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Alfresco Day Roma 2015 - Sourcesense


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Summary of the new Sourcesense offering exposed during my presentation at the Alfresco Day Roma 2015.

Our offering is based on the following solution areas: Enterprise Information Management (ECM, BPM, WCM, DM, RM, Capture), Enterprise Search & Big Data, Devops.

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Alfresco Day Roma 2015 - Sourcesense

  1. 1. Piergiorgio Lucidi Open Source EIM Specialist Alfresco Certified (ACI, ACE, ACA) Author / Technical Reviewer at Packt Publishing PMC Member at Apache Software Foundation Project Leader at JBoss Community AIIM Professional Member
  2. 2. History • Wide Enterprise offering based on Open Source technologies from 2001 • Historic partner of Alfresco from 2006 • We are in Italy (Milan, Rome) and UK (London) • Contributions Sourcesense The Apache Software Foundation h t t p : / / w w w . a p a c h e . o r g /
  3. 3. Positioning • Making sense of Open Source ;) – Italian and European leader for references – Discovering and adoption of new technologies • Content and Search – Enterprise Information Management – Portals – Enterprise Search – Big Data • Not only Open Source -> Devops – Cloud – Automation – Elastic Provisioning – Monitoring Sourcesense
  4. 4. Technology Partners Content and Search Devops Sourcesense
  5. 5. A major European bank took advantage of having a single Partner for Open Source Sourcesense Public sites IntranetSearch Services
  6. 6. Sourcesense: one-stop shop for Open Source Sourcesense Photo by Kim Carpenter
  7. 7. Thank you @pjlucidi Condividi su #AlfrescoDayRoma