical change that has happened tothis ‘product’ since 1771, this can be found in themarket in the price range of 49 USD – 400 USD Outof the two variants available “Cor3” and “M MI3”the second one is more revolutionary. Thisunderwent several tests in Imperial College ofBiomechanical Engineering for three months andthe specialists found nothing wrong with it. They’vebeen called “a half-brick on a stick” by a veryeminent personality associated with that field.What are we talking about?
  72. 72. Moongose Bat Stuart Law, the former Australian Test player , called it "a half-brick on a stick. The design is unusual in that the blade is 33%shorter than a conventional bat and the handle is 43% longer.
  73. 73. Audience Round: Logo of??
  74. 74. Women’s Cricket World Cup 2012
  75. 75. Literature Round 4
  76. 76. Rene Descartes is said to be the first to use this.Arabic sounds were difficult to pronounce in theEuropean countries and is said to be the reasonwhy it is used ubiquitously now.The word for "thing" or "object" in Arabic - whichwas the principal language of sciences during theIslamic civilization - is "shei" which was translatedinto Green and shortened to X, and is considered bysome to be the reason for using X.The Greek word Xenos which could mean strangeror foreigner is also said to be the origins of X.What is X?
  77. 77. Ans is XAs they say, sometimes the answer is in the question.
  78. 78. Natalie McDonald was a Canadian girlsuffering from a terminal illness , leukaemia .A friend of her mothers wrote to ___X___ toask her to write to Natalie. But before___X_____ could respond Natalie passedaway . After her death, the creator decidedto honour the girl by a mention in Y.X and Y please?
  79. 79. X-J.K.RowlingY-Goblet of Fire
  80. 80. This management cliché is derived from a termused in military strategy for a general who takeshis men into the attack. It was also used as thetitle of cricketer Mike Gatting’s autobiography.What four-word term?
  81. 81. Leading from the front
  82. 82. They occur as a series on the River Aar in Berncanton. Tourists visit this place by climbing thepath to the top and then crossing a bridge andfollowing a trail down the hill which leads to theactual ledge. The actual place is marked by aplaque written in English, German and Frenchwhich explains the event that occurred there.What happened here on 4 May 1891?
  83. 83. This is the Reichenbach Falls where Sherlock Holmes fought Moriarty
  84. 84. Audience Round: Connect• 1• 2• 3• 5• 20
  85. 85. Chetan Bhagat
  86. 86. MoviesRound 5
  87. 87. The End of the Affair is a novel by British writerGraham Greene, published in 1951. The novelistwhose works explore the ambivalent moral andpolitical issues of the modern world, loosely basedthe book on his affair with Lady CatherineWalston, and is set during and just after World WarII.The book recently gained attention inIndia, because of something many speculate isloosely based on the novel. What?
  88. 88. Jab tak hai jaan
  89. 89. X was a 1979 seven-part drama spy miniseries forthe BBC. It is the television adaption of the 1974novel of the same name by Y.Starring Alec Guinness in the lead role, the maincredits feature a matryoshka doll progressivelyrevealing a doll looking more irate than theprevious, with the final doll being faceless, anallusion to Winston Churchills describing Russia as"A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma."The miniseries was remade into a film in 2011, andearned Z his first Oscar nomination, before whichhe was widely described as "the best actor not tohave been nominated for an Oscar." Give X, Y and Z
  90. 90. X - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy Y - John Le Carre
  91. 91. The working title of this film before it went on thefloors was actually ‘The Outsider’, for almost twoyears. The script was in English and every timethere was any untoward incident on the sets, thelead actor would say ‘just trust me’. When Abbasstarted translating the dialogues, there was a linethat kept coming up in place of ‘just trust me’.When the title was finalised to be _____________,Karan Johar said that _____________was a horribletitle while the lead actor said bahut kharab title hai.However the gamble paid off and every one agreedthat _______________was the apt title after thetitle song was recorded.Fill in the blank.
  92. 92. Main hoon na
  93. 93. X on Y - “Of my friend, I can say only this, of allthe souls I have encountered in my travels, hiswas the most Human….”Id X, Y.
  94. 94. X- James T Kirk Y- Spock
  95. 95. Audience Round: Which one is missing?• Mother India• Lagaan• ??
  96. 96. Salaam BombayAll made it to the final nominations of Oscars
  97. 97. Connecticut Round 6 Rules:4 Connect QuestionsInfinite PouncePounce(30 seconds)+15,-5Direct/Pass+10, 0NOT Infinite Bounce–The next questions directly goes to the teamsitting next to you.
  98. 98. Connect
  99. 99. Only animated movies to benominated for best picture in Oscars
  100. 100. CONNECT
  101. 101. Walter IsaacsonWrote Biographies of Henry Kissinger, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs.
  102. 102. Connect
  103. 103. Tin Tin characters1.Hadock fish2.Snowy3.Thomson & Thomson4.Calculas
  104. 104. Connect• Memphis• Millennium• Whistler• Longhorn• Blackcomb(non-exhaustive list)
  105. 105. Codenames of Microsoft OS• Memphis-98• Millennium-Me• Whistler-XP• Longhorn-Vista• Blackcomb-7
  106. 106. Audience Round: Connect
  107. 107. Diageo
  108. 108. Mixology Round 7
  109. 109. Abdul Rashid Kardar pioneered a frowned uponpractice in Bollywood. Recent photos by a TimeMagazine photographer show that he was verymuch involved in this practice. What is thispractice popularly known as ?
  110. 110. CASTING COUCH
  111. 111. What is he famous for
  112. 112. He is Alberto Kodra, the famous photographerwho took the picture of famous leader CHEGUEVARA, called Guerrillero Heroico (HeroicGuerrilla).
  113. 113. Scientist Thomas Parnell of the University of Queensland is performing an experiment to demonstrate the viscosity of pitch(tar) called as the‘Pitch Drop Experiment’. What is so special about this experiment?
  114. 114. Guinness book of world record of Longest running experiment
  115. 115. In Germany (X) it is often made in the shape of ahouse in reference to a fairy tale. In other partsof Europe the most popular shape is ahumanoid, which also feature in another famousfairy tale. In todays world it would be identifiedwith the iteration of a technological product.What is X ?
  116. 116. Ginger BreadThe harder German-style gingerbread is often used tobuild gingerbread houses similar to the "witchs house"encountered by Hansel and Gretel.In England, gingerbread a type of biscuit made withginger. It commonly takes the form of a gingerbreadman.
  117. 117. What is this the flag of?
  118. 118. The flag of Mars is a tricolour used by the Mars Society and ThePlanetary Society to represent the planet Mars. . The flag is designed toportray the “future history” of Mars. The red bar, which lies closest tothe mast, symbolizes Mars as it is today. The green and blue symbolizestages in the possible terraforming of Mars, should humanity ever havethe will and the ability to undertake such a task, the ethics ofterraforming remaining a matter of debate.
  119. 119. It is Highest Selling Product of its kindin India as well as in Pakistan soldunder the name of MEHRAN. What isthe name of this product recentlyrelaunched in India under anothername.
  120. 120. Maruti 800
  121. 121. Newsweek wentout with a vintagephoto of its oldmidtown New YorkHQ as its coverpage. What wasspecial about thisissue ?
  122. 122. NewsweekLast Print Issue(31 Dec 2012)
  123. 123. Recently innews. Whatwas thecontroversyrelated tothis picture
  124. 124. Ibrahim Nasir International Airport(Maldives).Maldives Government terminated the GMR-MAHB contract.
  125. 125. Thank YouMade by:Rakshit Sood& Tanuj Bakshi