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The uk, how i imagine it…


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Published in: Spiritual, Travel
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The uk, how i imagine it…

  1. 1. «« Проект: THE UK, how I imagine it… Автор: Кордубайло Ирина Ученица 10б класса МОУ «Вейделевская» СОШ  Вейделевский район Белгородская обл. Учитель: Котова Наталья Викторовна УМК “English 10-11”
  2. 2. The geographical position. The United Kingdom is situated inThe United Kingdom is situated in the north-west coast of Europethe north-west coast of Europe between the Atlantic Ocean onbetween the Atlantic Ocean on the north and north-west andthe north and north-west and the North Sea on the east. Thethe North Sea on the east. The UK includes Great Britain andUK includes Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain,Northern Ireland. Great Britain, the largest island in Europe,the largest island in Europe, contains England, Scotland andcontains England, Scotland and WalesWales. The landscape of GreatThe landscape of Great Britain is rich and varied,Britain is rich and varied, sometimes showing markedsometimes showing marked contrasts within shortcontrasts within short distances, particularly on thedistances, particularly on the coastscoasts . .
  3. 3. People.People. The population of the UKThe population of the UK is nearly 60 millionis nearly 60 million people. The populationpeople. The population lives mostly in townslives mostly in towns and cities and theirand cities and their suburbs. Four out ofsuburbs. Four out of every five people live inevery five people live in towns. The Britishtowns. The British people are prudent andpeople are prudent and careful about almostcareful about almost everything. Their lawnseverything. Their lawns are closely cropped,are closely cropped, their flower beds primlytheir flower beds primly cultivated, and theircultivated, and their trees neatly pruned.trees neatly pruned. Everything is orderly.Everything is orderly.
  4. 4. The British are fond of animalsThe British are fond of animals The British are fond ofThe British are fond of animals. They areanimals. They are devoted to animals.devoted to animals. Animals are protectedAnimals are protected by law. If, for instance,by law. If, for instance, any one leaves a cat toany one leaves a cat to starve in an emptystarve in an empty house while he goes forhouse while he goes for his holiday, he can behis holiday, he can be sent to prison.sent to prison.
  5. 5. LondonLondon
  6. 6. London is the capital city of the UnitedLondon is the capital city of the United Kingdom. It is the larges city in Britain andKingdom. It is the larges city in Britain and one of the larges in the world. Historical andone of the larges in the world. Historical and geographical circumstances have madegeographical circumstances have made London one of the world’s most importantLondon one of the world’s most important commercial and cultural centers, while itscommercial and cultural centers, while its range of historical connections and itsrange of historical connections and its buildings attract millions of tourists frombuildings attract millions of tourists from overseas each year. London is a focus ofoverseas each year. London is a focus of civilization and political wisdom. Thecivilization and political wisdom. The graduate growth of the city helps to explaingraduate growth of the city helps to explain the fact that London does not have just onethe fact that London does not have just one centre, it has a number of centers, each withcentre, it has a number of centers, each with a distinct character: the financial anda distinct character: the financial and business centrebusiness centre is called the City, theis called the City, the shopping and entertainment centre is inshopping and entertainment centre is in West End, the government centre is inWest End, the government centre is in Westminster.Westminster.
  7. 7. The City.The City.
  8. 8. The West EndThe West End
  9. 9. The Westminster.The Westminster.
  10. 10. Other citiesOther cities Besides London there are a lot ofBesides London there are a lot of other cities and towns whichother cities and towns which deserve to be mentioned. Amongdeserve to be mentioned. Among them there are Oxford andthem there are Oxford and Cambridge, which are the scientificCambridge, which are the scientific centers, Edinburgh, Cardiff andcenters, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast which are the capitals ofBelfast which are the capitals of Scotland, Wales and NorthernScotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and great industrial cities.Ireland and great industrial cities.
  11. 11. OxfordOxford
  12. 12. CambridgeCambridge
  13. 13. EdinburghEdinburgh
  14. 14. CardiffCardiff
  15. 15. BelfastBelfast
  16. 16. Thanks for your attention!