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Apache ManifoldCF


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An overview on Apache ManifoldCF the Open Source crawler that allows to configure jobs to manage search indexes taking contents from repositories.

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Apache ManifoldCF

  1. 1. Apache ManifoldCF
  2. 2. Overview● The story● What is ManifoldCF?● Why ManifoldCF?● Architecture● The 0.3-incubating version● The 0.4-incubating version● Whats new in the 0.5-incubating● The book: ManifoldCF in Action● Demo● Resources
  3. 3. The storyThe original ManifoldCF code base was granted by MetaCarta Inc.,to the Apache Software Foundation in December 2009.The MetaCarta effort represented more than five years of successfuldevelopment and testing in multiple, challenging enterpriseenvironments.The project is in the Apache Incubator because the community wasnot yet diverse enough, but now the project is towards graduation. ^__^
  4. 4. What is ManifoldCF?● Open Source crawler ○ schedule jobs to create indexes ■ get contents from repositories ■ push contents on search servers
  5. 5. What is ManifoldCF?● Open Source crawler ○ schedule jobs to create indexes ■ get contents from repositories ■ push contents on search servers● Out-Of-The-Box it is distributed as J2EE web apps ○ REST API ○ Authority Service ○ Crawler UI● Can be embedded in any Java application
  6. 6. Why ManifoldCF?● Reliability● Incremental● Multi repositories● Security model● Monitoring
  7. 7. Why ManifoldCF? - ReliabilityJobs scheduling and configuration are stored in the databaseto maintain the state of all the executions
  8. 8. Why ManifoldCF? - IncrementalJobs can be optionally configured to re-visit contentsincrementally
  9. 9. Why ManifoldCF? - Multi repositoriesJobs can retrieve contents from the following repositories: ● CMIS-compliant ● Alfresco ● IBM FileNet ● EMC Documentum ● Microsoft SharePoint ● OpenText LiveLink ● Autonomy Meridio ● Memex Patriarch ● Windows Share/DFS ● Generic JDBC ● Generic Filesystem ● Generic RSS and Web
  10. 10. Why ManifoldCF? - Multi repositoriesJobs can ingest contents to the following search servers: ● ElasticSearch ● OpenSearchServer ● Apache Solr ● MetaCarta GTS
  11. 11. Why ManifoldCF? - Security modelRetrieve per-content ACLs
  12. 12. Why ManifoldCF? - MonitoringUI Crawler allows you to: ● configure jobs and connectors ● monitor jobs execution ● monitor contents ingestion ○ status reports ■ document status ■ queue status ○ history reports ■ simple history ■ maximum activity ■ maximum bandwidth ■ result histogram
  13. 13. Architecture● Pull Agent Daemon ○ Jobs ■ Repository Connectors ■ Output Connectors ■ Authority Connectors
  14. 14. Architecture● Pull Agent Daemon (the core service) ○ Jobs (execute the ingestion tasks) ■ Repository Connectors (retrieve contents) ■ Output Connectors (ingest contents) ■ Authority Connectors (retrieve ACLs)
  15. 15. Architecture
  16. 16. Architecture - JobA job is an ingestion work that consists of: ○ verbal description ○ repository connection ■ authority connection (optional) ○ metadata mapping ○ output connection (search server) ○ crawling model ○ scheduling information (on demand or time ranges)
  17. 17. Architecture - Job
  18. 18. The 0.3-incubating version● CMIS Repository Connector● OpenSearchServer Output Connector● Scripting Language● New Maven build process● Several bug fixes
  19. 19. The 0.4-incubating version● Alfresco Connector● JDBC Connector now supports MySQL● CMIS Connector upgraded to OpenCMIS 0.5.0● Several bug fixes
  20. 20. Whats new in the 0.5-incubating● Apache Velocity for connectors UI templates● ElasticSearch Output Connector● CMIS Connector upgraded to OpenCMIS 0.6.0● Prebuild connector support: just add jars and go!● New Japanese localization● Several bug fixes
  21. 21. The book: ManifoldCF in ActionManifoldCF in Actionby Karl Wrightpublished by ManningKarl is the original developer and theprincipal committer of Apache ManifoldCFThe book is available at the following site:
  22. 22. DEMO
  23. 23. ResourcesHomepage: page:
  24. 24. Thank you for your attention!