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Jason Hones

  1. 1. Value Management within Highways England Jason Hones Head of Programme Strategy and Development 11th April 2019
  2. 2. Highways England  Who we are Departme nt for Transport Strategy + Plans Major Projects Operation s Directorat e Highways England Ltd National Infrastructure Programme Complex Infrastructure Programme Regional Investment Programme Smart Motorways Programme
  3. 3. 3 The SRN is a critical part of the UK economic infrastructure Connects the nation Drives the economySupports the wider transport network Usage of SRN continues to grow 9 in 10 people recognise the importance of SRN to the economy 4,300 miles of SRN Source: Road Investment Strategy 2015-19 (DfT) & Updated figures from Transport Statistics 2017
  4. 4. Regional Investment Programme Strategy Head of Strategy Strategy Team Benefits Management Team Value Management Team Admin Support
  5. 5. “Value Management is concerned with improving and sustaining a desirable balance between the wants and needs of stakeholders and the resources needed to satisfy them.” Institute of Value Management (IVM) What is Value Management? Value(i) = Function( i) Resourc e
  6. 6. Example of Value Management Value is not “one size fits all”  What is the function of a watch? – What must it do? – What can it do? – What does it look like?  How much can you spend?  Do you need a watch at all?
  7. 7. Benefit and Value Management • Benefit Management and Value Management are closely intertwined. Benefits providing the evidence for undertaking a project Benefits + Disbenefits Resourc es Manpow er Money Time Risk Custome rs Safety Congesti on Economi c Value Heritage Landscape Biodiversit y Environme nt
  8. 8. A303 Stonehenge
  9. 9. Line of Sight Project Objectives (examples) Reduce Delay Reduce KSIs Reduce community severance Improving reliability Enabling development Highways England Strategic Outcomes Encouraging economic growth Making the Network Safer Improving user satisfaction Helping cyclists, walkers and other vulnerable users Delivering better environmental outcomes Customer Department for Transport Regulators
  10. 10.  Value Management and Value Engineering: Value Management vs Value Engineering – Value Management – the systematic and structured process aimed at delivering the business and project objectives using minimal resources – Value Planning - helps to identify which option delivers the best-fit to the objectives – Value Engineering - helps to ensure the proposed solution delivers the objectives in the most efficient manner (this can be lower cost, delivering to a specific timeline or increasing functionality) Value Management Value Engineering Strategy Options Identification Options selection Design and construction Prep Construction and Handover Closeout Value Planning • How do we deliver VM?
  11. 11. Planning for Value Management
  12. 12. Value Management Delivery Plan Tool  Project Summary – Bring together pertinent information to plan out which VM interventions are most needed  Project Assurance / Budget Data  Project Complexity Data  VM Delivery Plan – What we will do as part of VM – Record what we have done
  13. 13.  Benefit Cost Ratio – Assured and Emerging  Value for Money Category  Current Cost Estimate – Outturn and P50  Operational Plan Budget  Automated feed from project performance dashboards Assurance / Budget Data
  14. 14.  A scale to measure 8 x aspects of a project – High complexity = project risks – Requirement to reduce complexity – Consistent application across HE  Aligned to Risk Potential Assessment categories (determines Independent Assurance Review requirements through IPA) Complexity Data
  15. 15. Complexity Initial Planning Option Development Option selections Detailed Design Construction  Complexity  Scoring scale 1 - 5  Based on 8 categories – Problem Definition – Range of Solutions – Technical Difficulty – Third party investment – Timescales – Stakeholder – Dependencies – RIS Alignment
  16. 16. Continuous Feedback Loop The complexity scoring informs the requirements for VM interventions and measures the outcomes Life cycle stage Complexity Need for interventio ns Delivery Team Plan for interventio ns
  17. 17. Delivering Value Management
  18. 18. Typical Support we Provide Value Management Value Engineering Strategy Options Identificati on Options selection Design and constructio n Prep Constructi on and Handover Closeout Define problem Define objectives (needs and wants) Identify solution and align with objectives Identify how to deliver efficiently Iteratively solve problems during delivery Learn Lessons Handover Acceptance Objectives tree Options sifting Value Engineering registers Specific design solutions – contractor led Lessons learnt log Value Planning
  19. 19. Pair Comparison to compare the objectives to align measure outcomes –Used to prioritise the requirements across the stakeholder group –Unique for each scheme and its circumstances –Used to help with sifting of options with Value Assessment tool Objective Prioritisation
  20. 20. Used to sift out options in earlier stages of scheme Can be scaled for decisions at later stages Mapped to priorities and evidenced through Benefits Management Value Assessment Tool
  21. 21.  A tool to collate value engineering ideas  Can be used and shared to inform other projects Value Ideas Log
  22. 22. Safety Moment  Going away for Easter?  Have you done your Safety Checks?
  23. 23. Questions