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Applying UX strategy to optimising the support experience


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Kirsten Mann talks about her experience at Aconex, applying the UX strategic approach in order to bring financial benefits to the organisation.

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Applying UX strategy to optimising the support experience

  1. 1. Applying UX Strategy to Optimize the Support Experience Kirsten Mann Aconex
  2. 2. “Our purpose is to transform the way people work together to deliver and operate built assets, using technology to make the process fairer, easier and more efficient for everyone involved”
  3. 3. 3,000 luxury hotels 15,000 capacity stadium 2,000 capacity 3-storey site shed Participating organizations 290 Users 7,873 Total mail transactions 19.9 million Total drawings/controlled docs 9.5 million The Venetian Hotel & Resort, Macao
  4. 4. Silas– Aconex App Rick– Cost App Jacqui– Lobby Experience Daphne – Aconex App
  5. 5. 4,000 calls abandoned each month
  6. 6. New user Troubleshooter Expert in the making
  7. 7. Provide support where you need it and when you need it!
  8. 8. Mission: Create an engaging training experience
  9. 9. Lesson learnt: Not that funny!
  10. 10. Lesson learnt: Not that funny!
  11. 11. Lesson learnt: Not that funny!
  12. 12. Lesson learnt: People didn’t care about what they’d done as much as we did!
  13. 13. Covering UX, Content Strategy, Instructional Design, Development and Videography
  14. 14. NB. Not all of these people are UXers, but they're crazy enough to be!
  15. 15. Lesson learnt: Never stop learning!
  16. 16. Come and say hello contact me at: @mannki