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Pafp community slides


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Pafp community slides

  1. 1. WordPress & Enterprise BuddyPress Community of Practice for Primary Care
  2. 2. About the Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians • Association for Pennsylvania’s primary care physicians • Approximately 5500 members – Over 80% market share • Support members with the following: – Education – Advocacy – News and Information – Student/Resident Initiatives
  3. 3. Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians Communications Department Michael Zigmund Bryan Peach Tim McKenna Director of Communications Manager Media & Public Relations Graphic Design & Social Media Specialist @MikeZigmund @BryanPeach @AzraelGroup
  4. 4. Communications Department as a Full-Service, In-House Agency Capabilities/Services: • Marketing • Advertising • Public Relations • Design • Media Training • • • • • Brand Management Content Development Social Media Web Development Motion Graphics
  5. 5. I have an idea.
  6. 6. Community of Practice Simple Definition: A group of people who share a craft or profession
  7. 7. Requirements for our Community of Practice • Complete control over visual appearance – support brand • Control over user experience • High level of customization • Interface with member database • Support video/web conferencing • Fit within a budget
  8. 8. Enter WordPress & BuddyPress
  9. 9. Why WordPress & BuddyPress? People are using it for enterprise. Mashable, Drew University, The Wright Center, American Geophysical Union all use WordPress as enterprise-level sites. People are building it for enterprise. Studios like Pongos, WebDevStudios, and Human Made provide development and consultancy for large-scale sites.
  11. 11. WordPress & BuddyPress Project began in March 2013 Built locally (BitNami), tested in-house. Responsive Child Theme based on Custom Community Theme by ThemeKraft. Basic setup – WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress. Added and customized a lot of plugins! Proprietary Plugins: Gravity Forms; custom version of CometChat Launched on a HIPAA-compliant webhost with RED5 installed. PAFP Community went live in September 2013
  12. 12. PAFP Community Results Member engagement Digital meetings for committees and commissions Live CME conference integration PAFP Regional Lecture Series MarCom Award 2013
  13. 13. WordPress & Family Medicine The Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians has more than 5,500 members across the state. Primary care is the cornerstone of our health care system, with increasing attention turning toward preventive care. One of our tenets is to empower physicians so they can provide quality care to their patients. Health care is changing, and to keep up with and become leaders in preserving and saving lives, our physicians need the tools and platforms that will lead quality improvement: WordPress and BuddyPress allow us to provide that for our members.
  14. 14. WordPress & Enterprise Thank you very much! Visit to find out more about what family physicians are doing in Pennsylvania. Michael Zigmund Bryan Peach Tim McKenna