Social Media For the Dental Practice


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Social Media For the Dental Practice

  1. 1. Social Media for the Dental Practice
  2. 2. About iMatrix • Trusted provider of Internet marketing services for over 12 years • Specialize in social media management for dental practices • Empower our clients with the tools they need to be successful in running effective social media campaigns
  3. 3. About Debbie Harris• President of Performance Intermedia – Launched in 2010• She is a leading Speaker/Trainer/Compliance Specialist for “Practice” based businesses in Facebook, LinkedIn and social media compliance• Writes Weekly Social Media Tips Email – sign up at• Active Rotarian – incoming PR Chair for District 5300• Completing her Masters in 21st Century Communications with an emphasis on compliance and the law
  4. 4. Todays Agenda • About Facebook • Building the Social Practice • Doing Facebook Right • Building Engagement • Be Compliant
  5. 5. Compliance Disclaimer The information shared in this presentation is based on best practices and our experience, it should not be considered legal guidance. Due to the magnitude and interpretation of HIPAA Compliance, the National Labor Relations Act and State Laws, it is strongly suggested that you seek the advice of an attorney before setting your social media policy. Debbie Harris, President Performance Intermedia
  6. 6. About Facebook
  7. 7. The Home Page
  8. 8. Who’s On Facebook? Age 13-24 51,042,140 Age 25-34 36,397,440 Age 35-44 25,928,800 Age 45-54 20,456,940 Age 55-64 13,340,660 Age 65+ 8,517,620 Everyone… Women 56.2% Men 44.8%; July 4, 2012
  9. 9. Edward Zuckerberg, D.D.S., F.A.G.D. Mark Zuckerberg’s father is a successful dentist in Dobbs Ferry, New York – not surprisingly he uses social media to enhance his practice.
  10. 10. Building the Social Practice
  11. 11. What is a Social Practice? “The Social Practice creates transparency by engaging all customer facing areas of the organization with it’s customer base.” Debbie Harris, President Performance Intermedia
  12. 12. Why the Social Practice Marketing is no longer a one-way conversation Now the consumer has a powerful voice
  13. 13. The Millennials Have Arrived There are approximately 80 million Millennials in America today. Those born between 1980 and 2000. How will you reach them?
  14. 14. Creating The Social Office • Claim a User Name • Create Signage • Incent “Checking In”
  15. 15. DoingFacebook Right
  16. 16. Remember: Social Media is a Marathon not a Sprint ***** But like any race First, you must get started
  17. 17. How to Get Started 1. Set up a business page 2. There must be a Personal Profile in order to set up a Facebook business page 3. You can have as many Administrators as you want 4. Set the Privacy Settings – Profanity at Strong 5. Fill in all the blanks in the About section – tell your company’s story 6. Choose (or design) an impactful cover image 7. Use Facebook Timeline to tell your story – add important dates in your company history, with corresponding photos
  18. 18. Facebook Profiles & Pages Personal Profile Business Pages • Friends • Likes • Represents a person • Business organization or • No Page apps personality • Can only post as you • Offers page apps • Offers advertising & • Offers advertising & promoted posts promoted posts • DO NOT use a profile as a business page, Facebook • Post as you or the page may remove it and it looks • “tacky” • Can schedule posts
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Setting up Admins
  21. 21. Does Your Page Reflect You?
  22. 22. Cover Photo Compliance
  23. 23. About Section & SEO
  24. 24. Do It Right Social media presents a unique opportunity for dentists and their staff to get information out to large numbers of people on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Having your staff engage with consumers can increase the comfort level with your practice and reduce the time you are spending on social media. However, hearing from the “doctor” is a vital part of making social media successful as a marketing tool.
  25. 25. BuildingEngagement
  26. 26. Why the Social Practice The Doctor’s Doctor leadership sets the tone for the practice and that drives staff Staff engagement and patient Patient satisfaction.
  27. 27. Seize the Day Social media presents a unique opportunity for Dentists and their staff to get information out to large numbers of people on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
  28. 28. Engaging the Patient Consumer satisfaction increases as you engage with them via social media. Your patients will post testimonials.
  29. 29. What to post?
  30. 30. Tips for Posting• Show pictures of “before & after” cosmetic dentistry – be sure to get permission• Educate your patients about new procedures and products• Discuss Frequently Asked Questions• Ask your patients to put up testimonials• Give an incentive for “checking in” – maybe a chance to win a $100 gift card by filling out a form in your office when they “check in”
  31. 31. More Posting Tips• Create Facebook offers – receive a whitening treatment before February 10th and receive a $100 gift card• Post reminders about the importance of regular visits and reward patients who consistently do so. They will spread the word.
  32. 32. “Can I have aservice do all of my postings?”
  33. 33. “How often should I post?”
  34. 34. Recognize Your Staff Facebook is a great place to get your customer familiar with your staff and build a relationship with your business. • Post a picture and short bio about a new staff member. • Post a happy birthday or anniversary message on Facebook. • Recognize a staff member for something special they have done in your business.
  35. 35. Provide Them With Purpose • Your staff are your greatest human assets for your social media engine • They are both your ambassadors and watchdogs on the Internet • Train them how to engage as a team to grow your business and be compliant
  36. 36. Bridge the Generation Gap • Engage younger staff with older staff in a reverse or reciprocal mentoring program • Older staff learn important new technology – social media • Younger staff will learn from experienced older staff
  37. 37. Engage Your Staff Having your staff engage with consumers can increase the comfort level with your practice and reduce the time YOU are spending on social media.
  38. 38. Do ItRight
  39. 39. Do It Right Having your staff engage with consumers can: • Increase their comfort level with your company • Reduce the time you are spending on social media • Expand your “Reach” However, hearing from the Dentist is a vital part of your social media success
  40. 40. Getting Information Out • Facebook’s sharing nature means that information can easily be passed on from one person to another. • Short videos can be even more effective as a means to spread the word. • Doctors can also turn to Facebook and Twitter to ask their patients for input.
  41. 41. Understanding “Reach” Reach is the net effect of Friends of Friends
  42. 42. Understanding “Reach” • The average person has 130 Facebook friends. • If a friend comments on your post, their friends see it too. • 6 friends commenting on a post, have a net effect of 7 times 130 friends of friends. • Total potential reach of the single post - 910 people. • If one person shares it, the cycle expands Posts that are shared have the potential to go viral
  43. 43. Page Insight Reporting
  44. 44. Insights on Timeline • Total Likes – Unique people who LIKE your page • Friends of Fans – Number of unique people who were friends with people who LIKED your page • People Talking About – Created any content regarding your page; LIKES, Shares, Posts, Comments, etc. • Weekly Total Reach – Number of unique people who have seen any content about your page includes Ads and Sponsored Stories
  45. 45. BeCompliant
  46. 46. Be Compliant Understanding Health Information Privacy • The HIPAA Privacy Rule provides federal protections for personal health information and gives patients an array of rights with respect to that information.
  47. 47. Beware of Third Parties For Compliance Reasons: Our staff will not discuss your situation while you are on your cell phone
  48. 48. Be Proactive It is imperative that you have a Social Media Policy added to your Internet policy. • Have your Internet policy reviewed • Have a social media policy created by an attorney • Communicate your social media policy to your entire staff and have them acknowledge receipt • Train your staff on appropriate use of social media to ensure HIPAA compliance
  49. 49. Conclusion: • Social media is here to stay. • Referrals are the greatest source for consumers looking for Doctors. • Consumers will look to social media to get and validate referrals. • You are an important catalyst to your social media strategy. • Your staff can drive your brand to go your practice through appropriate use of social media. • You should have a social media policy and your staff must be trained and acknowledge receipt of it.
  50. 50. Make Sure You Are Visible • Facebook – Do you have a professional presence on Facebook? – Are you posting regularly? – Are you patients engaging with you? • Google+ - – Hasn’t really caught on but Google loves it – are you there? • Yelp – are you getting positive reviews on Yelp? • Twitter – do you have a profile that is integrated with Facebook? • LinkedIn – is your profile current and complete?
  51. 51. What Impression Are You Making?
  52. 52. Stay Informed• Facebook announced major changes last week to their Search function• LinkedIn has a new Profile Format• Pinterest recently added Business Accounts• Social Media policies and the law keep changingStay informed with iMatrix and Performance IntermediaBlogs:
  53. 53. Questions?
  54. 54. Social Media for the Dental Practice Debbie Harris, President Performance Intermedia, LLC 702.940.9919