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The spiral seeds


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The people of the "Oryx Eye" desert village used to live happy in their peaceful village as they were surrounded by a green belt of trees and bushes. Yet; and over years, they faced many problems after they cut the trees in their green surroundings. They suffered from breathing problems and the sand crept over them. The people decided to replant the green belt again. However, this was not as easy as they expected. How the people in the village did manage to grow the green belt again? What kind of seeds did they sow?

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The spiral seeds

  1. 1. The Spiral Seeds Children’s book by Miss O Illustrated by Kholoud Nawash Desert and nature conservation
  2. 2. &qid= 1390747645&sr=1-1 The book is available at at the above link
  3. 3. Enjoy reading and the nice illustrations!