062013 3 sixty reengagement


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062013 3 sixty reengagement

  1. 1. Retention and Re-Engagement3Sixty DC!June 19, 2013
  2. 2. About 3sixty Live•  Your chance to make live, in-personconnections with ExactTarget usersin your community.•  Connect with other interactivemarketing professionals•  Exchange tips, tricks, and bestpractices with your peers•  Help shape the future of theExactTarget product
  3. 3. About Me.•  15+ years of experience in thedigital space – Creative, ClientServices, and Strategy•  Consulting, agency, and ESPexperience•  2.5 years at ExactTarget•  “Marketer. Skeptic. Gadabout.Nerd.” Twitter: @toddwils
  4. 4. RetentionGetting (and keeping) them engaged
  5. 5. Square One.•  Half the battle is getting the rightcustomers to start with – andsetting expectations.•  Make your preference center a truepreference tool – and don’t hide it!
  6. 6. The Onboarding.•  Educate them. Let them knowwhat to expect. Don’t assume!•  Be grateful•  Be informative•  Be transparent•  Be curious
  7. 7. The Analysis.•  Understand your customers. Takea look at your new members and theirengagement (and spending) habits.•  Does their engagement drop off at aspecific point after they opt in?When?•  What about their purchase activity?Do online purchasers tend to makeanother purchase? How soon aftertheir first (if they make one at all)?
  8. 8. The Nudge.•  If you know where customers aremost likely to disengage, create a“nudge” to encourage them toengage.•  Remind them to take action if theyhaven’t•  Offer an incentive if you can*•  Re-state your brand promise andprogram benefits
  9. 9. Case Study – The Container Store•  Another great example of a retentionmessage – The Container Storereaches out to customers over time toask them to tell more about themselves.•  The end result?•  Proactive customer serviceimpression•  More info = better targeting•  Likely higher engagement long-term
  10. 10. Your Turn
  11. 11. Questions For You…•  What are you doing to encourage your customers/membersto engage or purchase?•  Success stories to share?•  Any stories about what didn’t work so well?
  12. 12. Re-Engagement andRetirementMaking that last-ditch effort – andknowing when to say goodbye
  13. 13. Don’t be afraid of re-engagement.It works.
  14. 14. Overview•  Strong and aggressive re-engagement and a willingnessto say “goodbye” areincreasingly critical factors for asuccessful email program.“Some&mes  the  hesita&on  [to  re&re  subscribers]  is  caused  by  old-­‐school  mentality  from  catalogue  marketers:  ‘more  mail  =  more  money’  –  but  we  know  this  isn’t  the  case.”    Source:    ClickZ,  hCp://bit.ly/INYrPb    
  15. 15. Amazon Local•  Amazon Local proactively optsmembers out of their emailcommunications if they don’t engageafter a few months.•  Their explanation: “Amazoncustomers trust us to provide relevantcommunication… Continuing tosend unwanted emails would hurt[our] relationship.”
  16. 16. LinkedIn•  LinkedIn proactively optsmembers down from groupemails they don’t engage with.•  If you’ve already been opteddown, LinkedIn will opt you outif you continue to be unengaged.
  17. 17. Fab.com•  Fab’s re-engagement/retirementexample is simple and brand-centric. It proactively opts youout unless you take action via the“Shop Now” or “Here” links.•  Subject line: “Stop. Getting. So.Much. Email. Smile, you’redesigned to.”
  18. 18. Another example? One ofExactTarget’sBiggest retail clients.
  19. 19. Retail Example•  Our client wanted to improvedeliverability and engagement –without impacting sales and sessions.•  Together we built a strategy thatidentified unengaged customers and sentthem two messages to encourageactivity.•  Those who didn’t re-engage werethanked and unsubscribed – all beforethe Black Friday/Cyber Monday season.
  20. 20. Results. •  100% increase in engagement(opens/clicks)•  60+% increase in channel salesover forecast•  70+% increase in channel salesover previous year•  Significantly enhanceddeliverability – no bounce alertssince launch
  21. 21. Net Result?Re#ring  old  emails  greatly  increased  engagement,  –  meaning  re#rement  had  no  nega5ve  effect  on  the  bo6om  line  at  all.    while  sales  also  increased    
  22. 22. Things to Consider•  Build a plan that’s right for you.•  There are great examples, but there’s no “right” way. Every client andcustomer base is different.•  It may not be perfect to start – but once you start, you can build on whatyou’ve learned.•  Review your re-engagement reporting in detail.•  After launch, review the results for each step/email in the re-engagementprocess.•  Can you simplify or improve? Is one message enough? What about two?
  23. 23. Other Considerations•  Content/Design.•  The message can make a huge difference. How can you maximize theexperience to reflect your customers’ expectations and your brand promise?•  Incentive.•  Should you offer an incentive? If so, what kind?•  Automation.•  Re-engagement should eventually be automated for when customers passa certain threshold. What is that threshold?•  Options.•  Provide links to social and info for mobile!
  24. 24. Why Retire? Because This.
  25. 25. Your Turn
  26. 26. Questions For You…•  What are you doing to encourage your customers/membersto re-engage today? Are you retiring those who don’t?•  Success stories to share?•  Any stories about what didn’t work so well?•  What’s the appetite for re-engagement and retirement in yourorganization?
  27. 27. Free Range
  28. 28. Thank you!todd.wilson@exacttarget.com@toddwils