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OpsRamp Platform Summer 2020 Release


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The OpsRamp Summer 2020 Release introduces new synthetic and cloud monitoring capabilities for identifying and resolving user performance issues across business-critical applications and services. Watch this on-demand webinar and get to know all the new IT Ops management platform enhancements including:

Hybrid Discovery and Monitoring: OpsRamp's new synthetic monitoring not only identifies bottlenecks across multi-step transactions but also correlates transactional performance such as page responsiveness and page timeouts with business metrics such as conversion rates and completion rates. Support for 22 new AWS services expand our cloud monitoring capabilities.
Event and Incident Management: New AIOps capabilities help incident managers minimize the business impact of IT outages with faster service restoration. New alert integrations add to the platform’s extensive integration ecosystem.
Platform Updates: Get a sneak peak into what's next and how you can get involved in beta programs.

Hear from the OpsRamp product gurus and dive into a comprehensive demonstration of what's new.

Watch the recording here:

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OpsRamp Platform Summer 2020 Release

  1. 1. OpsRamp IT Operations Platform Summer 2020 Release June, 2020
  2. 2. © 2020 OpsRamp. All Rights Reserved. Welcome toToday’sWebinar ReviewWhat’s New in the Summer 2020 OpsRamp Platform Release Demonstrations Discussion Darren Cunningham Marketing Michael Fisher Product Management CurtThorin Solution Consulting
  3. 3. © 2020 OpsRamp. All Rights Reserved. Enterprises are Doubling Down on DigitalTransformation Despite economic uncertainty, 73 percent of IT operations leaders expect to either accelerate or maintain their digital transformation spending.
  4. 4. © 2020 OpsRamp. All Rights Reserved. But Silos andTool Sprawl Remain a Huge Challenge 4 Siloed, Domain-SpecificTeams ITSM | IT Ops | DevOps Too ManyTools, LegacyTech “Slow is the new downtime!” Lack ofVisibility, Context, Governance Every BU / dept now a software startup
  5. 5. OpsRamp Mission: Simplify andTransform IT Operations 5 Founded 2014 Worldwide Global Distribution Employees 300 globally Investors Sapphire Ventures Morgan Stanley HPE Service Provider customers Enterprise customers “ With its investment in OpsRamp, HPE looks to open a new chapter in IT operations management.” – Paul Glaser,Vice President and Head of Hewlett Packard Pathfinder –
  6. 6. 6 HYBRID DISCOVERY & MONITORING EVENT AND INCIDENT MANAGEMENT REMEDIATION AND AUTOMATION SaaS Based AIOps Platform Unified Platform: From Discovery to Resolution Unified Digital Operations Platform Multi-Tenancy Role-Based Access Dashboards Improve ITOps and Business Alignment Understand Resource Dependencies Detect and Resolve Incidents Faster Improve Governance, Uptime & Reliability SaveTime and Costs Centralize and Simplify Monitoring Server Multi-Cloud Applications Storage Network Multi-Virtualization Cloud-Native Websites & Transactions Databases
  7. 7. © 2020 OpsRamp. All Rights Reserved. Introducing OpsRamp Summer 2020 OpsRamp's powerful discovery and monitoring combines user experience metrics with hybrid infrastructure instrumentation, service maps, and underlying AIOps capabilities to ensure high-performing web apps.“ ”Bhanu Singh, SVP Engineering and DevOps, OpsRamp Discovery and Monitoring Event and Incident Management Other Platform Updates
  8. 8. © 2020 OpsRamp. All Rights Reserved. Persona Drivers for the Summer 2020 Release Difficulty in achieving the visibility into key assets and resources after they are on boarded into the portal Peter, the IT Executive Raghu, the IT Manager Difficulty onboarding new resources, setting up monitoring, and gaining actionable insights to his resources. Jennifer, the Service Owner Difficulty in understanding which resources support key services and applications her teams need to complete their workflows Sarah, the SRE Difficulty in isolating and understanding the root cause of a service outage
  10. 10. © 2020 OpsRamp. All Rights Reserved.10 New Synthetic Monitoring Track performance of websites and internet services. Benefits: ● Remove bottlenecks before they impact users. ● Correlate transactional performance (page responsiveness) with business metrics (conversion rates and completion rates.) Identify and resolve user performance issues across business-critical applications and services
  11. 11. © 2020 OpsRamp. All Rights Reserved.11 Expanded Multi-Cloud Monitoring 22 new AWS integrations introduced. Benefits: ● Monitor and optimize cloud infrastructure ● Insight into availability and performance across clouds 140+ integrations across AWS, Azure, and GCP AWS AppStream AWS AppSync AWS Athena AWS CloudHSM AWS Cognito AWS EventBridge AWS GameLift AWS Glue AWS Guard Duty AWS Inspector AWS Key Management Service (KMS) AWS Lex AWS Managed Streaming for Kafka (MSK) AWS NAT Gateway AWS Neptune AWS OpsWorks AWS SageMaker AWSTranslate AWS Elemental MediaConnect AWS Elemental MediaConvert AWS Elemental MediaPackage AWS Elemental MediaTailor
  12. 12. © 2020 OpsRamp. All Rights Reserved.12 Expanded On-Prem Monitoring We’re always broadening on-prem and cloud monitoring capabilities. Benefits: ● Expanded coverage ● Additional flexibility Monitoring more data center elements and applications Using JMX, SNMP and REST API’s Appliance monitoring through SNMP Now users can use domain credentials for DB authentication. Nutanix Acropolis Service Hypervisor (AHV) Configurable option for Service Name/SID 12 40+ SNMP Updates: ● Discovery definitions ● Trap enablement ● Templates
  13. 13. © 2020 OpsRamp. All Rights Reserved.13 Agentless Monitoring Enhancements Monitor-level script execution. Benefits: ● Pull more metrics in a single script execution. ● Reference resource level attributes & credentials within custom monitors ● Leverage native / custom attributes dynamically Remote script executor to build custom integrations using native scripting
  15. 15. © 2020 OpsRamp. All Rights Reserved. OpsRamp OpsQ: Reduce Noise, Detect/Resolve Faster 15 Auto Remediation Alert Correlation Auto Routing Native Instrumentation Integrations
  16. 16. © 2020 OpsRamp. All Rights Reserved.16 AIOps Updates to Accelerate Adoption Building trust and transparency into OpsQ Machine Learning Alert Sequencing Explainer Alert Sequence Policy Status
  17. 17. © 2020 OpsRamp. All Rights Reserved. 17 AIOps Updates to Accelerate Adoption Undo Actions on Alerts Auto Snooze Alerts Create Incident from Alert Browser Improved first response options, greater flexibility, improved user experience
  18. 18. © 2020 OpsRamp. All Rights Reserved.18 Syslog Event Ingestion Ingesting events sent in the RFC-5424 - Syslog Protocol. Benefits: ● Eliminate alert deduplication ● Configure, push syslog parsing rule definitions dynamically ● Avoid manual config for syslog parsing at individual gateway level Define and manage syslog parsing and alert rules centrally
  19. 19. © 2020 OpsRamp. All Rights Reserved. New Alert Integrations Pre-built integrations for popular monitoring and log management tools: AppD, Sysdig, SignalFx, MS SCOM, Sumo Logic Benefits: ● Single view across tools ● Integrate to consolidate Always adding more so you can ingest events from other tools
  20. 20. “OpsRamp is committed to helping customers with more flexible and economic options for improving hybrid infrastructure monitoring and real-time incident management.” Varma Kunaparaju, co-founder and CEO of OpsRamp Other Platform Updates
  21. 21. © 2020 OpsRamp. All Rights Reserved.21 Advanced Search Query-based syntax that allows users to create complex resource queries. Benefits: ● Easily search resources for improved capacity planning ● Search-based interface will expand across the platform Visibility: Quickly find the resources that matter.
  22. 22. © 2020 OpsRamp. All Rights Reserved.22 Platform Innovation Browser-Based Remote Consoles (Beta) Process Automation Engine (Beta) Automation and Remediation Contact Customer Success for More Info
  23. 23. © 2020 OpsRamp. All Rights Reserved.23 New Documentation Site New and improved site to drive self-service, adoption. Feedback: ● ● Leave Feedback button on each page GitHub based content management: ●
  24. 24. OpsRamp Proprietary/Confidential 24 Service-Centric AIOps Demo Summer 2020 Demonstration
  25. 25. ThankYou