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Saurabh Bhandari


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Saurabh Bhandari

Published in: Education
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Saurabh Bhandari

  1. 1. EVA24_Identity Saurabh Bhandari Projects Director, Mott MacDonald Dead in the Water
  2. 2. Malaria Control Stopping the Dengue Vector
  3. 3. Guppy :1 Malaria : 0
  4. 4. Creating Successful Outcomes 4 Pillars to Success.. Familiarity with the event Institutional capacity Funding & governance Maintaining momentum
  5. 5. Cumbria Infrastructure Recovery and Rebuild Storm Desmond
  6. 6. UNFAMILIARITY - The Mission Statement It wasn’t about Rebuilding Infrastructure
  7. 7. The Execution 4/17/19Mott MacDonald | Presentation 8 What did we achieve
  8. 8. Familiarity - Its about making the important stuff happen; in a logical, empathetic and democratic manner. 4/17/19Mott MacDonald | Presentation 9
  9. 9. In a parallel world.. Understanding the Context… Disaster Event Disaster Event Infrastructure Damage Infrastructure Damage Community Severance Community Severance Economic Impacts Economic Impacts Sociological impacts Sociological impacts Mega CrisisMega Crisis
  10. 10. Creating a ‘fair’ Plan Democratic Planning - Socio Economic scheduling
  11. 11. Institutional Capacity 4/17/19Mott MacDonald | Presentation 12
  12. 12. Institutional Capacity - Technology, Transparency, Trust 4/17/19Mott MacDonald | Presentation 13 Raising Productivity, Collaboratively Creating capacity by sharing Combining decision information Data rich identification of assets Understanding the county wide issues Leveraging solutions through issue visualisation Unambiguous visibility of asset data Making smarter resource decisions 1690 assets to 40 work packages in 6 weeks
  13. 13. 4/17/19 Mott MacDonald | Opening opportunities 14 Governance & Funding Project Enabler NOT Barrier
  14. 14. Fairness and Scrutiny 4/17/19Mott MacDonald | Presentation 15 Post Disaster Rebuild - Challenges of Governance Funders • require effectiveness and efficiency Governance • affordable plan and democratic execution Supply chain • visibility to prepare for delivery Stakeholders • participation to support delivery Community • assurance and proactivity Maintaining momentum during vast ‘uncertainties’ Trust is Fragile and rapidly degrading.
  15. 15. Creating Space to Deliver Creating Stability from Chaos – Leveraging Technology Creating Space to : • Fail • Change strategy • Innovate • Create legacy • Learn and Plan better
  16. 16. Driving Decision Velocity 4/17/19Mott MacDonald | Presentation 17 Building Trust, Momentum Winterisation Interventions
  17. 17. Building Trust, Creating Momentum 4/17/19Mott MacDonald | Presentation 18 Leveraging Technology
  18. 18. Communicate to be understood Creating Momentum and Breaking Down Barriers
  19. 19. IDENTITY - Refocusing the Role Framework for Success 1 Understand the difference Its about understanding the why and our role to the common purpose. 2 Build Institutional Capacity Invest in your supply chain, stakeholders to build alignment. Train together in new ways of working. Invest in technology to build productivity 3 Leverage Funding and Governance Create governance environment for achieving the project outcomes - not the other way around. 4 Build Momentum Create trust through transparency in communication.
  20. 20. 4/17/19Mott MacDonald | Presentation21 Questions…