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Smart Alfresco ECM Program Strategy for Your New Success Story


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This presentation includes hints, best practices and international standards to simplify your ECM gathering requirement process before and during the implementation phase.

The ECM Program Strategy should be written before starting to implement and it should contain a set of documents describing the vision of your project containing also all the stakeholders goals in terms of functionalities and UX needs.

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Smart Alfresco ECM Program Strategy for Your New Success Story

  1. 1. Smart Alfresco ECM Program Strategy for Your New Success Story Piergiorgio Lucidi
  2. 2. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. ECM - A critical journey Complex • Content • Process Scenarios • Skills / Core business • Departments / Stakeholders Communication • Requirements gathering • Understimations
  3. 3. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. ECM Program Strategy: reliable approach Community effort by AIIM Suggestions and best practices Build guidelines for your project Based on International Standards Documentation for each sprint
  4. 4. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. International Standards Don’t reinvent the wheel • Created by experts around the world Trust in statistics • Issues are always the same • Some scenarios can be guided with prototypes PoC with Vision • Coding without context hurts • Code is easy, people are hard
  5. 5. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Avoiding caos Project Vision Stakeholder Views Technology adoption Testing Training 1
  6. 6. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. MIKE2 Open Source Methodology
  7. 7. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. ECM Program Strategy - Phases Management participation Assessment Technology assessment Development Rollout Training
  8. 8. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Phase 1 – Management participation Business strategy KPIs and metrics Organizational Change Strategy Identify Champions User Experience
  9. 9. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Phase 2: Assessment Iterative approach Stakeholder views Gap analysis Project scope 2
  10. 10. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Phase 3: Technology assessment Integrations Architecture Extensions Information Management Content lifecycle Migration UX Middleware
  11. 11. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Phase 4 - Development Iterative PoC oriented approach Identity Management Content & Rules Modeling Repository Extensions Processes Integrations Unit & Integration Tests
  12. 12. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Phase 5: Rollout Unit test execution Integration tests execution Change management procedures Technical training User training
  13. 13. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Phase 6 – Training / Evolution / Maintenance • System administration • Development Training • Platform • Environment Upgrade Strategy • Extensions • New applications • Scaling out Evolution 3
  14. 14. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Caos & statistics - Understimation Caos Processes Unsupported platforms Poor requirements understanding Migration Communication
  15. 15. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Migration – Software architecture Content Modeling Workflow instances Functionalities Authorities Migration
  16. 16. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Migration – Storage architecture Content Storage BPM Storage Applications Tier Identity Storage Migration
  17. 17. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Processes – Best Practices 4-eyes principle Escalation Recovery loop Significant task 4
  18. 18. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Unsupported platforms Environment Adoption KPIs Metrics Feedback Improvement Goals
  19. 19. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Poor requirements understanding • Listen! • Share Guide Lines • Share Stakeholder Views Gathering • Match requirements • Vertical matching • Horizontal matching Elaborate feedback • Champions • White paper for any new app released • Ask for feedback Share the Vision
  20. 20. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Communication Code is easy, people are hard Different skills Communication protocol PrioritiesTraining Visibility
  21. 21. Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Final suggestions Don't start implementing immedially Change your point of view Build the ECM Program Strategy Ask for feedback Iterate vertically on sprints Unit and integrations tests
  22. 22. THANK YOU J Smart Alfresco ECM Program Strategy for Your New Success Story