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Event 2013


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Event 2013

  1. 1. World Summit on theInformation Society
  2. 2. Sharing best practices how to reduce digital divide Reporting on achievement of WSIS goals yUnique global platform to Outcome Documentdiscuss, coordinate and facilitate published on the last Building Inclusiveimplementation of WSIS day of every WSIS Information Forum that provides Society strategic guidance
  3. 3. WSIS FORUM 201313-17 May, Geneva
  4. 4. SpeakersICT4D community, Ministersand Deputies, Ambassadors,CEOs , Civil Society leaders,head of International agenciesand others
  5. 5. Projectspromotion of ICTs fordevelopment , infrastructure,access to information andknowledge ,capacitybuilding, security, enablingenvironment, ICTapplications, media, ethics,culture, cooperation
  6. 6. Participation
  7. 7. Contribute towards the agenda of the WSIS Forum 2013 trough Open Consultation Process
  8. 8. Open Consultation Process8 October 2012: Opening of the Open Consultations16 November 2012: First Physical Meeting21 January 2013: Deadline for Submission of the OfficialContributions and binding Requests for Workshops15 February 2013: Final Review Meeting16 April 2013: Final Brief on the WSIS Forum 2013
  9. 9. WSIS FORUM 2013• More than 14O sessions during 5 days• Multi-stakeholder environment• The agenda is based on the requirements of Open Consultation Process• More than 1500 WSIS Stakeholders from all over the world• High-level representatives from ICT4D• Governments and regulators• In line with Parliamentary forum, WTPF (policy forum),strategic dialogue, WTISD• WSIS Project Prizes Ceremony on the 1st Day of WSIS Forum
  10. 10. WSIS FORUM 2013• Reporting by ICT4D community on the goals achieved that were set up by World Summit on the Information Society in 2003 and 2005• Sharing best practices and looking for the solutions of their replication all over the world• Empowering and engaging international ICT4 Community• Multi-stakeholder platform for brainstorming and consensus on emerging trends in the area of Information Society• Discussion on WSIS+10 and beyond 2015
  11. 11. Agenda• 4 high-levels sessions• Ministerial Roundtable• Opening Ceremony• More than 10 Country workshops• More than 30 Thematic workshops• Interactive sessions, knowledge exchanges, publications releases, briefings, social networking events• The full agenda is ready after Open Consultations Process
  12. 12. Why become a partner?
  13. 13. Why become a partner?• Put 11 WSIS goals and 8 MDGs into Action• Build together with us “Society of the future”• Remain fully engaged to ensure sustainable implementation and follow- up of the outcomes and commitments reached during the WSIS process and its Geneva and Tunis phases of the Summit• Give an example to others how to build inclusive Information Society and promote your values at the global scale• Play leading role for Sustainability issues• Include Social responsibility in your agenda