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10 Tech Tools of Terror


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The average American adult now checks their phone 150 times per day. There will be 26 billion autonomous Internet-connected devices by 2020.

Technology is now so intertwined with our daily lives and so ubiquitous in our society, it’s hard to believe that just eight years ago the first iPhone was released or that just 18 years ago the first social media site launched. It wasn’t until around 1995 that the word “Internet” even appeared on TV, according to The Atlantic.

Take a look back at the technology trends from years ago that today would have the average user shaking in their boots in FOMO.

10 Tech Tools of Terror

  1. 1. You must rewind this VHS tape every time you watch it.
  2. 2. Over squealing cassette tapes.
  3. 3. But you have no way to reply.
  4. 4. You have limited storage for files on this floppy disk.
  5. 5. Be afraid… be very afraid of
  6. 6. Said the stranger in the chat room.
  7. 7. That email account isn’t free.
  8. 8. Too bad, your DVDs are all scratched.
  9. 9. Without a touch screen and data plan.