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8 Ways to Avoid a Midday Productivity Crash

  2. PRODUCTIVITY CRASHES SUCK When the clock hits 2:30 pm, your eyes start to droop and you lose focus. We've all been there. But, there's good news! You can prevent that midday slump in productivity. Check out these 8 ways to avoid the afternoon crash.
  3. 1 PREVENT CRASHES Getting enough sleep each night is one of the key factors to avoiding a middle of the day meltdown. Make sure you're aiming for 7-8 hours of sleep every night.
  4. 2 POWER DOWN Staying up reading emails in bed could be hurting your chances at falling asleep. The blue light that is produced by your device’s screen suppresses the production of melatonin, a chemical that tells your brain when it’s time to get some shut eye.
  5. 3 EAT BREAKFAST Like any other machine, your body needs fuel to start moving again after recharging all night. Try pairing carbohydrates with protein to achieve maximum energy that will push you through the day.
  6. 4 CIRCADIAN RHYTHM Circadian rhythms create mental, physical and behavioral changes throughout the day, based primarily on the light and darkness in one’s environment. Take advantage of these peaks and dips in energy to stay productive all day.
  7. 5 GET MOVING Sitting at your desk all day will cause you to burn out fast. Getting up and moving around periodically will help give that boost in energy you need. Try having a meeting outside or walking up and down the stairs periodically.
  8. 6 CHILL ON COFFEE As a stimulant, coffee will give you a peak for a little while, but you’ll crash eventually. Avoid becoming addicted to coffee by using the drink strategically, like before a big meeting or after a poor night's sleep.
  9. 7 USE MUSIC Just like you listen to music at the gym to get you pumped for that next set, use music to keep you motivated while working. Try apps like Spotify that have pre-made playlists created to help you focus.
  10. 8 MEDITATE The late Steve Jobs swore by meditation during the work day. He claimed it help him put things into perspective. Trying taking a few deep breaths and clearing your mind, focusing on something pleasant for five minutes every day.
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