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Jay Vidyarthi's Speaks at NYC MITEF


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MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC hosted The UX of Tomorrow: Designing for the Unknown on June 4th, 2015 at Shutterstock featuring Beverly May, Ryan Gossen, Jay Vidyarthi, and Jeff Feddersen. This is Jay's presentation from the event.

Jay Vidyarthi is is the UX Lead for Muse: the brain sensing headband and the inventor of Sonic Cradle, an award-winning persuasive technology for mindfulness meditation.He has helped optimize user experiences for hundreds of thousands of people working with clients as diverse as UNESCO, Cirque Du Soleil, Yellow Pages Group, the Canadian Institute of Health, TD Insurance, LexisNexis, Publicis and Qatar Airways.

Jay has won major UX industry awards, including a Gold UX Award for MUSE in 2014, and published award-winning academic publications in the field of human-computer interaction. His work has also been featured in top-tier international press and presented at conferences around the world, including an installation of Sonic Cradle at TEDactive 2012.

The next ten years of technology will see many of Ray Kurzweil`s predictions come alive: Embedded, invisible, unwired electricity and internet-based interactions will drive every aspect of our lived environment. The physical and digital worlds are merging, powered by incredible changes in computing, universal connectivity as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This pending wave is certain to change every aspect of our human-computer interaction.

Major technological leaps present interesting design and UX challenges and require a wholesale shift in perspective by designing for the as-yet unknown. Screens, keyboards, and mouse dominated yesterday and today. Tomorrow, these systems will be initiated, controlled, and tracked through location and environment, semantic context, a wave of the arm, a blink of an eye, a directed gaze, a heartbeat, a crowd-driven trend, even a brainwave.

Whole new approaches and design systems need to be considered for what the next wave of products do, what they look and feel like, and how they can be more meaningful, useful, relevant, and intuitive.

This talk discussed the UX of tomorrow for the next wave of product design based on some of the very first products and services on the market that hint at the integrated cyborg future to come. We looked at overall trends and reviewed some examples

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Jay Vidyarthi's Speaks at NYC MITEF

  1. 1. Jay Vidyarthi @jayvidyarthi
  2. 2. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband Sensors,  Wearables  and  Quantified  Self
  3. 3. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  4. 4. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  5. 5. Muse  ($299  MSRP) Actichamp  ($36,000  MSRP) Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband Clinical  grade  EEG  on  your  device.
  6. 6. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband …amazing  technology  isn’t  enough.
  7. 7. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband human-­‐centered  design.
 ( u s er   ex p eri en c e   res ea rc h ) 
 ( i ntera c t i o n   d es i gn ) 
 ( u s er   i nterfa c e   d es i gn ) 
 ( u s a b i l i t y   en gi n eeri n g) 
 ( h u m a n -­‐ co m p u ter   i ntera c t i o n ) 
 ( i nfo rm at i o n   a rc h i tec t u re) 
 ( etc . )
  8. 8. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  9. 9. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  10. 10. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  11. 11. 8%  of  kids  taking  ADHD  meds   23%  car  crashes  involve  phones   47%  of  time  spent  with  wandering  mind   75%  of  doctor  visits  are  stress-­‐related   US  ranks  #1  in  anxiety  scales
  12. 12. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband It  doesn’t  have  to  be  like  this.
  13. 13. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  14. 14. Can  an  interactive  medium   cultivate  an  experiential   introduction  to  mindfulness? 14
  15. 15. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  16. 16. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  17. 17. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  18. 18. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  19. 19. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  20. 20. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband  300000  +   sessions
  21. 21. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  22. 22. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  23. 23. “I’m  not  an  early  adopter  and  I  had  my  doubts  about  buying  this.  My  plan  was   to  buy  it,  test  it,  and  return  it  after  a  week  if  I  didn’t  find  it  valuable.  Months   later,  I  not  only  still  have  it,  but  I  use  it  fairly  regularly.  Like  many  others,  I’ve   tried  meditation  to  calm  my  busy  mind,  with  limited  results.  The  Muse,  along   with  the  free  app,  helps  handhold  you  through  meditation.  Through  its  gentle,   nature  sounds  it’s  able  to  walk  a  fine  line  of  reminding  you  to  focus  without   sending  your  brain  on  wild  tangents.
 The  result  is  that  I  feel  more  in  control  of  things  –  it  helps  me  put  things  in   perspective  and  silences  the  things  that  I  really  don’t  need  to  be  worry  about.   …
 One  thing  that  was  surprising  to  me  is  that  how  fun  and  addictive  it  can  be  for   me  at  times.  …  The  different  stats,  scores,  goals,  and  awards  they  give  you  in   the  app  make  you  want  to  keep  trying  to  do  better.”   -­‐  review  by  “seattlelite”
  24. 24. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband 300+  UX  test  participants  (weekly  sprints)   1372  engagement  surveys   977  dropoff  surveys   47  in-­‐depth  interviews  with  most  active  Musers   …ongoing  data  collection  and  design  iteration!
  25. 25. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  26. 26. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  27. 27. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  28. 28. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  29. 29. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  30. 30. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  31. 31. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband
  32. 32. Muse:  the  brain  sensing  headband 15% Discount Code: MITNYC2015 @ChooseMuse Jay Vidyarthi @jayvidyarthi